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Detail and Persian
File: Mantes carpet Louvre OA6610 detail1. jpg | Detail of 16th century Persian carpet
Detail of an illumination in a Persian manuscript of the Divan of Hafez, drawn in the 18th century ; British Library, London.
File: Dale Chihuly Persian Ceiling deYoung Museum 2008. jpg | Detail of Persian Ceiling installation by Dale Chihuly at the De Young Museum in San Francisco, 2008.

Detail and Ceiling
St Mary's Ceiling Detail
Image: SantoDomingo12-05oaxaca114. jpg | Ceiling Detail, Church of Santo Domingo

Detail and installation
Detail of 7 WTC installation

Detail and by
He sucked in his breath and kept quiet while Killpath laid down the sheet again, wound the gold-wire stems of his glasses around his ears and then, eying the report as it lay before him on the desk, intoned, `` Acting Lieutenant Gunnar Matson one failed to see that the station keeper was properly relieved two absented himself throughout the entire watch without checking on the station's activities or the whereabouts of his section sergeants three permitted members of the Homicide Detail of the Inspector's Bureau to arrogate for their own convenience a patrolman who was thereby prevented from carrying on his proper assignment four failed to notify the station commander Acting Captain O. T. Killpath of a homicide occurring in the district five frequented extralegal establishments known as after-hours spots for purposes of an unofficial and purportedly social nature and six '' -- he leaned back and peeled off his glasses `` -- failed to co-operate with the Acting Captain by returning promptly when so ordered.
Detail of Seven Sacraments Altarpiece | The Seven Sacraments ( 1445 ) by Roger van der Weyden showing the sacrament of Extreme Unction or Anointing of the Sick.
Detail of the Land list seats won by each party in 2009
Detail from an oil painting by Cosmo Alexander, 1770 ; in University Hall, Brown University, Providence, R. I.
Detail from A Roman Emperor 41AD, by Lawrence Alma-Tadema.
Spiral Sphere and Julia, Detail, a computer-generated image created by visual artist Robert W. McGregor using only POV-Ray 3. 6 and its built-in scene description language.
Detail of " Aeneas Piccolomini Introduces Eleonora of Portugal to Frederick III " by Pinturicchio ( 1454 – 1513 )
Image: Gu Hongzhong's Night Revels, Detail 1. jpg | Night Revels, a Song Dynasty remake of a 10th-century original by Gu Hongzhong.
Detail from the fifth panel of the Saint Vincent Panels | polyptych of St. Vincent by Nuno Gonçalves, c. 1470
Detail view of the portrait of Adams in the National Portrait Gallery ( United States ) | U. S. National Portrait Gallery, Washington, D. C., painted by George Caleb Bingham ; this copy c. 1850 from an original of 1844
Though the Virginia Plan was an outline rather than a draft of a possible constitution, and though it was extensively changed during the debate ( especially by John Rutledge and James Wilson in the Committee of Detail ), its use at the convention led many to call Madison the " Father of the Constitution ".
" Services are also provided by local and state governments bordering on the lake, including Vermont State Police, New York State Police Marine Detail, and Vermont Fish and Wildlife wardens.
Detail from a mosaic in the church Santa Maria in Trastevere, rebuilt by Innocent, 1140 – 43: the Pope, holding a model of the church in his arms, stands at the far left, beside Sts.
Detail from a fresco by Constantino Brumidi in the United States Capitol | U. S. Capitol in Washington, D. C., showing two early symbols of America: Columbia ( name ) | Columbia ( left ) and the Indian princess
Detail from a painting by Jan Verkolje, Dutch, c. 1674, Elegant Couple ( A Musical Interlude ).
Detail from Unterricht der Visitatorn, an die Pfarherrn in Hertzog Heinrichs zu Sachsen Fürstenthum, Gleicher form der Visitation im Kurfürstenthum gestellet, woodcut by Lucas Cranach the Younger, Wittenberg, 1539.
Detail of " The Duchess of York " by Philip de László, 1925.
Detail from Manual labour | Labor, by Charles Sprague Pearce ( 1898 )
File: Vera Wang wedding dress. jpg | Detail of a wedding dress designed by Vera Wang
Detail of the Burning Bush triptych by Nicolas Froment, showing René of Anjou | René and his wife Jeanne de Laval
Detail of a portrait of Caroline by Thomas Lawrence ( painter ) | Sir Thomas Lawrence, 1804
Detail from The Trial of Queen Caroline by Sir George Hayter
Detail: Luxuria ( Lust ), in The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things, by Hieronymus Bosch.
Detail of Las Meninas by Diego Velázquez ( 1656 ), showing Maribarbola and Nicolasito Pertusato ( right ), achondroplastic dwarfs in the entourage of Infanta Margarita

Detail and Dale
Detail of green glass sculpture by Dale Chihuly at Desert Botanical Garden.

Detail and at
Detail of head-taken at the Cincinnati Zoo.
* More Detail about the Colon Classification at ISKO Italia
Detail of Galerius attacking Narseh on the Arch and Tomb of Galerius # Arch of Galerius | Arch of Galerius at Thessaloniki, Greece, the city where Galerius carried out most of his administrative actions
* Detail about Hinkley case at AwesomeStories. com
During his time as a student at the school he made the films Nocturne and The Last Detail, both of which won Best Film awards at the Munich International Festival of Film Schools.
Detail from the marble veil of Despoina at Lycosura
Detail of the kylix at right: Theseus and the Crommyonian Sow, with Phaea
Detail from frontispiece to Thomas Wilson's Correct Method of German and French Waltzing ( 1816 ), showing nine positions of the Waltz, clockwise from the left ( the musicians are at far left ).
File: Agust Querfurt Höchstädt Detail Eugen von Savoyen. jpg | Prince Eugene of Savoy at the Battle of Blenheim, 1704
Detail of head – taken at the Cincinnati Zoo
Detail of Athelstan from a stained-glass window at the chapel of All Souls College, Oxford
For the personal protection of the King and the Royal Family, as well as for the surveillance of the royal estates, the Belgian Federal Police at all times provides a Security Detail to the Royal Palace, commanded by a Chief Police Commissioner.
Detail of memorial to Cicely Mary Barker at Park Hill, Croydon
Detail of an embroidered silk gauze ritual garment from a 4th century BC Zhou Dynasty | Zhou era tomb at Mashan, Hubei province, China.
Detail of the first Beowulf cluster at Barcelona Supercomputing Center
She is a citizen of the Culture in the novel Use of Weapons, the novella The State of the Art, and is hinted at in the novel Surface Detail by Iain M. Banks.
Detail of an embroidered silk gauze ritual garment from a 4th century BC, Zhou Dynasty | Zhou era tomb at Mashan, Jiangling County, Hubei
Detail of initial letter miniature, dated 1530, probably made at Syon Monastery, England, a Bridgettine House.
( Mainly colour plates on glossy paper relating to St Paul's Cathedral – 65 pages with descriptive text ) Detail from a copy of the book published by OUP ( Oxford University Press ) at Oxford in 1967 with no ISBN
Detail from the sculpted stone at Aberlemno generally supposed to portray the Battle of Dunnichen
Detail from Washington and his Generals at Yorktown ( c. 1781 ) by Charles Willson Peale.

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