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Every and Tuesday
Every Tuesday for four and a half years from September 1940, the two men met privately for lunch to discuss the war in secret and with frankness.
Every feast day is preceded ( or followed, as with Shrove Tuesday followed by Ash Wednesday ) by a fast as well, in part to avoid the excessive revelry of pagan feasting without moderation.
Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday a liner from one of the three firms departed Liverpool with the mail for New York.
* " Every Day Was Tuesday " The Arkansas TB Sanatorium
Every Tuesday and Saturday mornings in the summer near the old train station a farmers ' market is open, where farmers sell their fresh goods.
Every Shrove Tuesday since 1950 the towns of Olney and Liberal, Kansas have competed in the International Pancake Race.
Every year at the last Tuesday of carnival there is a carnivals parade in Hoeven.
Every other Tuesday on the weeks opposite the Clayton Chapel Singing, Xi Chi Delta hosts campus-wide raquetball singings in the Sports Center at 11: 00 pm.
Every Sunday, Polish Radio Katowice broadcasts a program based on famous prewar Lwów's Merry Wave, every Tuesday, Polish Radio Rzeszów broadcasts a program Kresy Landscapes.
Every Tuesday, Caroline sits by the window sill, no matter how weak or tired, to catch a glimpse of Robert on his way to the market.
In an interview, he stated, " Every Tuesday I crossed the wildest country and swam through rivers to get to the police post where I could hold court ".
Every Tuesday evening from 7pm to 9pm, the Football Clubhouse in the Pike Field, Sallybrook, hosts The Glanmire House of Rock.
Every Tuesday and Friday she goes for yoga along with senior jogatis ( yoga teachers ).
Every Tuesday pooja is done and on alternative Tuesday Devi Pathri Darshana is performed where the woes of devotees are heard by Devidarshana Pathri and solutions are given which come true.
Every Monday and Tuesday, from March through December, the zoo offers $ 2 off admission to visitors who present their same-day DART pass at the Dallas Zoo ticket booth.
Every Tuesday Sometimes Sunday is the name of the 1999 album by Australian singer / songwriter Bernie Hayes.
* Music Australia article on Every Tuesday Sometimes Sunday
Every 28 years it returns to its original point of departure, and on Tuesday evening of the spring solstice it is in opposition with Saturn, although Plato maintained that the sun and planets never return to the place whence they started.
Every Tuesday the first half of the show consists of a segment called Tech Tuesday that attempts to keep listeners current on various computer / computing and technology issues.

Every and offers
In his most popular book, Cultural Literacy — What Every American Needs To Know, he offers lists, quotations, and information regarding what he believes is essential knowledge.
* Roslyn Sunday Market – Every Sunday from June through September, this outdoor farmer's market and craft fair is located on Pennsylvania Avenue in downtown Roslyn and offers a selection of local fruits, vegetables, arts, crafts and locally produced specialty items.
Every specialty offers 12 different spells or abilities to choose from.
Every state offers cross country as a high school sport for boys and girls.
Every year, PCC Community Education offers more than 4, 000 non-credit and continuing education courses and enrolls over 30, 000 students in those courses.
Every Saturday at 2: 00 p. m. the museum offers free tours led by museum-trained docents to provide visitors with a unique experience based on close viewing and conversation.
Every year Union College also offers a variety of mini-terms ( three-week programs during the winter break or at the beginning of the summer vacation ).
Nationalism thus provides a form through which " Every oppressed population can become a nation, a photographic negative of the oppressor nation " and that " There's no earthly reason for the descendants of the persecuted to remain persecuted when nationalism offers them the prospect of becoming persecutors.
Every year it offers something to society, and it offered something to each and every one of us.
Every three years Tabor offers the Caribbean Studies Program.
Every residence hall also offers a small assortment of private single rooms.
Every four years, it offers special election-night coverage during the famous New Hampshire primary.
Every year, TCBY offers mothers across the nation a free frozen yogurt on Mother's Day, and fathers a free frozen yogurt on Father's Day.
" The elaborate hypertext is much like the book which Borges suggests to be the labyrinth, (" Every one imagined two works ; to no one did it occur that the book and the maze were one and the same thing ... the confusion of the novel suggested to me that it was the maze ") in a sense of how the site offers different approaches to how you may interpret the information provided, yet you're not trapped in the dilemma of choosing one and eliminating others ; you may choose to unfold all possibilities.
Every year, CIMS offers cSplash or Courant Splash, a festival mathematics and computer science program for high school students.
Every July, the APNC Railroad offers train rides from Moravia, Iowa.
The front page offers " Every description of Agricultural Machinery supplied at Manufacturer's Prices " and ends with " Castings to order ", " Machinery and Steam Engines repaired ".
Every School offers a limited number of places for each program, and admissions are regulated by an entrance examination delivered by the University Admissions Committee.
Every year in April, Overlake offers a week of required co-curricular educational projects to the students.
Every Amy's location always offers seven flavors, known as standards, sold in three sizes.

Every and video
In Australia, where Robyn reached the top ten of the iTunes Store's album chart, " With Every Heartbeat " received substantial attention on radio and video networks in Australia.
" Every Breath You Take " also won the American Video Award for " Best Group video " and nabbed two Ivor Novello Awards for the categories " Best Song Musically and Lyrically " and " Most Performed Work ".
Every use of a bank machine, payment by credit card, use of a phone card, call from home, checked out library book, rented video, or otherwise complete recorded transaction generates an electronic record.
Every computer or console in the game renders the virtual world and characters in realtime sufficiently fast enough that the number of frames per second makes the visual simulation seem like standard full motion video or better.
The record contained five new studio songs: " Power to the People " which features a music video, " Can't Bring Me Down ," " The Last Song ", " Strange ," and " I Hate Every Bone In Your Body But Mine ," the latter with DeVille on lead vocals for the first time.
Every time the video ( tele ) part of the telecine samples the light electronically, the film ( cine ) part of the telecine must have a frame in perfect registration and ready to photograph.
The video gained widespread media attention, with Kimmel jokingly telling the New York Times, " Every once in a while, Hollywood rallies itself for a worthy cause.
" The second opened with a drive through the Holland Tunnel from lower Manhattan toward New Jersey and suggested that, " Every New Yorker should take this trip at least once before election day ..." followed by video of Newark, New Jersey which had been devastated by race riots.
Every videotape system attempts to pack as much video as possible onto a given-sized tape, but information from one recording stripe ( pass of the video head ) must not interfere with information on adjacent stripes.
* Every Extend Extra, a video game
The actor appeared in Every Time I Die's music video " Kill The Music " and recorded a public service announcement for Deejay Ra's ' Hip-Hop Literacy ' campaign, encouraging reading of screenplays by Tarantino.
* Placebo filmed the video for their 1999 single " Every You Every Me " during a gig at the Academy.
Every year the art students have a Senior Show, which shows art ranging from installation, to sculpture, to painting, to video.
Bing has enjoyed success in filmmaking, though his directorial debut, Every Breath, went straight to video.
In 2006 the group released a video titled " One Picture Every Day ," starring Ben Popik and featuring an original song by former member Jesse Novak.
They created memorable videos for The Police (" Every Breath You Take ", " Synchronicity II ", " Wrapped Around Your Finger "), Duran Duran (" Girls on Film ", " A View to a Kill "), Herbie Hancock (" Rockit "), Go West (" We Close Our Eyes "), Frankie Goes to Hollywood (" Two Tribes ", " The Power of Love "), Sting (" If You Love Somebody Set Them Free " " Fields of Gold "), and Wang Chung (" Everybody Have Fun Tonight "), among many others, up to Godley's video for the 1996 single from The Beatles, " Real Love ", featured in the Beatles Anthology.
* Every Extend Extra Extreme a video game from Q Entertainment
Low overhead and no video or promotional cost partnered with very little distribution costs allow for hearty royalties " Every six months I send those guys royalty checks ," Werckman says.
TDK published a video game, Wendy: Every Witch Way, for the Game Boy Color in 2001.
The tour started on the top floor and worked downwards, featuring approximately 1, 000 Coca-Cola artifacts presented in chronological order, interactive exhibits such as a replica 1930s soda fountain, video presentations of Coca-Cola advertising over the years, and a 10-minute film called " Every Day of Your Life " about Coke around the world.
* Every December, an episode is aired where the hosts rate the current major video game consoles, and the PC, on the titles released that year for that platform.
Every video that was voted onto the countdown 65 times would be retired and placed into the " 106 & Park Video Hall of Fame ".

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