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Every and Monday
Every Easter Monday the doge headed a procession from San Marco to the convent of San Zaccaria where the abbess presented him a new camauro crafted by the nuns.
Every Monday, Thursday and Shabbat in Orthodox synagogues ( and many Conservative ones as well ), a portion from the Torah is read aloud in the original Hebrew in front of the congregation.
Every Monday, the band released a new song on their MySpace from New Again labeling it " New Music Monday ".
Every Monday during the summer the Vale of Atholl Pipe Band, hosts a traditional evening of music, dancing and song, beginning and ending with a short parade along the high street
" Every Monday morning Wölfli is given a new pencil and two large sheets of unprinted newsprint.
Every Monday Starting on the May long weekend until the labour day weekend Kincardine has a " Market in the Square " a sort of flea market in the local park located beside the downtown.
Every Monday a new remix will be released and available exclusively for 24 hours via a different online partner.
Westhill Golf Course also caters for the youthful population ; Every Monday evening is usually set aside specifically for under 16's to book times.
Every year on " Black Monday ", the Dublin citizens would march out of the city to the spot where the atrocity had happened and raise a black banner in the direction of the mountains to challenge the Irish to battle in a gesture of symbolic defiance.
The FareStart Restaurant serves lunch Monday through Friday, from 11 a. m. to 2 p. m. Every Thursday from 5: 30 p. m. to 8 p. m is the famous Guest Chef Night, which features a special three-course dinner, prepared by students under the supervision of a " guest chef "-- a noted Seattle chef from another restaurant that volunteers his or her services to support the cause.
Every Monday, the show profiled some of the crews and drivers of NASCAR's Busch Series.
Every Monday night EIAR aired Canta Rabagliati (" Rabagliati sings "), with the singer presenting his most famous songs such as " Ma l ' amore no ", " Mattinata fiorentina ", " Ba-Ba-Baciami Piccina ", " Silenzioso slow ", " Bambina innamorata ".
Every Monday, the Grand Prix tournament is held, in which Toons can win many more tickets than usual as well as special trophies.
Every year on the first Monday in October, the opening of the Supreme Court's session, Student Action Campaign unites student activists on college, university, and law school campuses nationwide to fight for social justice.
Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday a lively open air market was held featuring fresh locally raised produce, poultry and locally crafted artefacts.
Every Easter Monday the doge headed a procession from San Marco to the convent of San Zaccaria where the abbess presented him a new linen camauro crafted by the nuns.
Every Monday night the crowd slowly germinated from 100 for the first few months to 600-700 two years later.
# " Every Monday Morning Comes "
# " Every Monday "-3: 06
# " Every Monday "
Every Monday between 8PM and 9PM is Laughter On Haight.
* Brahma Sarovar: Every year lakhs of people come to take a holy bath at Brahma Sarovar on the occasion of " Somavati Amavasya " ( Sacred No-Moon Day that happens on a Monday ) and on solar eclipse believing that a bath in holy sarovar frees all sins and cycle of birth-death.
Every Monday, the show ran down the Welsh Top 40 singles, since Welsh acts such as Stereophonics, Funeral for a Friend and Feeder usually do far better in their home country chart, as opposed to the UK equivalent.

Every and Tuesday
Every Tuesday for four and a half years from September 1940, the two men met privately for lunch to discuss the war in secret and with frankness.
Every feast day is preceded ( or followed, as with Shrove Tuesday followed by Ash Wednesday ) by a fast as well, in part to avoid the excessive revelry of pagan feasting without moderation.
Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday a liner from one of the three firms departed Liverpool with the mail for New York.
* " Every Day Was Tuesday " The Arkansas TB Sanatorium
Every Tuesday and Saturday mornings in the summer near the old train station a farmers ' market is open, where farmers sell their fresh goods.
Every Shrove Tuesday since 1950 the towns of Olney and Liberal, Kansas have competed in the International Pancake Race.
Every year at the last Tuesday of carnival there is a carnivals parade in Hoeven.
Every other Tuesday on the weeks opposite the Clayton Chapel Singing, Xi Chi Delta hosts campus-wide raquetball singings in the Sports Center at 11: 00 pm.
Every Sunday, Polish Radio Katowice broadcasts a program based on famous prewar Lwów's Merry Wave, every Tuesday, Polish Radio Rzeszów broadcasts a program Kresy Landscapes.
Every Tuesday, Caroline sits by the window sill, no matter how weak or tired, to catch a glimpse of Robert on his way to the market.
In an interview, he stated, " Every Tuesday I crossed the wildest country and swam through rivers to get to the police post where I could hold court ".
Every Tuesday evening from 7pm to 9pm, the Football Clubhouse in the Pike Field, Sallybrook, hosts The Glanmire House of Rock.
Every Tuesday and Friday she goes for yoga along with senior jogatis ( yoga teachers ).
Every Tuesday, Taproot offers a video about their upcoming album.
Every Tuesday pooja is done and on alternative Tuesday Devi Pathri Darshana is performed where the woes of devotees are heard by Devidarshana Pathri and solutions are given which come true.
Every Tuesday Sometimes Sunday is the name of the 1999 album by Australian singer / songwriter Bernie Hayes.
* Music Australia article on Every Tuesday Sometimes Sunday
Every 28 years it returns to its original point of departure, and on Tuesday evening of the spring solstice it is in opposition with Saturn, although Plato maintained that the sun and planets never return to the place whence they started.
Every Tuesday the first half of the show consists of a segment called Tech Tuesday that attempts to keep listeners current on various computer / computing and technology issues.

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