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Even and Vulgate
Even though a new Vulgate was printed in 1539, Jud was responsible for producing the first truly “ Reformed ” Latin Bible.

Even and text
Even if the text of the Septuagint is proved to be the older, it does not necessarily follow that all these variations first arose after the Greek translation had been made, because two different editions of the same text might have been in process of development side by side ..."
Even though the text is otherwise inferior to the 1621 edition, Fermat's annotations — including the " Last Theorem "— were printed in this version.
Even plain text files are not so simple — file viewers may have to handle different code pages and newline styles.
Even with the Hecate material, the play is conspicuously short, and so the Folio text may derive from a prompt book that had been substantially cut for performance, or an adapter cut the text himself.
Even if de Leon wrote the text, the entire contents of the book may not be fraudulent.
Even though Zinov's notes were riddled with errors, it has been proven beyond doubt that the notes are indeed a copy of an authentic Yotvingian text.
Even before the text of the Ring was finalised, Wagner had begun to sketch some of the music.
Even though computers can now display a wide variety of fonts, almost every commercial IDE and software text editor employs a monospaced font as the default typeface.
Even if a similar bill is enacted, its practical effect may not be clear: proponents of the bill have argued that it is a valid exercise of Congress's power to regulate the jurisdiction of the federal courts under Article III, Section 2 of the Constitution, but opponents question whether Congress has the authority to prevent the Supreme Court from hearing claims based on the Bill of Rights ( since amendments postdate the original text of the Constitution and may thus implicitly limit the scope of Article III, Section 2 ).
Even close friends and family were disapproving of Joyce's seemingly impenetrable text, with Joyce's brother Stanislaus " rebuk him for writing an incomprehensible night-book ", and former friend Oliver Gogarty believing the book to be a joke, pulled by Joyce on the literary community, referring to it as " the most colossal leg pull in literature since Macpherson's Ossian ".
Even if it is far more probable that Jordanes just introduced his own philosophical knowledge in the text, a lot of modern Romanian authors considers that Deceneus is a priest who reforms the Getae cult, changing Zalmoxis ' cult into a popular religion and imposing strict religious rules such as the restriction of wine consumption.
Even so, the oldest manuscripts, being of the Alexandrian text-type, are the most favored, and the critical text has an Alexandrian disposition.
Even with one bit per pixel, this occupied 23 kB of RAM, making software scrolling far too slow for fluid text manipulation.
Even in its earliest version XTree contained features like listing all files of a branch including subdirectories, listing of all files on a disk, or viewing a file's contents in text or hexadecimal format ( regardless of its file extension ), that the Windows file manager is not capable of even in its latest Windows 7 version.
Even though originally appearing in Netrunner 1. 0, these six cards have been revised for 2. 0 and feature new artwork as well as revised game text.
Even though Switzerland for instance is a member of the European Patent Organisation but not a member of the European Union, the EPO also signalled that it would have been likely to adjust its practice, if necessary, to conform with whatever text had finally emerged from the EU legislative procedure,
Even so, the oldest manuscripts, being of the Alexandrian text-type, are the most favored, and the critical text has an Alexandrian disposition.
" Even though he deleted material that had been included in the first edition, the second edition was nearly double the size of the first, " two gigantic folio volumes, with 2300 very large pages " of double-columned text.
Even if plaintiffs ' major premise were sound, which our discussion in the text ... demonstrates it is not, MGM was not necessarily forced into the dilemma that plaintiffs seek to create.
Even at the beginning of the 21st century, for some laws in force in Alsace-Moselle, the German language text is considered the binding one, the translated French text serving only as a non-binding commentary.
* Even though XML documents per definition are text based-the protocol is versatile enough to be used to synchronize any binary file format.

Even and Latin
Even outside the Acme :: hierarchy, some modules are still written largely for amusement ; one example is Lingua :: Romana :: Perligata, which can be used to write Perl programs in a subset of Latin.
Even though the name Dorado is not Latin but Spanish, astronomers give it the Latin genitive form Doradus when naming its stars ; they are treating it ( like the adjacent constellation Argo Navis ) as if it were a feminine proper name of Greek origin ending in-ō ( like Io or Callisto or Argo ), names that have a genitive ending in-ūs.
Even the hostile Latin tradition attributes him success at this time.
Even before the concept of immunity ( from immunis, Latin for " exempt ") was developed, numerous early physicians characterized organs that would later prove to be part of the immune system.
Even the translation of the treatise of Didymus the Blind on the Holy Spirit into Latin ( begun in Rome 384, completed at Bethlehem ) shows an apologetic tendency against the Arians and Pneumatomachoi.
Even at the time of the Latin writer Augustine of Hippo ( 354 – 430 ), " Lucifer " had not yet become a common name for the Devil.
Even the best and relatively recent classical Greek and Latin dictionaries are still concerned with indicating only the length ( weight ) of syllables ; that is why most still do not indicate the length of vowels in syllables that are otherwise metrically determined.
Even in advanced tallying systems like Roman numerals there is no zero character, instead the Latin word for ' nothing ,' nullae, is used.
Even after the decline of the Roman Empire, it " remained central to a Latin education ".
Even putting aside the many Eastern rites in use, the Latin liturgical rites alone include the Ambrosian Rite, the Mozarabic Rite, and the Cistercian Rite, as well as other forms that have been largely abandoned in favour of adopting the Roman Rite.
Even 1970s Chilean rock bands like the Los Ángeles Negros regained popularity across Latin America.
Even before his death, he was considered a leading authority on the Greek and Latin works of antiquity.
Even though " lorem ipsum " may arouse curiosity because of its resemblance to classical Latin, it is not intended to have meaning.
Even though reggaeton originated with reggae en español in Panama and gradually evolving to reggaeton in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic was the third country in Latin America to which reggaeton was introduced.
" Even two Latin inscriptions around 350 from today's Algeria testify to the keeping and admiration of small particles of the cross.
Even though the motto of the Collège is " Docet Omnia ," Latin for " It teaches everything ," its goal can be best summed up by Maurice Merleau-Ponty's phrase: " Not preconceived notions, but the idea of free thought " which is inscribed in golden letters above the main hall of the Collège building.
Even if it somehow were a third-declension Latin noun, the plural form would be Elvēs ).
Even apart from disputes about the significance of the word translated as " wives ", this passage is of doubtful relevance to the rule of celibacy for priests of the Latin Church, which was introduced much later and is seen only as a discipline within that particular Church alone, not a doctrine binding all: in other words, a church regulation, but not an integral part of Church teaching.
Even Anglophone acts such as Geri Halliwell, 98 Degrees, and Christina Aguilera incorporated Latin elements into some of their hits.
Even in modern times Castroism distinguishes itself from other communist ideologies, such as Trotskyism or Maoism, in that it supports a more socialist theory of governance and its focus on Latin American solidarity and Cuban nationalism, as well as the exportation of revolution to other countries ( see Angola and Congo ).
Even during the period of Early Christianity, part of the East ( Western Anatolia ) was in disagreement with Pope Victor I over Quartodecimanism, holding that Easter ( called Pascha in both Greek and Latin ) should be celebrated at the full moon, like the Jewish Passover, not on the following Sunday.
Even so, since its complex script was not supported by TrueType, writing and rendering Javanese on a computer still not as easy as writing in Latin, therefore it hasn't gained any currency except among preservationists.
The proposed flag for the new republic was white with a green triangle surrounded by the Latin motto " Libertas Quae Sera Tamen " (" Liberdade, Ainda que Tarde ", Portuguese for " Freedom, Even If It Be Late ").

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