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During and winter
The details of the setting of `` Neutral Tones '' are not, strictly speaking, metaphorical, but they combine to create a mood which is appropriate both to a dismal winter day and to the end of love, and in this way love and weather, the emotions and the elements, symbolize each other in a way that is common to many of Hardy's best poems ( `` Weathers '', `` The Darkling Thrush '', and `` During Wind and Rain '', for example ) and to some moving passages in the novels as well ( Far From The Madding Crowd is full of scenes constructed in this way ).
During this period winter sports were slowly introduced: in 1882 the first figure skating championship was held in St. Moritz, and downhill skiing became a trendy sport with English visitors early in the 20th century, as the first ski-lift was installed in 1908 above Grindelwald.
During World II the winter games were canceled but after that time the Winter Games have been held in St. Moritz ( 1948 ), Innsbruck, Austria ( 1964 and 1976 ), Grenoble, France, ( 1968 ), Albertville, France, ( 1992 ), and Torino, Italy, ( 2006 ).
During the post-World War I period ski-lifts were built in Swiss and Austrian towns to accommodate winter visitors, but summer tourism continued to be important ; by the mid-20th century the popularity of downhill skiing increased greatly as it became more accessible and in the 1970s several new villages were built in France devoted almost exclusively to skiing, such a Les Menuires.
During the Fourth Test news broke that prominent England players had agreed to take part in a " rebel tour " of South Africa the following winter ; three of them ( Tim Robinson, Neil Foster and John Emburey ) were playing in the match, and were subsequently dropped from the England side.
During the winter, the I Corps was reorganized and Doubleday assumed command of the 3rd Division.
During each winter there is usually one fall of snow in the south and two in the north ; but the snow quickly disappears, and sometimes, during an entire winter, the ground is not covered with snow.
During winter, fast ice, which is attached to the shoreline, develops first, rendering the ports unusable without the services of icebreakers.
During the winter of 1939 – 40, Hitler decreased the size of the fighting manpower in order to return as many skilled workers to the factories as was possible.
During winter training, the pilots fly two practice sessions per day, six days a week, in order to fly the 120 training missions needed to perform the demonstration safely.
During the winter, storms blowing from the Sahara sometimes form dense dust clouds that obscure the sun ; however, sunny days are the norm year round.
During the winter months Lake Cadillac and Lake Mitchell freeze over and the city becomes covered with snow.
During the winter, sea temperatures tend to be higher than land temperatures, and vice versa during the summer months.
During the 1980s, anime gained in popularity, with new animated movies released every summer and winter, often based upon popular anime television series.
During the winter months, temperatures average a high of and a low of around, whereas during the summer a mean high of and a low of can be expected.
During the winter of 1945 to 1946 Orwell made several hopeless and unwelcome marriage proposals to younger women, including Celia Kirwan ( who was later to become Arthur Koestler's sister-in-law ), Ann Popham who happened to live in the same block of flats and Sonia Brownell, one of Connolly's coterie at the Horizon office.
During winter, the auk lost these patches, instead developing a white band stretching between the eyes.
During winter the auk molted and lost this eye patch, which was replaced with a wide white band and a gray line of feathers which stretched from the eye to the ear.
During the winter, the throat became white.
During the winter, the Great Auk migrated south either in pairs or in small groups, and never with the entire nesting colony.
During the winter monsoon, however, currents in the north are reversed.
During the period 1790-1815 Sweden experienced two parallel economic movements: an agricultural revolution with larger agricultural estates, new crops and farming tools and a commercialisation of farming, and a protoindustrialisation, with small industries being established in the countryside and with workers switching between agricultural work in the summer season and industrial production in the winter season.
During the winter of 1779, Simcoe attempted to capture George Washington, but decided that his men would not shoot the future president.

During and 2010
During the 2010 Census of Russia, the authorities rejected the claim from a group of mostly mixed race Ainu living in Kamchatka that they are not extinct.
During the Financial crisis of 2007 – 2010, Bulgaria marked a decline in its economy of 5. 5 % in 2009, but quickly restored its positive growth to 0. 2 % in 2010, in contrast to other Balkan countries.
During Comic-Con 2010, it was revealed that Campbell would be the star of a Burn Notice made-for-television prequel focusing on Sam's Navy SEAL career, titled Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe.
During the night of February 10, 2010, the Sichem Osprey, a Maltese chemical tanker, ran aground on Clipperton Island on its way from the Panama Canal to South Korea.
During August 2010 it was composed of:
During Obama's State of the Union Address on January 27, 2010, he said that he would work with Congress and the military to enact a repeal of the gay ban law and for the first time set a timetable for repeal.
During the first half of 2011 there has been the same number of anti-Semitic crimes reported as were reported for the whole of 2010.
During the financial crisis of 2007 – 2010, several Keynesian economists such as James Galbraith and Joseph Stiglitz blamed the free market philosophy of Friedman and the Chicago school for the economic turmoil.
During a 2010 lecture at the University of Missouri, which was broadcast by C-Span, Dr. Mueller has also argued that the threat from nuclear weapons has been exaggerated, both in the popular media and by officials.
During 2010, the armoured and mechanized infantry battalions were restructured as Combined Arms Battalions ; as from 1 January 2011, each had a Staff Company, a Logistics Company, 2 Tank Companies and 2 Mechanized Infantry Companies equipped with infantry fighting vehicles ..
During an interview on 1 July 2010, Tricky stated that his new album, titled Mixed Race, was scheduled for release on 27 September 2010.
During her contract with the label, Amos recorded vocals for two songs for David Byrne's collaboration album with Fatboy Slim, entitled Here Lies Love, which was released in April 2010.
* During 2010, resolutions were introduced or reintroduced into the legislatures of 21 states ; the resolution passed in seven states ( Alabama, Arizona, Kansas, Nebraska, South Carolina, Utah, and Wyoming ).
* During 2010, such legislation was introduced in six states ( Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Missouri, New Hampshire, and Oklahoma ); however, none made it past the introductory stage.
During the first half of 2010, non-oil trade between India and the UAE stood at US $ 20. 4 billion.
During the years 1993 – 2010, hard times have come upon the Washington Redskins franchise.
During 2010, Stewart used Twitter to confirm various facts about the album ; in one of the tweets, Stewart stated that he, Nicks, Waddy Wachtel, Mike Campbell ( of the Heartbreakers ), Mike Rowe, and Steve Ferrone were all working on the album, and that Mick Fleetwood has also contributed drums to at least one track.
During the recession of 2008 – 2010, many of these firms went out of business or were bought up at firesale prices by other financial firms.
During the mortgage mess from 2007 – 2010, Wall Street financing was blamed as one of the causes, although most commentators blame an interplay of factors.
During a state visit to India in November 2010, US president Barack Obama announced US support for India's bid for permanent membership to UN Security Council as well as India's entry to Nuclear Suppliers Group, Wassenaar Arrangement, Australia Group and Missile Technology Control Regime.
During 2010, a local of the American Federation of Government Employees stated their unhappiness that a longstanding flextime program reduced under the George W. Bush administration had not been restored under the Obama administration.
During the 111th Congress, Pelosi was the driving force behind several of Obama's major initiatives which proved controversial, so the Republicans campaigned against Pelosi and the Democrats ' legislation with their " Fire Pelosi Bus Tour " and regained control of the House in the 2010 midterm elections.

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