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Every and year
Every year about this time National Gargle Your Cooling System week rolls around.
Every year, on the last Sunday in April, there is an ice fishing competition in the frozen estuarine waters of the Anadyr River's mouth.
Every year, nearly half a million new cases of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis ( MDR-TB ) are estimated to occur worldwide.
Every year both clubs play the " Klassieker " (" The Classic "), a derby match between the teams from the two largest cities of the Netherlands.
Every year since 1972 the BVI has hosted the Spring Regatta, which is a seven-day collection of sailing races throughout the islands.
Every year there has been a major reduction in economic growth, it is followed by a reduction in the US trade deficit.
Every year, the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software ( ETAPS ) sponsors the International Conference on Compiler Construction ( CC ), with papers from both the academic and industrial sectors.
Every year in the first days of June, the Days of Chojnów ( Dni Chojnowa ) are celebrated.
Every year the NCA hosts the NCA High School Cheerleading Nationals and the NCA All-Star Cheerleading Nationals in Dallas, Texas.
Every year many teams from all over Asia converge in Tokyo to compete.
Every year the ICU host the ICU World Championship.
Every year, starting in 2006, the NLCC hosts The Us Finals: The Final Destination of Cheerleading and Dance.
Every year, Esperanto speakers meet for the World Congress of Esperanto ( Universala Kongreso de Esperanto ).
Every year, hundreds of new titles are published in Esperanto along with music.
Every year, the family has a harvest party to continue the tradition.
Every year the ten-day-long " Ghent Festival " ( Gentse Feesten in Dutch ) is held.
Every year the Six Days of Flanders, a six-day track cycling race, is held in Ghent.
Every year Hanover hosts the Schützenfest Hannover, the world's largest marksmen's festival, and the Oktoberfest Hannover, the second largest Oktoberfest in the world.
Every year the International Labour Conference's Committee on the Application of Standards examines a number of alleged breaches of international labour standards.
Every year from 1985 through 1993, the number of attendees tripled.
Every year sidecar racers travel from all over the UK to Knockhill in Scotland to race in the prestigious ' Jock Taylor Memorial Trophy ' race.
Every year, the International Documentary Festival in Amsterdam ( IDFA ) gives an acclaimed filmmaker the chance to screen his or her personal Top 10 favorite films.
Every year on the day of Vijayadashmi i. e. Dasehara, followers of Ambedkar visit deekshabhoomi.
Every year ( or every nine years in some sources ) he made King Aegeus pick seven young boys and seven young girls to be sent to Daedalus ' creation, the labyrinth, to be eaten by the Minotaur.
Every year they visited Elephantine, and at certain intervals took the image of Isis up river to the land of the Blemmyes for oracular purposes.

Every and approximately
Every year, approximately 10, 000 people enjoy the good food, rides, and entertainment throughout the weekend.
Every year GERD affects approximately 4. 5 per 1000 persons in the United Kingdom and 5. 4 per 1000 persons in the United States.
Every year approximately one billion are sold.
Every district in Mae Hong Son Province shares a common border with the Union of Burma approximately 483 kilometres in total length.
Every Wednesday and Friday morning at 10: 30 a bus runs from the Dinton Hermit crossroads into Aylesbury, returning at approximately 13: 30.
Every year Plum Creek replants approximately 85 million seedlings and plans for the natural regeneration of millions of trees.
Every day at 1330 hrs, there is a Change of Guards outside the Palace, and the ceremony itself, which consists of two parts, lasts for approximately 40 minutes.
Every day it caters for approximately 12. 000 students.
Every Thursday prime-time, each episode runs approximately over 27 – 28 minutes.
Every second, approximately of water flows into the bay.
Every year, the Plansee Group invests approximately ten percent of its sales revenue in developing new products as well as in new processes and technologies.
Every step of the k-loop takes one matrix-vector product and approximately 4mk floating point operations.
Every year approximately 15, 000 Greater Flamingos are reported to visit the lake along with pelicans, kingfishers, herons, painted storks, spoonbills and ducks.
Every second, approximately 6, 000 planar cross-sections of a 3D volume are projected onto a spinning diffuser in the Perspecta volumetric 3D display ( made by the former Actuality Systems, Inc .).
Every weekday all Walden School students spend approximately one hour in choral rehearsals.
Every year, Pantheon-Assas enrolls approximately 8, 000 undergraduate students, 9, 000 postgraduate students and 3, 000 foreign students on visit.
Every year, each drum corps prepares a single new show, approximately 8 – 15 minutes in length, and carefully refines this throughout the entire summer year.
The tour started on the top floor and worked downwards, featuring approximately 1, 000 Coca-Cola artifacts presented in chronological order, interactive exhibits such as a replica 1930s soda fountain, video presentations of Coca-Cola advertising over the years, and a 10-minute film called " Every Day of Your Life " about Coke around the world.
In its original broadcast, " Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish " finished nineteenth in the ratings for the week of October 29 – November 4, 1990, with a Nielsen rating of 15. 8, equivalent to approximately 14. 7 million viewing households.
Every chain has a relative molecular mass of approximately 80000.
Every year approximately 290 candidates are prepared and sent up for the ICSE examinations, the highest of any Mumbai school.
Every year, Kennecott produces approximately 300, 000 tons of copper, along with 500, 000 ounces of gold, 4 million ounces of silver, about 30 million pounds of molybdenum, and about 1 million tons of sulfuric acid, a by-product of the smelting process.
Every seven years, Clans from the immediate area meet in a Clan Gathering ; the only one Auel has depicted consisted of approximately 250 people.

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