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second and most
The active sponsor of Jefferson's measure for religious liberty in Virginia, Madison played the most influential single role in the drafting of the Constitution and in securing its ratification in Virginia, founded the first political party in American history, and, as Jefferson's Secretary of State and his successor in the Presidency, guided the nation through the troubled years of our second war with Britain.
A second truce had been arbitrated in April, 1298, by Jean D'Arlay, lord of Chalon-sur-Saone, the most staunch of Edward's Burgundian allies, and these last were represented in the discussions at the Curia by Gautier de Montfaucon, Othon's neighbor and a member of the Vaudois coalition.
The House was his habitat and there he flourished, first as a young representative, then as a forceful committee chairman, and finally in the post for which he seemed intended from birth, Speaker of the House, and second most powerful man in Washington.
Carvey considers that former Vice President Nixon would be Brown's most formidable foe, with ex-Gov. Knight a close second.
The ledger was full of most precise information: date of laying, length of incubation period, number of chick reaching the first week, second week, fifth week, weight of hen, size of rooster's wattles and so on, all scrawled out in a hand that looked more Chinese than English, the most jagged and sprawling Alex had ever seen.
At the Westminster KC Dog Show in Madison Square Garden, New York on the second day, the Finals of the Junior Class brought out the most competitive competition in the history of this Class.
In most places, there are two generations a year, a second brood of adults appearing late in the summer.
When 1 ml of conjugate was passed through a column ( Af ), the first and second milliliter fractions collected were the most specific and gave no nonspecific staining in some experiments, and very little in others.
Under the most favorable assumptions for increase, the Bureau of the Census projects that the annual rate of household formations will rise from about 883,000 in the last two years of the Fifties to an annual rate of about 1,018,000 in the first five years of the Sixties, and to a slightly higher annual rate of 1,083,000 in the second half of the decade.
It seems clear, when one takes into consideration the exceedingly defective eyesight of the patient ( we shall describe it in detail in connection with our second question, the one concerning the psychical blindness of the patient ), that he had to rely on his sense of touch much more than the usual portfolio-maker and that consequently that faculty was most probably more sensitive to shape and size than that of a person with normal vision.
Peanuts are the world's second most important legume.
The thing that impressed one of the visitors the most was the Gallery's rotunda fountain `` because it's on the second floor ''.
It becomes most evident in his description of Christ as the second Adam, who does indeed come to destroy sin, but whose work culminates in the achievement of immortality.
The existing reverence for Centrality must have been still further stimulated toward the close of the second century B.C., when the Han Emperor Wu Ti ordered the dynastic color changed to yellow -- which symbolized the Center among the traditional Five Directions -- and took 5 as the dynastic number, believing that he would thus place himself, his imperial family, and the nation under the most auspicious influences.
These Lambeth Conferences have been held roughly every 10 years since 1878 ( the second such conference ) and remain the most visible coming-together of the whole Communion.
Armenia is the second most densely populated of the former Soviet republics because of its small size.
The remainder of the book is a collection of essays on the game, statistics for the new characters and an update of the older ones in light of their appearance in the second series, and ( perhaps most usefully for GMs ) plot summaries of each of the ten books.
* 1537 – The Honourable Artillery Company, the oldest surviving regiment in the British Army, and the second most senior, is formed.
Afonso, born in 1109, took the title of Prince after taking the throne of his mother, supported by the generality of the Portuguese nobility who disliked the alliance between Galicia and Portugal Countess Theresa had come to, marrying a second time the most powerful Galician count.
In Stephen R. Lawhead's Pendragon Cycle, Aurelianus ( most often referred to as " Aurelius ") figures prominently, along with his brother Uther, in the second book of the series, Merlin.
According to the Fraser Institute, Alberta has very high levels of economic freedom and rates Alberta as the most free economy in Canada, and second most free economy amongst U. S. states and Canadian provinces.
The book of Acts has been most commonly dated to the second half of the 1st century.
Cruijff departed prior to the second Cup Winners Cup final and with most of the 80's stars such as van Basten also leaving, Ajax once again declined.

second and common
The memory of the Atanasoff – Berry Computer was a pair of drums, each containing 1600 capacitors that rotated on a common shaft once per second.
Most of the population () speaks German ( 84. 5 %), with Italian being second most common ( 3. 3 %) and Serbo-Croatian being third ( 2. 9 %).
Most of the population () speaks German ( 477, 093 or 87. 1 %) as their first language, Italian is the second most common ( 17, 847 or 3. 3 %) and Serbo-Croatian is the third ( 10, 645 or 1. 9 %).
Severe cognitive problems are common ; approximately 10 percent of all dementia cases are related to alcohol consumption, making it the second leading cause of dementia.
The judiciary is exercised by courts of first and second instance addressing the common justice.
However, Merkle, instead of advancing to second base, ran toward the clubhouse to avoid the spectators mobbing the field, which at that time was a common, acceptable practice.
* baio-warioz: the first component is most plausibly explained as a Germanic version of Boii ; the second part is a common formational morpheme of Germanic tribal names, meaning ' dwellers ', as in Anglo-Saxon-ware ); this combination " Boii-dwellers " may have meant " those who dwell where the Boii formerly dwelt ".
The common view is that the court tales represent a stratum of older, traditional stories, while the visions and final redaction of the work date to the second century BCE.
The destruction of cities by foreign invaders, and its resulting catastrophic suffering, unfortunately, was very common in the ancient Near East and, therefore, we can observe examples of the lament form / genre concerning destroyed cities and temples from extra-biblical sources, particularly from early Sumerian Literature dating to the late third and early second millennia BC.
* Flap reconstruction The second most common procedure uses tissue from other parts of the patient's body, such as the back, buttocks, thigh or abdomen.
The β sheet ( also β-pleated sheet ) is the second form of regular secondary structure in proteins, only somewhat less common than the alpha helix.
Most of the population () speaks German ( 129, 592 or 77. 8 %), with Italian being second most common ( 9, 049 or 5. 4 %) and French being third ( 4, 280 or 2. 6 %).
Many of these vehicles are second hand ( such as the 1500 decommissioned Dutch buses, which the Netherlands donated to Cuba in the mid 1990s ) and despite the United States trade embargo, American-style yellow school buses ( imported second-hand from Canada ) are increasingly common sights.
During flood stage, the Casiquiare's main outflow point into the Rio Negro is supplemented by an overflow that is a second, and more minor, entry river bifurcation into the Rio Negro and upstream from its major, common low-water entry confluence with the Rio Negro.
A second group, headed by Chief Justice Edward D. White and Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., stood for " reasonable " market regulation, managed either by private agreements among producers ( long permitted under common law ) or by public administrative agencies.
A group of pharmacologically active compounds are extracted mostly from the leaves of the second year's growth, and in pure form are referred to by common chemical names, such as digitoxin or digoxin, or by brand names such as Crystodigin and Lanoxin, respectively.
This leads to the second usage of the word divine ( and a less common usage of divinity ): to refer to the operation of transcendent power in the world.
Another common representation of the Dhrystone benchmark is the DMIPS ( Dhrystone MIPS ) obtained when the Dhrystone score is divided by 1757 ( the number of Dhrystones per second obtained on the VAX 11 / 780, nominally a 1 MIPS machine ).
A second crash cymbal is common, typically an inch or two larger or smaller than the 16 ", with the larger of the two to the right for a right-handed drummer, but a big band may use crashes up to 27 " and ride up to 24 " or very occasionally 26 ".
A sizzle cymbal thinner and larger than the main ride was once common as a second ride or crash / ride even in a four-piece kit but is now less so.
If a second party from a region wants to join the first party needs to agree, these two parties will then form a common delegation with one vote.
In the first step, the final nonzero remainder r < sub > N − 1 </ sub > is shown to divide both a and b. Since it is a common divisor, it must be less than or equal to the greatest common divisor g. In the second step, it is shown that any common divisor of a and b, including g, must divide r < sub > N − 1 </ sub >; therefore, g must be less than or equal to r < sub > N − 1 </ sub >.

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