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Electronic and artist
* UK Electronic music artist Aphex Twin ( Richard David James ) named three of his tracks after differently coloured calxes ( green, yellow and blue ).
Like their overseas counterparts, Australian artists of various generations have taken up the conveniences of the digital revolution with Electronic commerce, artist blogging, photo sharing sites.
After Malkin criticized hip hop artist Akon for " degrading women " in a Vent episode, Akon's record label, Universal Music Group, forced YouTube to remove the video by issuing a DMCA takedown notice, but decided to retract this notice after the Electronic Frontier Foundation joined Malkin and Hot Air in contesting the removal as a misuse of copyright law.
Dieselboy is represented by William Morris Electronic, the high profile booking agency's electronic artist division, and Circle Talent Agency.
Along with the launch of MuchMoreMusic in 1998, a new fund in conjunction with VideoFACT was created called PromoFACT, to help assist in the creation of Electronic Press Kits ( EPK ) and website productions for Canadian artists, independent record labels and artist management companies.
* Electronic music artist Venetian Snares uses a sample from the film in the song " Children's Limbo " on the album Find Candace.
After two years of preparation, the museum celebrated the opening of its first exhibition, Electronic Reflections II, featuring works by artist Tom Lloyd, in September 1968.
She was also the director of the International Festival of Video and Electronic Arts in 2002 and has experience as a documentary artist, video artist and director of both television and radio.
Electronic music pioneer, recording artist and producer.
As a musical term, Accidentalism was coined by Electronic musician / Multi-media artist, Computo.
* Solomon ( singer ), American Electronic Hip-Pop recording artist, singer, producer and songwriter.
Electronic artist, Alphabet Pony, makes reference to Edie Sedgwick, in his 2009 release, ' Youthquake '.
Electronic music recording artist Aphex Twin uses the same word in his moniker with permission, as recognised on all artwork for works under the moniker.
* Mungo Nation, a UK based Electronic / Dubstep artist
By 1994 another change of title to London Electronic Arts reflected developments in video technology towards a more dispersed digital media and again reasserted the artist led nature of the organisation.

Electronic and also
For the first time, not only manufacturers, but also importers and distributors share a responsibility to ensure Electrical and Electronic Equipment within the scope of RoHS comply with the hazardous substances limits and have a CE mark on their products.
Three Russian instruments also appeared, Oubouhof's Croix Sonore ( 1934 ), Ivor Darreg's microtonal ' Electronic Keyboard Oboe ' ( 1937 ) and the ANS synthesizer, constructed by the Russian scientist Evgeny Murzin from 1937 to 1958.
In 1988, Bernard Sumner teamed up with former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr for the Electronic project ( also enlisting the help of Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe of the Pet Shop Boys ).
Data privacy was first addressed with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, and provincial-level legislation also exists to account for more specific cases personal privacy protection against commercial organizations.
Quake 3 has also been used extensively in professional electronic sports tournaments such as Quakecon, Cyberathlete Professional League and the Electronic Sports World Cup.
In 2010, DotEmu developed an iOS port of R-Type, published by Electronic Arts, released also for Android in September 2011.
Square Electronic Arts L. L. C., also known as Square EA, was a joint venture between console video game developers Square and Electronic Arts.
The case also helped to prompt the formation of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, as well as spawning a new game, Hacker.
Electronic stethoscopes are also used with Computer-aided Auscultation programs to analyze the recorded heart sounds pathological or innocent heart murmurs.
Electronic instruments can also compensate for the varying characteristics of the thermocouple, and so improve the precision and accuracy of measurements.
All the subsequent games developed by Westwood were also heavily subjected to increased control by Electronic Arts, with some of them being cancelled.
In July 2002, the European Commission also established the European Regulators Group for Electronic Communications Networks and Services ; creating, for the first time, a formal structure for interaction and coordination between the European Commission and regulators in all EU Member States to ensure consistent application of European legislation.
Electronic noise exists in all circuits and devices as a result of thermal noise, also referred to as Johnson Noise.
Electronic " device " functions ( see below ) are also possible.
Electronic money ( also known as e-currency, e-money, electronic cash, electronic currency, digital money, digital cash, digital currency, cyber currency ) is money or scrip that is only exchanged electronically.
* Dynamic stability control, also known as Electronic Stability Program
It is mostly taken as synonymous with the Semitic Israelites, especially in the pre-monarchic period when they were still nomadic, but in some instances it may also be used in a wider sense, referring to the group known as Shasu of Yhw on the eve of the Bronze Age collapse .< ref > The Electronic Pennsylvania Sumerian Dictionary < http :// psd. museum. upenn. edu / epsd /> s. v.
He is also a co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and was the first chair of the Mozilla Foundation.
Electronic mail ( Email ) is also asynchronous in that mail can be sent or received without having both the participants ’ involvement at the same time.
Where these activities are under the control of an operational commander and being applied for the purpose of situational awareness, threat recognition, or EM targeting, they also serve the purpose of Electronic Warfare surveillance ( ES ).
Oscilloquartz SA, a company of the Swatch Group Electronic Systems, also produces NTP time server products.
Volumes 1 – 18 were also published in a blue-spined picture cover edition with Tom Swift and the Electronic Hydrolung ( in its first printing only ) the only title with the picture cover imprinted directly on the " boards " and wrapping around the spine, rather than as a removable dust jacket.
* Electronic billing ( also called EBPP or electronic bill presentment and payment ), in which the bill is sent to the customer and the payment received over the Internet
Electronic Arts provides the standard clients with which players are allowed to connect to the Ultima Online servers, though some third-party clients have also been made.

Electronic and references
* Excerpts from ISO 690-2: 1987 Information and documentation -- Bibliographic references -- Part 2: Electronic documents or parts thereof
The release includes making of / behind-the-scenes featurettes created from a period Electronic Press Kit and the packaging makes frequent references to the fact that the series features " before they were famous " appearances by The Veronicas.

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