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Every and department
Every party committee and party organizational department, from the all-union level in Moscow to the district and city levels, prepared two lists according to their needs.
Every area has a department that teaches classes over the summer.
Every career member of the department is minimally licensed as an emergency medical technician, while several also hold Paramedic certification.
Every district is 100 % volunteer and are on call around the clock, with dispatching for all fire districts provided by the township police department.
Every year in the month of August, the town celebrates Ames Day, both to commemorate the founding of the town and to raise funds for the town's volunteer fire department.
Every June the volunteer fire department hosts the Paden Firemans Picnic, or known by the residents as Paden Day.
Every Township board and department has at least one member of Committee as a liaison.
Every year the department plans a 5K run to coincide with the annual Buford Pusser Memorial Festival.
Every department has its own intra-college and inter-college technical symposium.
Every weekends, lots of people are fond of going around these department stores, because their location is usually easy to visit.
Every company has their own research and develop department.
Every year the Bear Creek Sportsman holds an event on Labor Day weekend, which raises over $ 300, 000 for the fire department and new health clinic.
Every government department is subjected to questions in the House of Commons and the House of Lords.
Every faculty, school and department has its own administrative body, the members of which are democratically elected on the basis of collective processes.
Every student who wants to receive free medical care must possess his personal health insurance booklet which is issued and renewed every year by the secretary of the department he / she studies in.
Every department of the university has a corresponding Student Union and all students belonging to the department have the right to register as members.
Every College and School has a student council of its own, composed by a President, a Board of Directors, the College or School's Student Senator ( and, if available for the College / School, an alternate senator ), Representatives to the General Student Council ( numbers vary from 1 up to 5, depending on the School or college's student population ), and representatives of each department or subdivision present in the School or College.
Every year the department admits students for it M. A / MSc., M. Phil and Ph. D courses.
Every department has a society like ECES, EEL, ACE, CES etc.
The studio's publicity department was relentless in promoting the film, advertising it with lines like: " The Picture Every Christian Ought to See!
Every student has to be affiliated with his or her department association and the General Students Association.
Every profile also captures some non-crime statistics: the amount of overtime generated by members of the command, the number of department vehicle accidents, absence rates due to sick time and line-of-duty injuries, and the number of civilian complaints lodged against members of the unit.

Every and university
Every week of the Michaelmas and Lent terms, and twice in Easter term, Churchill is host to Pav, a music event unusual for Cambridge events in that it is free and open to all university members.
Every day 1. 3 million km are cycled in the city, with 36 % of all citizens commuting to work, school or university by bicycle.
Every university programme has its name tagged after the " diplomirani " or " magister " title.
Every semester, Penn Masala tours at a few university campuses.
Every year the university sports compete for ' The Varsity Cup ' in the inter-university derby, Liverpool John Moores University Vs. University of Liverpool.
Every summer, many top-grade university students and high-school students participate in numerous science projects organized by Deep River Science Academy in cooperation with many of the knowledge-economy enterprises of the area.
Every university has a student union ( In Danish, Studenterråd ).
Also, the president of the Cardinal Newman Society Patrick J. Reilly said,Every year, more Catholic college and university leaders are coming to their senses about this vile play.
Every university was supposed to have its own competition.
Every semester, the student union organises a " 24 hour lecture ", in which many researchers of the university present interesting topics in short lectures starting at 6 pm on a Friday, and ending at 6 pm on the following Saturday.
Every year, experts and young teachers from the university are sent to visit universities abroad.
Every year on the first Monday in October, the opening of the Supreme Court's session, Student Action Campaign unites student activists on college, university, and law school campuses nationwide to fight for social justice.
Every year, an international students ' exchange involves about 500 students of the Warsaw School of Economics and the university hosts over 300 students from foreign universities.
Every year during O-Week, BUSU takes part in Shinerama, which is a national campaign held on over 60 university & college campuses.
Every year around November, this university hosts its St. Paul's festival.
Every university in North Korea has to receive certain percentage ( twenty to thirty ) of discharged soldiers ( served longer than three years ) or workers ( employed longer than five years ).
( Translation " Every university certainly is plagued with a thorn in the flesh, but the faculty here, when Glück dies, will have nothing but thorns.
Every year the university festival, called " VERA Festival ," is held on campus in November.
Every year over 8, 000 national and international graduate and postgraduate students choose the university for study.
Every library is composed of various sections located in the different facilities of the university.
Every year, a selection panel is set up in each university to shortlist potential candidates, based on academic results and performance, plus active participation in extracurricular activities.
Every year since then, the university has hosted local, national, and international leaders and activists to share their stories with Salem residents and the surrounding North Shore community.

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