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from Brown Corpus
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During and poetically
During the European Renaissance, Astraea became associated with the general spirit of renewal of culture occurring at that time, particularly in England, where she became poetically identified in literature with the figure of Queen Elizabeth I as the virgin Queen reigning over a new Golden Age.

During and sterile
During her student years, Fidelma had an unhappy love affair with Cian, a warrior of the High King's bodyguard, who eventually abandoned her to marry the daughter of the High King's steward ( who, ironically, later divorced him on the grounds that he was sterile ).

During and years
During these years the youthful conductor had contributed greatly to the high level of musical life in Germany.
During the greater part of Jefferson's career he enjoyed the close collaboration of a fellow Virginian, James Madison, eight years his junior.
During the next five years the leaders of the Fair Deal reluctantly backed down from the optimistic expectations of the New Deal.
During the next five years liberal leaders in the United States sank in the cumulative confusion attendant upon and manifested in a negative policy of Containment -- and the bitterest irony -- enforced and enforceable only by threat of a weapon that we felt the greatest distaste for but could not abandon: the atom bomb.
During the last years of Woodrow Wilson's administration, a red scare developed in our country.
During the next years he gave me the second of the five contracts I would sign with the Hearst Service.
During fiscal years 1959 and 1960, there were 139 military and civilian students who came to the Institute for varying periods of special instruction.
During fiscal years 1959 and 1960, there were 795,586 visitors to the Museum.
During these early years the repair of watches and clocks and the building of special clocks for church steeples formed an important part of the young man's occupation.
During these years the company's product line followed the basic tenets laid down by Mr. Brown.
About a quarter of Hardy's poems carry an appended date line, usually the year of completion, but sometimes inclusive years ( `` 1908 - 1910 '' ) or two separate dates when Hardy worked on the poem ( `` 1905 and 1926 '' ) or an approximate date ( `` During the War '' ).
During the years of publication, supplement and replacement sheets were issued periodically.
During Dulles's first two years in office, while Republicans ran the Senate, the Department was at the mercy of men who had thirsted for its blood since 1945.
During the years when Israel was passing from crisis to crisis -- the Sinai campaign, the infusion of multitudes of penniless immigrants -- it was felt that the purpose of national unity could be best served if the secular majority were to yield to the religious parties.
During his five years as an assistant director, Kurosawa worked under numerous directors, but by far the most important figure in his development was Kajiro Yamamoto.
) During these years, Armenia occupied some 20 % of Azerbaijan's territory, rendering possibility of supplies from Azerbaijan an impossibility.
During the years 1106-1107 A. D., a Russian Orthodox Abbot named Daniel made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and recorded his experiences.
During the past 50 years, 7, 435 Schmidt camera plates were used to complete several sky surveys that make the data in USNO-B1. 0 accurate to within 0. 2 arcsec.
During the four years of his reign disaster followed on disaster, and in 1695 Ahmed II died at Edirne Palace, worn out by disease and sorrow.
During his 72 years of Imamat ( 1885 – 1957 ), the community celebrated his Golden ( 1937 ), Diamond ( 1946 ) and Platinum ( 1954 ) Jubilees.
During the next three years, Alexander seemed to renew his attempts to subdue the states of Thessaly, especially Magnesia and Phthiotis, for upon the expiry of the truce, in 364 BC, they again applied to Thebes for protection from him.
During the last twenty years of his life Alexios lost much of his popularity.
During his three years in this office, he " moved resolutely to eradicate all pro-Confederate influences in the state.
During the first years of his reign, Andrew was occupied with the discords within the Principality of Halych.

During and was
During his two terms the Constitution was tested and found workable, strong national policies were inaugurated, and the traditions and powers of the Presidential office firmly fixed.
During the decade that followed, the common man, as that piece put it, grew uncomfortable as the Voice of God and fled from behind Saint Woodrow ( Wilson ) only to learn from Science, to his shocked relief that after all there was no God he had to speak for and that he was just an animal anyhow -- that there was a chemical formula for him, and that too much couldn't be expected of him.
During the summers, while he was still in school, Mercer worked for his father's firm as a messenger boy.
During his aggressive campaign to win his present position, Mr. Kennedy was vitriolic about this country's `` prestige '' abroad.
During the rest of the summer my scholarly mania for making plaster casts and spatter prints of Catskill flowers and leaves was all but surpassed by the constantly renewed impressions of Jessica that my mind served up to me for contemplation and delight.
During the period from 1 July 1960 through 31 January 1961, the Medical Museum was required to move to Temporary Building `` S '' on the Mall from Chase Hall.
During the last week of march 1961, Columbus, Ohio was the site of the Fourth Symposium on Temperature, Its Measurement And Control In Science And Industry.
During his presidency, the company's physical plant was enormously expanded, and the length and breadth of the Brown & Sharpe machine tool line became the greatest in the world.
During World War 2,, he was a lieutenant commander in the United States Navy.
During the war it was in constant use by the wagon trains transporting supplies from the railhead at Grafton to the troops operating in the interior.
During Oersted's attendance at the university, it was poorly equipped with physical apparatus for experimenting in the sciences.
During the latter procedure the temperature was maintained at 2-degrees-C by surrounding the apparatus with ice.
During summers, business was so brisk that Mrs. Wilcox had two assistants and a messenger.
During the Brown trial, however, the state's most powerful Democratic newspaper, the Providence Daily Post, stated that Brown was a murderer, a man of blood, and that he and his associates, with the assistance of Republicans and Abolitionists, had plotted not only the liberation of the slaves but also the overthrow of state and federal governments.
During the month of November hardly a day passed when there was not some mention of John Brown in the Rhode Island newspapers.
During the year that followed, Dick co-operated whole-heartedly with the dentist and was delighted with the final result achieved -- an upper row of strong straight teeth that completely changed his facial appearance.
During the trip Selkirk decided that the route through Illinois territory to Indiana and the eastern United States was the best route for goods from England to reach Red River and that the United States was a better source of supply for many goods than either Canada or England.
During the Civil War, Custer, who achieved a brilliant record, was made brigadier general at the age of 23.
During the first administration of Bienville, the peltry trade of the Mobile district was a lucrative source of revenue.

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