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from Brown Corpus
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During and discharge
During their return trip from the Pacific Ocean, expedition member John Colter was given an early discharge so he could join two fur trappers who were heading west in search of beaver pelts.
During discharge, the angular momentum contained in the energy flow is depleted as it is transferred to the charges of the discharge current crossing the magnetic field.
During the strike, successive portions of air become a conductive discharge channel as the electrons and positive ions of air molecules are pulled away from each other and forced to flow in opposite directions.
During an electrostatic discharge, the intervening atmosphere become electrically overstressed.
During last 25 years many interstitial hydrides were developed that readily absorb and discharge hydrogen at room temperature and atmospheric pressure.
During the typical PCP's discharge cycle, the hammer of the rifle is released by the sear to strike the valve.
During World War II, he enlisted in the military as Ralph David, and rose to the rank of Platoon Sergeant before earning an honorable discharge as a result of his bout of rheumatic fever in Europe.
During the glow discharge region, the air becomes a conductor.
* During discharge on load, the load has to be removed as soon as the voltage drops below approximately 3. 0 V per cell ( used in a series combination ), or else the battery will subsequently no longer accept a full charge and may experience problems holding voltage under load.
During March and April 1961, in an abortive attempt to beef up RLAF firepower, 18 U. S. Air Force officers volunteered for discharge and entry into Operation Mill Pond.
* During September 1901, after Leon Czolgosz's shooting, on the 6th, in Buffalo, New York, of President William McKinley, Vice President Theodore Roosevelt was summoned to Buffalo, but no action was taken to permit him to discharge McKinley's duties during his final days.
* During floods, water discharge can increase up to 11-fold, to more than 6, 800 m³ / s.
During the whole time in which public money was in his hands, from the day of receipt until the issue of his final discharge, the Quietus of the Pipe Office, his private estate was liable for the money in his hands ; and failing the Quietus this liability remained without limit of time, passing on his death to his legal representatives.
During peak flow in the spring, the difference in discharge between the two halves of the watershed becomes even more marked.
During the trial, the role of the French secret services in the 1995 coup against Saïd Djohar was recognized, but not deemed sufficient to discharge the mercenaries of their guilt.
During low flow periods, the river's discharge was between and while maximum spring runoff flows were around.
During an epilepsy and intensive care study, the lack of a preceding spike discharge measured on an epilepsy monitoring unit, along with the presence only at sleep onset, helped differentiate hypnic jerks from epileptic myoclonus.
During the wet season it may extend to over 130, 000 km², depending on the inflowing waters, with the discharge from Lake Victoria being the main control factor of flood levels and area inundation.
During the 1960s increase in Lake Victoria discharge, where flows at Mongalla have roughly doubled, the flows at Malakal at the northern end of the swamps had increased by 1. 5 times the previous average flow.
During World War II, Germany was the first nation to adopt a double-action pistol, the Walther P38 which could be carried loaded ( with a cartridge chambered ) and ready to fire without the risk of an accidental discharge if dropped.
During the discharge, the powerful electric sparks leave thousands of branching chains of fractures behind-creating a permanent Lichtenberg figure inside the specimen.
During winter, the average monthly discharge is 50mm throughout the season, with a touch of Seto Inland Sea-style climate being present.
During World War II the blue discharge became the discharge of choice for commanders seeking to remove homosexuals from the ranks.

During and magnetic
During these activities, the researchers took functional magnetic resonance imaging ( fMRI ) scans of the participants ' brains and were " surprised by the results ".
During World War II, he worked for the Admiralty Research Laboratory, from which emerged a group of many notable scientists, including David Bates, Robert Boyd, George Deacon, John Gunn, Harrie Massey, and Nevill Mott ; he worked on the design of magnetic and acoustic mines, and was instrumental in designing a new mine that was effective against German minesweepers.
During the experiment, both spacecraft were going to be on the same idealized magnetic field spiral carried out from the sun by the solar wind.
During each cycle of the AC voltage, extra energy, in addition to any energy consumed in the load, is temporarily stored in the load in electric or magnetic fields, and then returned to the power grid a fraction of a second later in the cycle.
During the Vietnam War the original AC-130A Spectre gunships and the A-6C Intruder employed the " Pave Mace "/" Black Crow " magnetic anomaly detection system to detect truck ignition coils in vehicles hidden under heavy jungle canopies.
During the same time frame a transition to perpendicular magnetic recording is occurring ( PMR ), in which for reasons of improved stability and higher areal density potential, the traditional in-plane orientation of magnetization in the disk is being changed to a perpendicular orientation.
During the main phase of a geomagnetic storm, electric current in the magnetosphere create magnetic force which pushes out the boundary between the magnetosphere and the solar wind.
During this expedition, which lasted from May 1819 to November 1820, Sabine noted that changes in magnetic intensity had taken place since his previous visit.
During these decades the Royal Navy and Royal Society devoted so much energy to the problems of magnetic variation that magnetism came to be seen as an eminently " British " science.
During levitation and travelling operation, the Transrapid maglev vehicle floats on a frictionless magnetic cushion with no physical contact whatsoever to the track guideway.
During his time as a postdoc in Berkeley he began working with the newly developed and related technique of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy to study the hydration of metal complexes.
During World War II, fifteen British Vickers Wellington bombers were modified to carry a large magnetic induction loop and an electrical generator.
During spot welding, the large electric current induces a large magnetic field, and the electric current and magnetic field interact with each other to produce a large magnetic force field too, which drives the melted metal to move very fast at a velocity up to 500 mm / s.
During solar minimum, CMEs form primarily in the coronal streamer belt near the solar magnetic equator.
During their propagation, CMEs interact with the solar wind and the interplanetary magnetic field ( IMF ).
Could it be ... Satan ?” ( During a Christmas-themed December broadcast, using a magnetic spelling board, she rearranged letters spelling “ Santa ” to reveal “ Satan ”.
During reading, a laser projects a beam on the disk and, according to the magnetic state of the surface, the reflected light varies due to the Magneto-optic Kerr effect.
During his two years as a postdoc he came up with a plan to combine laser cooling and evaporative cooling in a magnetic trap to create a Bose – Einstein condensate ( BEC ).
During the night, the Solar Max POCC, at Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland, was able to establish control over the satellite by sending commands ordering the magnetic torque bars to stabilize the tumbling action.
During the 1980s he stimulated people's temporal lobes artificially with a weak magnetic field to see if he could induce a religious state ( see God helmet ).
During braking, the metal wheels are exposed to a magnetic field from an electromagnet, generating eddy currents in the wheels.

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