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Even and before
`` Even when the islands were under German mandate before World War 1,, Europeans gave Eromonga a wide berth.
Even so, Edward's ambassadors can scarcely have foreseen that five years of unremitting work lay ahead of them before peace was finally made and that when it did come the countless embassies that left England for Rome during that period had very little to do with it.
Even before the century was out the tide of reaction had set in.
Even before the benches had dried, the Civil War veterans were straggling back to their places.
Even some of the queens will die before the winter is over, falling prey to enemies or disease.
Even before his death this influence had begun to ebb.
Even before he saw the necessity of growing better food and planning good nutrition, Mr. Clark felt the school had a good health program.
Even a city of thirty thousand might have six baseball teams, sponsored by grocers and hardware merchants or department stores, that played two or three times a week throughout the summer, usually in the cool of the evening, before an earnest and partisan audience who did not begrudge a quarter each, or even more, to be dropped into a hat when the game was half over.
Even before it was formally dissolved in 1912, the A.L.A.M. was succeeded by the Automobile Board of Trade, the direct lineal ancestor of the present-day Automobile Manufacturers Association.
Even before his mind had rounded out the idea, he thrust one hand into his trousers pocket and pulled out the six slugs he had taken from the revolver.
Even before he hit big money, he had begun buying modern paintings.
Even the stable-garage, which housed nothing now but the scent of rot, had a lawn before it.
Even before Johnston arrived in Tennessee, two forts had been started to defend the Tennessee River and the Cumberland River which provided avenues into the State from the north.
Even before the fight began, dissension spread through some of Abd al-Rahman's lines.
Even before the Nazis came to power, political pressure on Bauhaus had increased.
Even earlier I would take my coffee at Martin's, at 54th Street – now, alas, vanished – where I would see creatures of the night life before they disappeared with the
Even before the completion of the new house, the pattern of the royal couple's life in the Highlands was soon established.
Even before the Ionian Revolt, Darius had begun to expand the Empire into Europe, subjugating Thrace, and forcing Macedon to become allied to Persia.
Even before the publication of Client-Centered Therapy in 1951, Rogers believed that the principles he was describing could be applied in a variety of contexts and not just in the therapy situation.
" Even before the absence of the AME and AMEZ churches at the January 2011 plenary, some in CUIC had noticed the lack of commitment to racial reconciliation.
Even before he was inaugurated Eisenhower accepted a request from the British government to restore the Shah to power.
Even D-Cinema itself had evolved over time before the DCI standards were framed.
Even worse, these delays occurred a couple of days before the election day and some have indicated the governments role in these delays, but couldn't provide substantial proof for their accusations.
Even before the Crusade, Eleanor and Louis were becoming estranged.
Even before the Declaration of Boulogne, the language was remarkably stable ; only one set of lexical changes were made in the first year after publication, namely changing " when ", " then ", " never ", " sometimes ", " always " from kian, tian, nenian, ian, ĉian to kiam, tiam, neniam etc., to avoid confusion with the accusative forms of kia " what sort of ", tia " that sort of ", etc.

Even and editorials
Even more troubling to the opposition was the fact that he retained his position as editor of a partisan newspaper during his term as Speaker, and used his position to write editorials berating the Opposition.

Even and appeared
Even his old literary home, Punch, where the When We Were Very Young verses had first appeared, was ultimately to reject him, as Christopher Milne details in his autobiography The Enchanted Places, although Methuen continued to publish whatever Milne wrote, including the long poem ' The Norman Church ' and an assembly of articles entitled Year In, Year Out ( which Milne likened to a benefit night for the author ).
* Even if the actual systems of philosophy which have appeared in the philosophical thought of a given culture are historically conditioned, there may be ways of thought exemplified by past systems which remain a feature of a people's mentality or cultural outlook.
Even so, his condition appeared to have little effect on his productivity, as he compensated for it with his mental calculation skills and photographic memory.
Even after experiments showed that Einstein's equations for the photoelectric effect were accurate, resistance to the idea of photons continued, since it appeared to contradict Maxwell's equations, which were well-understood and verified.
Even tensions between Czechs and Slovaks had appeared.
Even before the play had been fully written, Heyward was in discussions with George Gershwin for an operatic version of his novel, which appeared in 1935 as Porgy and Bess ( renamed to distinguish it from the play ).
Even before it was propounded in the Catholic social doctrine, social justice appeared regularly in the history of the Catholic Church:
Even the embryonic art of the motion picture turned to Pierrot before the century was out: he appeared, not only in early celluloid shorts ( Georges Méliès's The Nightmare, The Magician ; Alice Guy's Arrival of Pierrette and Pierrot, Pierrette's Amorous Adventures ; Ambroise-François Parnaland's Pierrot's Big Head / Pierrot's Tongue, Pierrot-Drinker ), but also in Emile Reynaud's Praxinoscope production of Poor Pierrot ( 1892 ), the first animated movie and the first hand-colored one.
Even at the outset of the Reformation, subtle differences of emphasis appeared.
Even if he's not appeared in a Landis movie, his name is often spoken in the background.
Even to the naked eye, the comet's head appeared distinctly green, due to strong emissions from diatomic carbon ( C < sub > 2 </ sub >).
Even at a young age, John was not popular among the peers of the kingdom since he was immune to external influence and appeared to despise intrigue.
" Even when playing scintillating runs at high velocity, it appeared that his fingers hardly moved.
Even the " avid anti-Bond and an anti-Fleming man ", Anthony Boucher, writing for The New York Times appeared to enjoy Goldfinger, saying " the whole preposterous fantasy strikes me as highly entertaining.
Even at that time the first Calluna ( heather ) heaths appeared ( see above ).
Even after Shingen's death, there remained several daimyo powerful enough to resist Nobunaga, but none were situated close enough to Kyoto to pose a threat politically, and it appeared that unification under the Oda banner was a matter of time.
Even when he appeared in lighter fare such as The Reformer and the Redhead and Susan Slept Here ( 1954 ), he never sang in his later roles.
Universal finally gave him the chance, and the resulting film, Never Give a Sucker an Even Break, ( 1941 ) is a masterpiece of absurd humor in which Fields appeared as himself, " The Great Man ".
He also appeared in The Onion Field ( his first film, as the bagpipe playing Officer Ian Campbell ), Creepshow, Body Heat, Little Treasure, Just Between Friends, A Fine Mess, Dad, Made in America, Getting Even with Dad, and Saving Private Ryan.
Even though arena football is a relatively young sport, it has appeared in other forms of popular culture over the course of its existence.
work in 2006, Stipe sang the song " L ' Hôtel " on the tribute album to Serge Gainsbourg titled Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited and appeared on the song " Dancing on the Lip of a Volcano " on the New York Dolls album One Day It Will Please Us to Remember Even This.
Even when Danish, Russian, and Polish forces had crossed the borders in 1714, the Kingdom of Prussia first appeared as a hesitant mediator before turning into an aggressor.
Even in cinemas during the silent movies, singers and instrumentalists appeared in the interval, and a pianist played during the films.
Even with Hull's failure and Dearborn's inaction, Van Rensselaer's position appeared strong.
This was number 35 in Thomas Wentworth Higginson's collection of Negro Spirituals that appeared in the Atlantic Monthly of June, 1867, with a comment by Higginson reflecting on how such songs were composed ( i. e., whether the work of a single author or through what used to be called " communal composition "): Even of this last composition, however, we have only the approximate date and know nothing of the mode of composition.

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