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Every and party
Disraeli wrote a personal letter to Gladstone, asking him to place the good of the party above personal animosity: " Every man performs his office, and there is a Power, greater than ourselves, that disposes of all this ..." In responding to Disraeli Gladstone denied that personal feelings played any role in his decision then and previously to accept office, while acknowledging that there were differences between him and Derby " broader than you may have supposed.
Every corporation, whether financial or union, as well as every division of the administration, were set up as branches of the party, the CEOs, Union leaders, and division directors being sworn-in as section presidents of the party.
Every aspect of life was regulated to some degree by the party, and the will of its founding-president, Mobutu Sese Seko.
Every year, the family has a harvest party to continue the tradition.
Every citation he found described an encounter between males where one party, the master, physically abused another, the slave.
Every president to date has let his or her party membership rest dormant during his term of office.
Every New Year's Eve, when the two-digit year designation in the Match Game sign was updated, there was a New Year's party with the cast and studio audience.
Every two years all eight districts of one of those groups elect all their three senators, assigning two of them from the party that obtains the majority, and one from the first minority party.
Every county has a minimum of 1 electoral district, thereby guaranteed at least one seat in the legislature, while half of the proportionally represented seats drawn from party lists must be women.
Every year in August there is a three day festival in Kortenaken, named Boerenrock, with electro music on Friday, rock music and a party on Saturday, and on Sunday music for children and their parents.
Every officer in the British advance party died in the first exchange, and the advance guard retreated.
Every major political party appoints a whip who is responsible for the party's discipline and behaviour on the floor of the house.
Every four years, the school sponsors the Washington and Lee Mock Convention for whichever political party ( Democratic or Republican ) does not hold the Presidency.
Every major political party appoints a whip who is responsible for the party's discipline and behaviour on the floor of the house.
Every political party with more than 8 seats in the 71 ‑ member parliament must be offered a proportionate number of cabinet posts.
* Every Fiji citizen is guaranteed the right to form or join a political party, to participate in electoral campaigns, and to vote and hold political office.
Every now and then, a house party, grab the mic, a block party, grab the mic.
Every time a party comes to power in the general elections, all the law officers resign and law officers loyal to the new party are appointed.
Every July the district has a street party called " GaYbor Days.

Every and committee
Every member of the community was subject to criticism by committee or the community as a whole, during a general meeting.
Every province has a Communist Party of China provincial committee, headed by a secretary beside the two special administrative regions.
Every report produced by IOM committees undergoes extensive review and evaluation by a group of external experts who are anonymous to the committee, and whose names are revealed only once the study is published.
Every body corporate has a committee.
Every August the Plouézec-Ballinamore twinning committee organises Noz Ar Vilin Fest Noz around the windmill.
Every temporary owner of the painting was presented, along with their biographical data, including that of the Chairman of the committee, the German banker Hermann J Abs, who had played a key role in the economic design and stabilization of Nazism.
Every community has a community committee, neighborhood committee or residents ' committee () and every committee administers the dwellers living in that community.
* County Party: Every two years, between the primary election and 2 weeks after the general election, all the precinct committee people-the county party " central Committee "-hold a meeting and elect officers for the county party, a chair, vice chair, secretary and treasurer.
Every 5 years, the Departments charter a committee of 13 nutrition experts to review the peer-reviewed, published science on diet and health and develop a report of its recommendations for the next edition of the Guidelines.
Every year, based on the national and international football calendar, FRF's executive committee may choose a two-leg or one-leg system for the Round of 16, quarterfinals and semifinals.
Every one who has five votes shall be declared a member of the committee ; if there are more than five votes given to any one person, the surplus votes, ( to be selected by lot ) shall be returned to the electors whose names they bear, for the purpose of making other nominations, and this process shall be repeated till no surplus votes remain, when all the inefficient votes shall be returned to the respective electors, and the same routine shall be gone through a second time, and also a third time if necessary ; when if a number is elected, equal in all to one half of the number of which the committee shoud consist, they shall be a committee ; and if at the close of the meeing the number is not filled up, by unanimous votes of five for each member of the committee, given by those persons whose votes were returned to them at the end of the third election, then this committee shall have the power, and shall be required, to choose persons to fill up their number ; and the constituents of each member so elected shall, if necessary, be determined by lot.
Every Saturday the entertainment committee, consisting of Form 2's and 3's and the entertainment department, consisting of about 5 prefects, organizes and prepares the Saturday Movies plus the Saturday Evening Paper ( SEP ).
Every student is part of a " committee " that meets twice weekly to aid in the keeping of the school, and the school meets in an All School Meeting every week to vote on issues facing the school.

Every and department
Every area has a department that teaches classes over the summer.
Every career member of the department is minimally licensed as an emergency medical technician, while several also hold Paramedic certification.
Every district is 100 % volunteer and are on call around the clock, with dispatching for all fire districts provided by the township police department.
Every year in the month of August, the town celebrates Ames Day, both to commemorate the founding of the town and to raise funds for the town's volunteer fire department.
Every June the volunteer fire department hosts the Paden Firemans Picnic, or known by the residents as Paden Day.
Every Township board and department has at least one member of Committee as a liaison.
Every year the department plans a 5K run to coincide with the annual Buford Pusser Memorial Festival.
Every department has its own intra-college and inter-college technical symposium.
Every weekends, lots of people are fond of going around these department stores, because their location is usually easy to visit.
Every company has their own research and develop department.
Every year the Bear Creek Sportsman holds an event on Labor Day weekend, which raises over $ 300, 000 for the fire department and new health clinic.
Every government department is subjected to questions in the House of Commons and the House of Lords.
Every faculty, school and department has its own administrative body, the members of which are democratically elected on the basis of collective processes.
Every department of the university has its own departmental library, where students can find books, periodicals and information concerning the specific subjects their department deals with.
Every student who wants to receive free medical care must possess his personal health insurance booklet which is issued and renewed every year by the secretary of the department he / she studies in.
Every department of the university has a corresponding Student Union and all students belonging to the department have the right to register as members.
Every College and School has a student council of its own, composed by a President, a Board of Directors, the College or School's Student Senator ( and, if available for the College / School, an alternate senator ), Representatives to the General Student Council ( numbers vary from 1 up to 5, depending on the School or college's student population ), and representatives of each department or subdivision present in the School or College.
Every year the department admits students for it M. A / MSc., M. Phil and Ph. D courses.
Every department has a society like ECES, EEL, ACE, CES etc.
The studio's publicity department was relentless in promoting the film, advertising it with lines like: " The Picture Every Christian Ought to See!
Every student has to be affiliated with his or her department association and the General Students Association.
Every profile also captures some non-crime statistics: the amount of overtime generated by members of the command, the number of department vehicle accidents, absence rates due to sick time and line-of-duty injuries, and the number of civilian complaints lodged against members of the unit.

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