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During and 2004
During that period he also released his work on Bertini type theorems contained in EGA 5, published by the Grothendieck Circle in 2004.
During the process of the enlargement of the European Union, the acquis was divided into 31 chapters for the purpose of negotiation between the EU and the candidate member states for the fifth enlargement ( the ten that joined in 2004 plus Romania and Bulgaria which joined in 2007 ).
During an audience interview at the Edinburgh Book Festival on 15 April 2004, series author J. K. Rowling had this to say about the fictional Killing Curse's etymology: " Does anyone know where avada kedavra came from?
During a visit of a delegation of Roman Catholic cardinals in Manhattan in January 2004, he said that “ a meeting like this doesn't signify in itself a breakthrough ”, and called for “ a theological dialogue that asks the tough questions, such as whether Catholicism allows for Jews to enter eternal paradise .”
During grand jury testimony in December 2003 which was illegally leaked to the San Francisco Chronicle and published in December 2004 Giambi allegedly admitted to using many different steroids, including fertility drugs ( which could account for his declining health in the past few years ).
During 2004, several high-profile corruption scandals shattered the foundations of PUSC.
During 2004 6, approximately 2, 000 kilometers of the country's rail lines underwent refurbishment.
During 2004, they enrolled more than 23, 000 young people.
During the 2004 offseason, the Wings focused on keeping players they already had instead of being active on the free agent market, resigning several players before the 2004 05 NHL lockout canceled the season.
Marianne in Chains: Daily Life in the Heart of France During the German Occupation ( 2004 ) excerpt and text search
During their marriage, several of Grammer and Donatacci's homes were featured in magazines, including ones in: Malibu, California ( February 2001, InStyle ), Maui ( May 2004, InStyle ), Long Island, New York ( April 2008, InStyle ), Bachelor Gulch, Colorado ( Architectural Digest ), and Bel Air, Los Angeles ( Architectural Digest ).
During his acceptance speech at the 2004 Academy Awards, Jackson mentioned the film, noting that it had been " wisely overlooked by the Academy.
During this second term of office on the Commission, he was responsible for introducing new staff regulations for EU officials, a significant feature of which was substantial salary cuts for everyone employed after 1 May 2004, reduced pension prospects for many others, and gradually worsening employment conditions.
During production in 2004, Rodríguez insisted that Miller direct the film with him because he considered the visual style of Miller's comic art to be just as important as his own in the film.
During the period she was held kidnapped in the jungle in 2004, Clara Rojas gave birth to her son by Caesarean.
During filming of The Alamo ( 2004 film ) | The Alamo, a tracking shot was used during a battle scene
During the 2004 Beslan school hostage crisis, it is theorized that a multitude of hand-held thermobaric weapons were used by the Russian Armed Forces in their efforts to retake the school.
During this period, his son, future ABC newsman, Jack Smith ( April 25, 1945 — April 7, 2004 ), was serving with the U. S. Army 7th Cavalry Regiment in South Vietnam and fought at the Battle of Ia Drang.
During the 2004 / 2005 season, Ross won the Mt.
During this period, the Municipal Art Society succeeded in 2004 in nominating the facility to the National Trust for Historic Preservation ’ s list of the 11 Most Endangered Places.
* Johanna Granville, The First Domino: International Decision Making During the Hungarian Crisis of 1956, Texas A & M University Press, 2004.
" During a 2004 visit to The Howard Stern Show, Ebert predicted that the then-junior Illinois senator Barack Obama would be very important to the future of the country.
During the 2004 Presidential election, DiCaprio campaigned and donated to John Kerry's presidential bid.
During the legislative elections held on 8 December 2004, the Kuomintang-PFP dominated Pan-Blue alliance gained a slim majority in the elections which resulted into President Chen resigning as DPP chairman.

During and
In the famous long scroll Along the River During the Qingming Festival painted by Zhang Zeduan ( 1085 1145 AD ) during the Song Dynasty ( 960 1297 AD ), a suanpan is clearly seen lying beside an account book and doctor's prescriptions on the counter of an apothecary's ( Feibao ).
During the period of the Iberian Union ( 1580 1640 ), Portugal lost influence and power and made new enemies.
* 1793 During the French Revolution, the Committee of Public Safety becomes the executive organ of the republic.
* 1911 During the Battle of Deçiq, Dedë Gjon Luli Dedvukaj, leader of the Malësori Albanians, raises the Albanian flag in the town of Tuzi, Montenegro, for the first time after George Kastrioti ( Skenderbeg ).
During January February 2007, Armenia ’ s trade with the European Union totaled $ 200 million.
During January February 2007, Armenia ’ s trade with Russia and other former Soviet republics was $ 205. 6 million ( double the amount from the same period the previous year ), making them the country ’ s number one trading partner.
* 1925 During the Communist St Nedelya Church assault in Sofia, 150 are killed and 500 are wounded.
During the Tokugawa period ( 1600 1868 ) the Ainu became increasingly involved in trade with Japanese who controlled the southern portion of the island that is now called Hokkaido.
During the Invasion of the Kuril Islands, Akira Nakamura ( b. 1897 ) was captured by the Soviet army and his elder son Takeshi Nakamura ( 1925 1945 ) was killed in the battle.
* 1958 During the Cold War, American Van Cliburn wins the inaugural International Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow.
During his 72 years of Imamat ( 1885 1957 ), the community celebrated his Golden ( 1937 ), Diamond ( 1946 ) and Platinum ( 1954 ) Jubilees.
* 1864 During the American Civil War, Union forces led by General William T. Sherman launch an assault on Atlanta, Georgia.
During the 4th century BC, there may well have been some 250, 000 300, 000 people in Attica.
During the turn of the 20th century British Israelites carried out some excavations of the Hill of Tara in Ireland looking for the Ark of the Covenant the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland campaigned successfully to have them stopped before they destroyed the hill.
* 1242 During a battle on the ice of Lake Peipus, Russian forces, led by Alexander Nevsky, rebuff an invasion attempt by the Teutonic Knights.
During the Helvetic Republic ( 1798 1803 ), the county of Baden, the Freie Ämter and the region known as the Kelleramt were combined into the Canton of Baden.
During 1823 1931 the grown settlement was known as Ust-Abakanskoye, 1914 1925: Abakan, 1925 1931: Khakassk.
* Mann, Horace, K. The Lives of the Popes in the Early Middle Ages, Vol III: The Popes During the Carolingian Empire, 858 891.
During the summer months ( April September ), dogs are banned from the Silver Sands but they are allowed all year round at the Black Sands.
During the period 1825 1863 a sheep market was held at a site in Castle Street, to stop the sale of sheep on the streets of the town.
* 1983 During STS-6, astronauts Story Musgrave and Don Peterson perform the first space shuttle spacewalk.
" During 1903 1930, he published his critical edition of Manilius's Astronomicon in five volumes.

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