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Every and time
Every time I closed my eyes, I saw Gray Eyes rushing at me with a knife.
Every recorded request by Thomas for a delay in a flank movement or an advance was to gain time to take care of his horses.
Every man who dabbles in the market to make a little easy money on the side and suffers losses could at the time hardly face his wife who was wondering how her husband could be so dumb.
Every time he moved or said something, the chair creaked again.
Every time you transplant a pansy you cause its flowers to become smaller.
Every year about this time National Gargle Your Cooling System week rolls around.
Every time a speech sound is produced for a given phoneme, it will be slightly different from other utterances, even for the same speaker.
Every decision made by German or opposing forces required time to gather information, make a decision, disseminate orders to subordinates, and then implement this decision through action.
Every time you have a Prime Minister who wants to make all the decisions, it mainly leads to bad results.
Every time a diode switches from on to off or vice versa, the configuration of the linear network changes.
Every time the boy had an injury which caused him internal or external bleeding, the Tsarina called on Rasputin, and the Tsarevich subsequently got better.
Every convict detained in a TBS-clinic may get temporary leave, after serving a certain time or after some progress in treatment.
Every time he gets up now I keep thinking, ' What on earth is Councillor Major doing?
Every time a stopper stops the raider from going back to his starting point, that stoppers team gets 1 point.
Every time the dogs were served food, the person who served the food was wearing a lab coat.
Every time an MTA receives an email message, it adds a < tt > Received </ tt > trace header field to the top of the header of the message, thereby building a sequential record of MTAs handling the message.
Every time we repeat a measurement with a sensitive instrument, we obtain slightly different results.
Approaching Smith one day during spring training, Herzog said, " Every time you hit a fly ball, you owe me a buck.
Every time you hit a ground ball, I owe you a buck.
Every dog has a stitch in time ..."
Every time the photograph bends, even a little, this can break down the emulsion.
# Every possible answer takes the same amount of time to check, and
Every time a customer finishes paying for their items ( or a person steps off the escalator, or the machine part is removed from the assembly line, etc.
Every time another object or customer enters the line to wait, they join the end of the line and represent the “ enqueue ” function.
: Every religion is valid and true for the time and cultural context in which it was born.

Every and variable
Every variable X < sub > i </ sub > in the sequence is associated with a Bernoulli trial or experiment.
Every cumulant is just μ times the corresponding cumulant of the constant random variable X = 1.
Every species has large ( sometimes tusk-like ) teeth of variable size, shape, and position.
Every variable load or constant requires its own separate Load instruction, instead of being bundled within the instruction which uses that value.
Every variable may hold each type of data without any type declarations.
Every time the loop is about to process another item from the list, the function grabs the current continuation, and assigns it to the variable ' control-state '.
* Every variable is assumed to have a definition in the context or scope.
When a variable, v, is on the LHS of an assignment statement, such as s ( j ), then s ( j ) is a definition of v. Every variable ( v ) has at least one definition by its declaration ( V ) ( or initialization ).
* Every propositional variable is a formula.
There are also two pairs of shorter sympathetic strings that run under the bass and over two small copper bridges about midway on the upper side of the fingerboard: their tuning is variable according to the piece to be played and with the performer's tastes: Every String has its own tuning peg and are tuned independently
Every second-order linear ODE on the extended complex plane with at most four regular singular points, such as the Lamé equation or the hypergeometric differential equation, can be transformed into this equation by a change of variable.
Every year, on a variable day in the spring or summer, a narrow land pass ( about 2. 9 km long and up to 40 meters wide ) opens for about an hour between the main Jindo Island and small Modo island as a result of tidal activity.
Every complex number has both a real part and an imaginary part, so one complex variable is two-dimensional and a pair of complex variables is four-dimensional.
Every resident of the slum pays a variable sum of money to the organization, in exchange for protection against theft and property damage.

Every and grade
# Every port of entry must have a Port Director, which is a higher pay grade than a typical border inspector.
Every year, a dozen or so post-graduate students – students who have graduated from another high school but take an extra year before college – matriculate into the 12th grade.
Every grade has different problems.
Every grade still has different problems.
Every grade has different problems.
Every student from grade 5 upwards was equipped with an Apple MacBook Pro and younger students learn using a wide range of software using ' off the cart ' MacBook Pro, iPod Touch, and iPad.
Every year, graduating grade 6 or grade 7 students take Quezon City Science High School's entrance tests.
Every 1 Reads is a community-wide literacy program that was started in the fall of 2003 as a partnership between Greater Louisville, Inc., the Louisville Metro government, and the Jefferson County Public Schools ( JCPS ) in an effort to get every student reading at grade level by the fall of 2008.
In September 2007, the Bluegrass Institute for Public Policy Solutions ( BIPPS ) published an article which documented that the scoring system used by the school district's Every 1 Reads program conveys that children who cannot read " at grade level " are instead doing so.
As of fall 2007, Every 1 Reads reports that 87. 1 % of all JCPS students are " reading at grade level ," while the state system reports ( at the end of the 2005-2006 school year ) only 54. 25 % are at least proficient at reading.
Every year, at every grade level tested, and in every subject area, DoDEA students score above the national average.
Every high school is expected to practice wrestling at two levels: varsity and junior varsity, although wrestling at the freshmen ( ninth grade ) level is becoming more widespread.
Every year following, they added another grade until a 12th grade was added.
Every NECAP test question is aligned to a specific grade expectation.

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