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makes and up
The biggest single act would doubtless be staged by Frankie himself: his Inaugural wardrobe had been designed by Hollywood Couturier Don Loper, who regularly makes up ladies' ensembles.
but the rest of the year only one boat is needed, which ties up at the mainland nights and makes the trip down to Nantucket in the daytime.
But this argument cannot be pushed very far because the Communist system makes up for any shortcomings of its leaders in respect to corrosion.
The ACC has been known to sailors for centuries ; it greatly speeds up any voyages from west to east, but makes sailing extremely difficult from east to west ; though this is mostly due to the prevailing westerly winds.
More technically, the law is concerned with the speedup achievable from an improvement to a computation that affects a proportion P of that computation where the improvement has a speedup of S. ( For example, if an improvement can speed up 30 % of the computation, P will be 0. 3 ; if the improvement makes the portion affected twice as fast, S will be 2.
The dealer's hand receives its first card face up, and in " hole card " games receives its second card face down immediately ( the hole card ), which the dealer peeks at but does not reveal unless it makes the dealer's hand a blackjack.
One of the types of tissue that makes up bone is the mineralized osseous tissue, also called bone tissue, that gives it rigidity and a coral-like three-dimensional internal structure.
All bones consist of living and dead cells embedded in the mineralized organic matrix that makes up the osseous tissue.
The best measurements available ( from WMAP ) show that the data is well-fit by a Lambda-CDM model in which dark matter is assumed to be cold ( warm dark matter is ruled out by early reionization ), and is estimated to make up about 23 % of the matter / energy of the universe, while baryonic matter makes up about 4. 6 %.
Like all other horns of antelopes, the core of a bongo's horn is hollow and the outer layer of the horn is made of keratin, the same material that makes up human fingernails, toenails and hair.
What this technique loses in interobserver reliability, it makes up in ease and speed of use.
However, not all substances or chemical compounds consist of discrete molecules, and indeed most of the solid substances that makes up the solid crust, mantle, and core of the Earth are chemical compounds without molecules.
International trade makes up a large part of the Canadian economy, particularly of its natural resources.
The Columbia Unglaciated ecoregion makes up the rest of the watershed.
* Hydroxylapatite ( Ca < sub > 5 </ sub >( PO < sub > 4 </ sub >)< sub > 3 </ sub >( OH ), but is usually written Ca < sub > 10 </ sub >( PO < sub > 4 </ sub >)< sub > 6 </ sub >( OH )< sub > 2 </ sub >) makes up seventy percent of bone.
The second most common cause of coma, which makes up about 25 % of comatose patients, occurs from lack of oxygen, generally resulting from cardiac arrest.
The reconceptualization phase makes up much of the " cognitive " portion of CBT.
This makes water the element with the greatest number of sides, which Plato regarded as appropriate because water flows out of one's hand when picked up, as if it is made of tiny little balls.
Rotating the driving member the other way makes the spring wrap itself tightly around the driving surface and the clutch locks up.
When the word kusari is used in conjunction with an armoured item it usually means that the kusari makes up the majority of the armour defence.
Most of the cytosol is water, which makes up about 70 % of the total volume of a typical cell.
The shaft is wider at the bottom than at the top, because its entasis, beginning a third of the way up, imperceptibly makes the column slightly more slender at the top.
" This then brings up the question of what are the essential characteristics of modern science and capitalism, and whether it makes any sense at all to apply European concepts to Chinese history.

makes and about
I don't know what makes you think you can get away with this kind of business, and I don't care about that, either.
The unfinished note, written in pencil upon the back of a used envelope, and addressed to the coroner, makes one wonder about many things: `` God forgive me for everything.
It need hardly be remarked that Thompson was not generally known for his scrupulosity about keeping his social engagements, which makes his irritation in this letter all the more significant.
Thus in Mary wrote an account of the trip first strong stress on Mary marks Mary as the first in a series of people who wrote accounts of the trip, strong stress on wrote marks the writing as the first of a series of actions of Mary's concerned with an account of her trip ( about which she may later have made speeches, for example ), and strong stress on trip makes the trip the first of a series of subjects about which Mary wrote accounts.
The drive along Massachusetts' Route 128, the by-pass which makes an arc about twenty miles from downtown Boston, may be a vision of the future.
In the early 1950's, Smith, together with his distinguished colleague, George Trager ( so austerely academic he sometimes fights his own evident charm ), and a third man with the engaging name of Birdwhistell ( Ray ), agreed on some basic premises about the three-part process that makes communication: ( 1 ) words or language ( 2 ) paralanguage, a set of phenomena including laughing, weeping, voice breaks, and `` tone '' of voice, and ( 3 ) kinesics, the technical name for gestures, facial expressions, and body shifts -- nodding or shaking the head, `` talking '' with one's hands, et cetera.
Whatever projection one makes, the striking fact about congregational and parochial life is the extent to which it is a vehicle of the social identity of middle-class people.
What makes this long and diverse tradition essentially one is that those who have belonged to it have been profoundly in earnest about being modern men in a distinctively modern world.
What is there about us that makes us so anxious??
With Martha's Vineyard on one side and the open sea on the other, it makes an excellent trip of about three hours.
The analysis of variance can be presented in terms of a linear model, which makes the following assumptions about the probability distribution of the responses:
The novel thus appears to be told by an unnamed narrator who gathers information from what he has personally seen and heard regarding the epidemic, as well as from the diary of another character, Tarrou, who makes observations about the events he witnesses.
The only mistakes she makes within the series are a typing error during the events of Hickory Dickory Dock and the mis-mailing of an electricity bill, although she was worried about strange events surrounding her sister at the time.
He argues that Hayek makes peculiar assumptions about demand curves for labor in his explanation of how a decrease in investment spending creates unemployment.
Only about 100 kg is found per year, which makes it valuable and expensive.
It is the death of Kat that eventually makes Paul careless about living.
A deeper criticism of Green archaeoastronomy is that while it can answer whether there was likely to be an interest in astronomy in past times, its lack of a social element means that it struggles to answer why people would be interested, which makes it of limited use to people asking questions about the society of the past.
Modern solar cells last about 40 years, which makes them a reasonable investment in some areas.
* Grist magazine article Rebuttals from scientists working in the various fields his book makes claims about.
" Nathan Dane, the primary author of the Northwest Ordinance, viewed this provision as a default mechanism in the event that federal or territorial statutes were silent about a particular matter ; he wrote that if " a statute makes an offence, and is silent as to the mode of trial, it shall be by jury, according to the course of the common law.
In total, Côte d ' Ivoire comprises 322, 460 km < sup > 2 </ sup >, of which 318, 000 km < sup > 2 </ sup > is land and 4, 460 km < sup > 2 </ sup > is water, which makes the country slightly larger than the U. S. state of New Mexico, or about the size of Germany.

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