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Some Related Sentences

Every and sentence
Every sentence is a riot.
Every sentence must contain formal words to designate what Husserl calls " formal categories ".
Every open sentence must have ( usually implicitly ) a universe of discourse describing which numbers are under consideration as solutions.
* ( Soundness ) Every provable second-order sentence is universally valid, i. e., true in all domains under standard semantics.
" Every sentence that they write -- every word that they speak -- every resistance that they make, against foreign oppression, is a call upon their slaves to destroy them ," Garrison wrote.
Chekhov wrote The Cherry Orchard during the course of several years, alternating between periods of lighthearted giddiness and despondent frustration which he considered as bordering upon sloth ( in a letter he wrote, " Every sentence I write strikes me as good for nothing.
Every sentence man uses with I, refers to the two pairs: I-Thou and I-It.
Every death sentence involves first an eligibility determination and then a selection of an eligible defendant for the death penalty.
Every sentence has two meanings – one in the novel and one that tells something about Communism.
Every sentence Zansu says ends in " Zansu ".
* Complete: Every sentence or its negation is a theorem provable from the axioms ;
Every other sentence and punishment is non-custodial, such as fines, judicial beatings, various mandatory but ' open ' therapy and courses, restriction orders, loss or suspension of civil rights, or even suspended sentences.
Every male and female convict sentenced to transportation in Great Britain is sent to Millbank previous to the sentence being executed.

Every and typically
Every monad arises from some adjunction — in fact, typically from many adjunctions — in the above fashion.
Every battalion will also include some sort of combat service support, typically organized within a combat support company.
Every inchoate crime or offence must have the mens rea of intent or of recklessness, but most typically intent.
Every unit typically gets its own mailbox with individual keys to it.
Every monad arises from some adjunction, in fact typically from many adjunctions.
Every series starts with 32 contestants, who are typically wittled down to 16, 8 and then 4 for the grand final.
Every year, people flock to the annual Portuguese Festival, known as Portugal Day, " Dia de Portugal " ( typically held the first or second weekend in June ), an enormous celebration of Portuguese culture which attracts nearly half a million people, and within the past few years reaching even higher.
Every state has different laws and traditions, but buyers typically make a written offer that, when accepted ( signed ) by the seller, is in most localities binding on the seller.
Every contrada has its own museum, fountain and baptismal font, motto, allied contrada ( only Oca has no allies ) and adversary contrada, typically a neighbor ( only four, Bruco, Drago, Giraffa and Selva, have no declared adversaries ).

Every and ends
Every stanza ends with a reference to Canada as the land " where colored men are free ".
Every Saturday morning it hosts a large outdoor market or " mercadillo ", where many gypsies come and sell their wares of fruits and vegetables, clothes and shoes, and other odds and ends.
Every domain name ends in a top-level or first-level domain label.
Every angle he thinks of ends in a stone wall.
Every natural hollow is full of water, around the margin of which, long grasses, reeds and other aquatic plants grow in the greatest profusion, often making it difficult to say where the land ends and the water begins.
Every concert that is the last of the day ends with a mangalam, a thankful prayer and conclusion to the musical event.
Every year on Boxing Day ( 26 December ) Grantchester holds an inter-village barrel race which is around 40 minutes long and ends with a hog roast at the Rupert Brooke pub, named after the poet.
Every cell in the taste bud forms microvilli at the ends.
Every great Culture begins with a religious trend that arises in the countryside, is carried through to the cultural cities, and ends in materialism in the world-cities.
Every five years the ends of the aqueduct are closed and a plug in one of the highest spans is opened to drain the canal water into the River Dee below, for inspection and maintenance of the trough.
Every Earthbound possesses their own unique goals, but most involve the enslavement of humanity so that their potential can be harnessed to achieve the ends of that individual Earthbound.
Every class in a Iwama style dojo begins with tai-no-henko and morotedori kokyuu-ho and ends with kokyuu-dosa.
Every episode ends with McLean's signature signoff, " I'm Stuart McLean, so long for now " and followed by the show's folksy guitar theme song, " Happy Meeting In Glory " ( as performed by Ry Cooder ).
Every year the fight ends in a draw, and as the masters are getting old, they decide the best course of action is to each take on a student to determine who is the better teacher.
Every year the town celebrates Navaratri Festival by having a 10 day Festival at the Dhavir Temple which ends on the 10th day-" Dasra " during Navaratri.
Every year the main pilgrimage season begins in late May / early June and ends mid-August, on the 15th, the feast of the Assumption of Mary.
The front page offers " Every description of Agricultural Machinery supplied at Manufacturer's Prices " and ends with " Castings to order ", " Machinery and Steam Engines repaired ".
Every person who takes possession of the Z ends up spinning out of control and crashing, as if the car is rebelling against its driver.
Every Motu syllable ends in a vowel sound-this may be preceded by a single consonant ( there are no " consonant clusters ").
Every session ends with a " debrief ", which is a brief period where the group discusses the session's activities and tries to learn from them.
Every time Young comes to the plate, Alex closes his eyes and wishes hard, and Young ends up hitting a home run.

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