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Despite and Orkney
Despite this, the process by which Scots overtook Norn as the primary spoken language on the islands was not a swift one, and most natives of Orkney and Shetland likely spoke Norn as a first language until the late 16th and early-to-mid 17th centuries respectively.
Despite all this, his yard at Lyness on the Orkney Island of Hoy employed 200 workers at the peak of his business, and he was noted for granting holidays with pay during times of financial hardship.
Despite these apparent disabilities, as well as his low-born mother, Einarr established a dynasty which ruled the Orkney Islands until 1470.

Despite and
Despite his long association with and close proximity to the Buddha, Ananda was only a stream-winner prior to the Buddha s death.
Despite trailing the Nintendo Entertainment System in terms of number of units sold, the 7800 was a profitable enterprise for Atari Corp., benefiting largely from Atari s name and the system's 2600 compatibility.
Despite two coup attempts in the following three months, including one by Abeid, Bacar s government remained in power, and was apparently more willing to negotiate with Comoros.
Despite the group s eventual break up, one of its members, Seido Kobayashi, went on to form the group Oedo Sukeroku Daiko, which is credited for being the very first professional Taiko group.
Despite McCullough s protest, Draper was a guest on Toast of the Town, as was originally scheduled.
Despite her family s vehement disapproval, she eloped with Urbano in 1917 to live at his parents ' home in Gambettola.
Despite the best intentions, their guarded editorial and business skills forced the company to close down soon after cancelling Pasolini s project, Accattone ( 1961 ).
Despite its location in the tropics and the many micro climates found within the country, Guatemala City s elevation and the resulting moderating influence of the higher altitude enable it to enjoy a subtropical highland climate ( Köppen Cwb ), though depending on location, it also borders on a tropical savanna climate ( Köppen Aw ).
Despite Magellan s visit, Guam was not officially claimed by Spain until 1565 by Miguel Lopez de Legazpi.
Despite the downturn, Hong Kong s economic strengths, including a sound banking system, virtually no public debt, a strong legal system, ample foreign exchange reserves, rigorous anti-corruption measures and close ties with the mainland China, enable it to quickly respond to changing circumstances.
Despite a slowing global economy, Indonesia s economic growth accelerated to a ten-year high of 6. 3 % in 2007.
Despite its many rivers, Iraq s fishing industry has remained relatively small and based largely on marine species in the Persian Gulf.
Despite the thousands of political cartoons and hundreds of illustrative works attributed to him, a measurable amount of Tenniel s fame comes specifically from his work as the illustrator of Alice.
Despite his revolutionary rhetoric, Goebbels most important contribution to the Nazi cause between 1930 and 1933 was as the organizer of successive election campaigns: The Reichstag elections of September 1930, July and November 1932 and March 1933, and Hitler s presidential campaign of March – April 1932.
Despite the enormous power of the Propaganda Ministry over German cultural life, Goebbels status began to decline once the Nazi regime was firmly established in power.
Despite this, in an editorial in his newspaper Das Reich in November 1941 Goebbels quoted Hitler s 1939 " prophecy " that the Jews would be the loser in the coming world war.
Despite Kitagawa Utamaro s success and celebrity status among his own world of popular culture, history of his life and career is insufficient.
Despite advice to refuse “ any rotten compromise ”, Trotsky did not heed Lenin s advice, and General Secretary Stalin retained power over the Communist Party and the bureaucracy of the soviet government.
Despite serious domestic turmoil, the patriotism engendered by Morocco s participation in the Middle East conflict and by the events in Western Sahara contributed to Hassan s popularity and strengthened his hand politically.
“ There is no prospect of ever winning Russian cooperation .” Despite its reservations, the 80th Congress implemented Truman s requests, further escalating the Cold War with the USSR.
Despite Punch s unapologetic murder throughout the performances, it is still a comedy.
" Despite fears that too much propaganda could diminish Hollywood s entertainment appeal, reducing its targeted audience and decreasing profits, military enlistment increased and morale was considered to be higher, in part attributed to America's innovative propaganda.

Despite and s
Despite strenuous efforts from the Culloden < nowiki >'</ nowiki > s boats, the brig Mutine and the 50-gun HMS Leander under Captain Thomas Thompson, the ship of the line could not be moved, and the waves drove Culloden further onto the shoal, inflicting severe damage to the ship's hull.
Despite mission replanning necessitated by Challenger < nowiki >'</ nowiki > s abort to orbit trajectory, the Spacelab mission was declared a success.
Despite its rare use, Italian orthography allows the circumflex accent ( î ) too, in two cases: it can be found in old literary context ( roughly up to 19th century ) to signal a syncope ( fêro → fecero, they did ), or in modern Italian to signal the contraction of ″- ii ″ due to the plural ending-i whereas the root ends with another-i ; e. g., s. demonio, p. demonii → demonî ; in this case the circumflex also signals that the word intended is not demoni, plural of " demone " by shifting the accent ( demònî, " devils "; dèmoni, " demons ").
Despite considerable popularity amongst the people, Madero ´ s administration soon encountered opposition both from more radical revolutionaries and from remnants of the former regime.
Despite extensive traditional medicinal use, melissa oil was initially prohibited by the International Fragrance Association ( IFRA )' s 43rd amendment, but this restriction appears to have been revisited and relaxed in the 44th amendment.

Despite and protestations
" Despite Gropius's protestations that as a war veteran and a patriot his work had no subversive political intent, the Berlin Bauhaus was pressured to close in April 1933.
Despite his protestations, the delegates drafted him, and he accepted the Democratic nomination with a speech that according to contemporaries, " electrified the nation :"
Despite the protestations of Shamash, Enkidu is marked for death.
Despite John's protestations, Howard started having a friendly discussion with the inexperienced prospector and ended up teaching Scrooge the secrets of the job, and helping him earn ten thousand dollars.
Despite the worried protestations of his foster-father, he set out for the fearful forests.
Despite initial protestations by the king, Sir Orfeo reminds him that he gave him his word and Sir Orfeo returns with Heurodis to Winchester:
Despite Callaghan's protestations that she should go back to university, she campaigned for his victory alongside Neil Kinnock, the future Glenys Kinnock and Rhodri Morgan, whom she would marry in 1967.
Despite their protestations, Jerome takes the children to the restaurant.
Despite Oedipus ' continued deference and protestations, Laius becomes increasingly angry until he suddenly suffers a fatal heart attack.
Despite Roy's protestations that the KPO did not constitute an independent political party, it was not long before it had entered the field with its own candidates for office.
Despite such protestations, the mainstream press of America echoed Green's hostile sentiments, with the Chicago Tribune accusing the Communists of attempting to " stir up race hatred and disorder " and the Philadelphia Record pooh-poohing the entire idea that American blacks could be " bolshevized " as " ridiculously childish.
Despite Theodoros Stamos protestations that he had done nothing wrong, the Tax Court also ruled against him for liability for various self-dealing excise taxes under IRS code section 4941 for the years 1970 through 1976 in the total amount of $ 19, 407, 500, and additions to tax under sections 6651 ( a )( 1 ) and 6684 for the same years in the respective total amounts of $ 724, 375 and $ 2, 957, 500.
Despite Li's own protestations, they overruled him, and put such claims in the published text.
Despite Deleon's earlier protestations of innocence, once his trial began, Deleon's attorney conceded that Deleon had indeed committed all three murders.
Despite Rose's gentle protestations that her grandfather is dead, Jackie insists that he has returned in some capacity and has been visiting her for some time.
Despite the protestations of fellow competitors, it won, though the final cost was to be in excess of £ 100, 000.

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