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Critics and differed
Critics praised the members ' musicianship and the fact that the album differed significantly from the members ' other projects.
Critics differed on what they considered the show's good points to be.

Critics and their
Critics of academic elitism argue that highly-educated people tend to form an isolated social group whose views tend to be overrepresented amongst journalists, professors, and other members of the intelligentsia who often draw their salary and funding from taxpayers.
Critics of the 18th century — Guichard Folard and the Prince de Ligne — were unanimous in thinking Aelian greatly inferior to Arrian, but Aelian exercised a great influence both on his immediate successors, the Byzantines, and later on the Arabs, ( who translated the text for their own use ).
Critics in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Karl von Baer and Wilhelm His, did not believe that living embryos reproduce the evolutionary process and produced embryo drawings of their own which emphasized the differences in early embryological development.
Critics have claimed that the Nazis ' claim of scientific reasons behind their promotion of racism and hostility to homosexuals is pseudoscience.
Critics, however, argue that their research was flawed.
Critics of Reagan's efforts questioned their purpose and argued that the program did not go far enough in addressing many social issues, including unemployment, poverty, and family dissolution ; Nancy's approach to promoting drug awareness was labeled as simplistic by liberal critics.
Critics such as Norman Lebrecht were vocal in their diagnosis of the problem as the " jet set conductor " ( whose salaries were presumably bleeding the orchestras dry ); and several high-profile conductors have taken pay cuts in recent years ; but the amounts of revenue involved are too small to account for the crisis.
Critics have also stated that proponents of psychological egoism often confuse the satisfaction of their own desires with the satisfaction of their own self-regarding desires.
Critics like Ken Binmore say that this cognitive dissonance is apparently not very strong, since people often knowingly ignore the interests of faraway societies quite similar to their own, and that the " ought " above only applies if one already accepts Singer's basic premises about the equality of various interests.
Critics of this traditional view have observed that the types can be quite strongly stereotyped by professions ( although neither Myers nor Keirsey engaged in such stereotyping in their type descriptions ), and thus may arise more from the need to categorize people for purposes of guiding their career choice.
Critics have argued that if the test subjects are unable to count for some other reason ( perhaps because they are nomadic hunter / gatherers with nothing to count and hence no need to practise doing so ) then one should not expect their language to have words for such numbers.
Critics argued that the ministry imposed too many principles and guidelines for young writers in the workshop, such as, asking them to avoid metaphors in their poetry and advising them to write about events in their everyday life.
Critics were hostile in their assessment of the production.
" Critics respond that, as the authors acknowledge in their paper, the model “ entails ... the same degree of tuning required in any cosmological model ...”.
Although Kelly won the New York Film Critics Circle Award for best actress for her performances in her three big movie roles of 1954 ( Rear Window, Dial M For Murder, and The Country Girl ), she and Garland both received Golden Globe Awards for their respective performances.
The Chicago Film Critics Association and the Broadcast Film Critics Association named the film the best of 1999, but although the New York Film Critics Circle, the National Society of Film Critics and the Los Angeles Film Critics Association recognized American Beauty, they gave their top awards to other films.
Critics argued that the system was open to abuse as most NDPBs had their members directly appointed by government ministers without an election or consultation with the people.
Critics of Shakespeare ’ s play Julius Caesar differ greatly on their views of Caesar and Brutus.

Critics and opinions
Critics claim that, in political contexts, labeling certain opinions and statements " hate speech " can be used to silence unfavorable or critical opinions and play down debate.
Critics have voiced widely varying opinions on where Rhapsody fits into the jazz canon.
Critics also claim that the opinions of the people have no actual weight in decision-making.
Critics hold varying opinions about the true nature of the First Vision, believing it to be a dream, a hallucination, a self-deception, an intentional fabrication, or some combination of these.
Critics were mixed in their opinions on the film.
Critics of the bill claimed that it would prohibit reciting various scripture condemning homosexuality, while supporters pointed out that the bill added an explicit defence against any charge of incitement of hatred for opinions expressed in good faith based on religious texts.
Critics had varied opinions about Death of a President.
Critics expressed mixed opinions of the game's audio.
Critics ' opinions vary on the relative quality of the magazines of this era ; Malcolm Edwards regards Startling as second only to Astounding, but Ashley considers Thrilling Wonder to be Astoundings closest challenger in the late 1940s.
Critics such as Mullarkey have returned to The Dinner Party in later years and stated that their opinions have not changed.
Critics were mixed in their opinions on the film.
Critics of this television series have spanned a long spectrum of opinions.
Critics opinions were mostly negative but indicated that the actors were not to blame.

Critics and two
Critics also question how any two given properties are determined to be properties of the same object if there is no substance in which they both inhere.
Critics have questioned whether not one, but perhaps two ghosts appear in this scene: Banquo and Duncan.
Lewis has won several awards for lifetime achievements from The American Comedy Awards, Los Angeles Film Critics Association, and Venice Film Festival, and he has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Travesties was a Broadway hit which won two Tony Awards ( Best Performance by an Actor for John Wood and Best Comedy ), as well as the New York Drama Critics Circle Award ( Best Play ), and Curry's performance as the famous dadaist Tristan Tzara received good reviews.
Singer worked either as an executive producer or producer on eight of Herzog ’ s documentaries starting with “ Lessons of Darkness ” in 1991, “ The Wild Blue Yonder ” – won the International Critics Award at the Venice Film Festival, 2006 and including two of the most recent “ La Boheme, short ”, 2009, and “ Into the Abyss ”/” Death Row ”, 2011.
By 1959 he had earned two Pulitzer Prizes, three New York Drama Critics ' Circle Awards, three Donaldson Awards, and a Tony Award.
Critics generally approved of the changes, but Berle's ratings continued to fall and Buick pulled out after two seasons.
Critics contend the cameras violate drivers ' due process rights and two separate lawsuits have been filed over their use, one in Aventura filed in February, and one in Temple Terrace near Tampa, filed at the end of July.
Critics of the court decision also note that there is, at a component level, nothing in common between the two machines.
You've seen these two expert and resourceful players in " Citizen Kane "-" The Magnificent Ambersons " in which Miss Moorehead's performance won her the 1942 Film Critics ' Award.
The movie was also well received in the United States and won three awards from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association and two Academy Award nominations.
Critics still vigorously debate how much of the credit belonged to von Sternberg and how much to Dietrich, but most would agree that neither consistently reached such heights again after Paramount fired von Sternberg and the two ceased working together.
It played to mixed reviews, but was nominated for two Outer Critics Circle Awards.
She has been nominated for three César Awards, two Online Film Critics Society Awards, and an Academy Award.
Critics including Neville Cardus recognised the continued improvement in the LSO's playing: " On this evening's hearing the London Symphony Orchestra is likely, after all, to give its two rivals a gallant run.
Critics say that Armstrong confused the two Covenants and selectively picked which aspects of the two Covenants to keep.
The film received two awards from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards for Best Cinematography ( Caleb Deschanel ) and Best Music ( Carmine Coppola ).
Critics of enveloping outer garments list two main factors that go into these health risks: first, such garments are physically limiting because of their weight and because they limit a wearer's field of vision.
Hulce shepherded two major projects to fruition: the six-hour, two-evening stage adaptation of John Irving's The Cider House Rules, and Talking Heads, a festival of Alan Bennett's plays which won six Obie Awards, a Drama Desk Award, a special Outer Critics Circle Award, and a New York Drama Critics ' Circle Award for Best Play.
Critics of the term " diffusion capacity " argue that it may be misleading for other reasons as well, and point out two problems with the term.
There are two streams of thought: Critics believe bicameralism makes meaningful political reforms more difficult to achieve and increases the risk of gridlock ( particularly in cases where both chambers have similar powers ), while proponents argue the merits of the " checks and balances " provided by the bicameral model, which they believe help prevent the passage into law of ill-considered legislation.
Critics have varied in their interpretation of the first two lines ; one calls them a " perfunctory gesture ... swallowed up by the poem's powerfully dark picture ", while another sees in them " a stand against a world of broken faith ".
She has also been nominated for four Golden Globe awards, two BAFTA awards, an Emmy Award, and won the National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Actress for Terms of Endearment and the Tokyo International Film Festival Award for Best Actress for A Dangerous Woman.

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