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Every and emergency
* Every collecting institution must develop an emergency plan to protect its collections and train staff to carry it out.
Every career member of the department is minimally licensed as an emergency medical technician, while several also hold Paramedic certification.
Every Ontario resident with his or her primary and permanent home in Ontario is entitled to access emergency and preventive medical care ( although Bariatric surgery in many cases is not covered ) under OHIP free of charge.
Every territorial force has a specialist Firearms Unit, which maintains Armed Response Vehicles to respond to firearms related emergency calls, while one territorial force ( the Police Service of Northern Ireland ) and two of the special police forces, ( the Civil Nuclear Constabulary and the Ministry of Defence Police ) are routinely armed.
During a tour with Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Poison the Well, and Every Time I Die, Gillespie went through emergency surgery on an infection in his hand.
Every person that calls NHS Direct feeling unwell is assessed to establish the severity of their symptoms, so as to re-route any urgent or life-threatening situations to the emergency services as quickly as possible.
Every state has different reqirements to staff an ambulance or emergency physicians vehicle ( Notarzt-Einsatz-Fahrzeug, NEF ). To phase out short courses
Every dollar received in response to emergency appeals is spent on direct relief.
Every request for the President to declare an emergency must come from the Governor of the State.

Every and room
Every Hall has its own Mess, Canteen, Basketball Court, Badminton Court, TT tables, Reading room ( for newspapers, magazines etc.
Every room has the following: air conditioning-telephone-radio-Beauty Rest box springs and mattresses-private baths.
Every available space of sitting and standing room was crowded ”.
Every time I come back after being away from home for a night she won't let me be in the same room with her if she can help it.
Every week, Newkirk holds what The New Yorker calls a war council, with two dozen of her top strategists gathered round a square table in the PETA conference room, no suggestion considered too outrageous.
Every dorm room had two large lighted closets to give roommates privacy during their devotions ".
Every day, having hardly finished working in the surgery room, Favaloro would spend hours and hours reviewing coronary angiograms and studying coronary arteries and their relation with the cardiac muscle.
:" Every day we squeezed into our respective cubby holes with just enough room for a piano, a bench, and maybe a chair for the lyricist if you were lucky.
Every hour or so, a 10 – 20 minute ' word war ' is held in which the entire room falls almost completely silent with concentration, save for the sound of keystrokes.
Every room of this part of the castle could be heated ; in contrast, other castles might only have one or two heated rooms.
Every room, cottage and suite on the island is said to be different, but are all luxurious and retaining the ambiance of the historic village with preserving the original walls and using traditional doors and windows.
Every room in the College has a code for the convenience of students.
Every other residence hall must be selected during room selection in the spring.
Every departmental library has a reading room whose opening hours are determined according to the needs of the department's students and staff.
Every day at 10. 30 and 15. 00 local time, five representatives of investment banks meet in a small room at Rothschild's London headquarters on St Swithin's Lane.
Every musician in L. A. wanted to participate, but soon Lennon's drinking and Spector's erratic behavior ( which included his firing a gun in the studio control room ) caused the sessions to break down.
Every standard houseboat provides a balcony in the front, a lounge, dining room, pantry and 3 or more bedrooms with attached bathrooms.
Every time she enters the room to notify Melvin or give him some important information, she turns it into an audition, promoting herself all the time to play a part in his movie.
Every possible exit was blocked and with so many guardsmen, there would be little room for a riot to break loose.
Every student would have his or her own room and there would be a kitchen that would be shared by the four other students in the apartment.
Every day at 1030 and 1500 local time, five representatives of the banks meet in a small room at Rothschild's London headquarters on St Swithin's Lane.
Every hostel is equipped with a mess for dining, common room for the borders and rooms for recreational activities.
Every hostel has its own library, reading room, gym, Internet Surfing and entertainment rooms.
Every room of the house is a bed room-cum-store.
Every faculty / student office room is fully equipped with scientific software and computer stations.

Every and New
*" Every Street's a Boulevard in Old New York "
Starting in 1911, Sanger wrote a series of articles about sexual education entitled " What Every Mother Should Know " and " What Every Girl Should Know " for the socialist magazine New York Call.
Also among the early 32 members were syndicated panel cartoonists Dave Breger ( Mister Breger ), George Clark ( The Neighbors ), Bob Dunn ( Just the Type ) and Jimmy Hatlo ( They'll Do It Every Time ); freelance magazine cartoonists Abner Dean and Mischa Richter, editorial cartoonists Rube Goldberg ( New York Sun ), Burris Jenkins ( New York Journal American ), C. D. Batchelor ( Daily News ) and Richard Q. Yardley ( The Baltimore Sun ); sports cartoonist Lou Hanlon ; illustrator Russell Patterson and comic book artists Joe Shuster and Joe Musial.
A February 2, 1893 article in the New York Sun stated that, " Every groan from the fiend, every contortion of his body was cheered by the thickly packed crowd.
* Screenplays: Aguirre, The Wrath of God, Every Man For Himself and God Against All & Land of Silence and Darkness ( translated by Alan Greenberg & Martje Herzog ; Tanam, New York, ISBN 0-934378-03-7 )
Belkis Lora, a relative of a passenger on the crashed flight, said " Every Dominican in New York has either taken that flight or knows someone who has.
Every time, there will be many famous singers who perform on the stage that is set up for the New Year Celebration.
Every New Year's Eve, when the two-digit year designation in the Match Game sign was updated, there was a New Year's party with the cast and studio audience.
Every Saturday night, from 1995 to 2000, he would host a pair of horror films ( such as Friday the 13th Part 2 and Wes Craven's New Nightmare ) provide a running commentary, trivia, off-color jokes and a drive-in total.
Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday a liner from one of the three firms departed Liverpool with the mail for New York.
Every October, the downtown area of New Albany is host to the Harvest Homecoming festival, one of the largest annual events in the state.
Every July on the Saturday nearest the anniversary of his crash ( second Saturday in July ) at 1: 00 p. m. he is honored at the monument site by local residents and representatives from the Mexican consulates in New York City and Philadelphia.
Every year New York Mills holds its annual Bell Fest.
Every year, the parade steps off from St Joseph the Worker Church, and proceeds two miles ( 3 km ) on New Falls Road to Conwell-Egan Catholic High School.
Every leap year Anthony, Texas and Anthony, New Mexico celebrate with an officially sponsored leap year birthday parade and festival.
Every year VMI cadets commemorate the 85-mile march from Lexington to New Market done by the cadets in 1864 which ended in their victorious charge at the Battle of New Market.
Every two weeks, the prisoners receive a special meal of pork broth soup and white-flour steamed buns .” Important Chinese holidays such as New Year ’ s, National Day, and the Spring Festival are celebrated with meat dumplings, a special treat in an otherwise meatless diet.
Shot in only twenty days in New York City, both Norwood and Ross served as executive producers of the movie which features original songs from their respective albums Never Say Never ( 1998 ) and Every Day Is a New Day ( 1999 ) as well as previously unreleased duets.
*" Need Me " / " Every Night A New Surprise " ( 1968 )

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