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Following and at
Following Day was Woodbury who spoke of his disapproval of Brown's attempt at servile insurrection, his admiration of Brown's character, and his opposition to slavery.
Following a talk by Mr. Clark at the New York State Natural Food Associates Convention, a man from the audience offered to ship his unsprayed apples to the school from Vermont.
Following his education at Balliol, Huxley was financially indebted to his father and had to earn a living.
Following each individual brick should be a layer of adobe mortar, recommended to be at least an inch thick to make certain there is ample strength between the brick ’ s edges and also to provide a relative moisture barrier during the seasons where the arid climate does produce rain.
Following their victory at Phillipi, the Triumvirate divided the Roman Republic between themselves and ruled as military dictators.
Following up the Rhine one comes to a town, Mattiacum, which must be at the border of the Roman Germany ( vicinity of Wiesbaden ).
Following the nomination of Maximinus as emperor, Alexander was assassinated ( on either 18 or 19 March 235 ), together with his mother, in a mutiny of the Legio XXII Primigenia at Moguntiacum.
Following months to years of photo-degradation and oxidation in the ocean, this precursor gradually hardens, developing a dark gray or black color, a crusty and waxy texture, and a peculiar odor that is at once sweet, earthy, marine, and animalic.
Following the defeat of Union forces at Bull Run, he personally supervised the transportation of the defeated forces.
Following transposition and docking, the crew noticed the exterior surface of the Lunar Module was giving off particles from a spot where the LM's skin appeared torn or shredded ; at one point, Charlie Duke estimated they were seeing about five to ten particles per second.
Following their stop at Buster, Young did a demonstration drive of the lunar rover while Duke filmed with a 16 mm movie camera.
Following this, the widespread adoption of ailerons versus wing warping made aircraft much easier to control, and only a decade later, at the start of World War I, heavier-than-air powered aircraft had become practical for reconnaissance, artillery spotting, and even attacks against ground positions.
Following graduation, he became an associate at the Niels Bohr Institute.
Following the Leipzig premiere, the opera was presented in Berlin in December 1931 at the Theater am Schiffbauerdamm conducted by Alexander von Zemlinsky with Lotte Lenya as Jenny, Trude Hesterberg as Begbick, and Harald Paulsen as Jimmy.
Following graduation, he established several experimental schools after an unsuccessful attempt to start a neo-Hassidic community in the Negev desert, and, at the age of 23, became Israel ’ s youngest school principal.
Following the performances of the Canadian, American and Argentine teams at the 2011 Rugby World Cup, some commentators have suggested the Lions conduct a shortened tour the Americas in the future.
Following graduation, Walsh coached at Washington High School in Fremont, leading the football and swim teams.
Following a performance at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa, on February 2, 1959, Holly chartered a small airplane to take him to the next stop on the tour.
Following the Christian defeat at the Siege of Edessa, the pope commissioned Bernard to preach the Second Crusade.
Following Napoleon Bonaparte's victories over the Austrian Empire in Northern Italy – helping to secure France victory in the War of the First Coalition in 1797 – Great Britain remained the only major European power still at war with the French Republic.
Following the capture of Kilkis, the Greek army's pace was not quick enough to prevent the destruction of Nigrita, Serres, and Doxato and massacres of non-combatant Greek inhabitants at Demir Hisar and Doxato by the Bulgarian army.
Following high school, he was majoring in communications and rhetorical studies at Syracuse University, before he dropped out of school.
Following the events of Bloody Sunday Bernadette Devlin, an Independent Socialist nationalist MP from Northern Ireland, expressed anger at what she perceived as government attempts to stifle accounts being reported about the day.
Following the inflationary period, the universe continued to expand, but at a slower rate.
Following the defeat of the Independent State of Croatia at the end of the war, a large number of Ustaše, and civilians supporting them ( ranging from sympathisers, young conscripts, anti-communists, and ordinary serfs who were allegedly motivated by Partisan crimes ) attempted to flee in the direction of Austria hoping to surrender to British forces and to be given refuge.

Following and least
Following this initial success, Boylston began performing inoculations throughout Boston, despite much controversy and at least one attempt upon his life.
Following the Arab Spring at least one source has described Islamism as " increasingly interdependent " with democracy in much of the Arab Muslim world, such that " neither can now survive without the other.
Following large-scale protests in 2003 — 2004, the law was amended, requiring instruction in Latvian within at least 60 % of the curriculum.
Following Iorwerth's death, Llywelyn was, at least in the eyes of the church, the legitimate claimant to the throne of Gwynedd.
Following a long dispute over whether Sydney or Melbourne should be the national capital, a compromise was reached: the new capital would be built in New South Wales, so long as it was at least from Sydney, with Melbourne to be the temporary seat of government ( but not referred to as the " capital ") while the new capital was built.
Following adult union, it is customary for the couple to remain on Vulcan for at least one Vulcan year before conducting off-world travel, though it is possible to defer this requirement until a later date, upon negotiation with the male's family.
Following the Temple's destruction at the end of the First Jewish Revolt and the displacement to the Galilee of the bulk of the remaining Jewish population in Judea at the end of the Bar Kochva Revolt, Jewish tradition in the Talmud and poems from the period records that the descendants of each priestly watch established a separate residential seat in towns and villages of the Galilee, and maintained this residential pattern for at least several centuries in anticipation of the reconstruction of the Temple and reinstitution of the cycle of priestly courses.
Following this, a report into Shipman's activities submitted in July 2002 concluded that he had killed at least 215 of his patients between 1975 and 1998, during which time he practised in Todmorden, West Yorkshire ( 1974 – 1975 ) and Hyde, Greater Manchester ( 1977 – 1998 ).
Following the reunification of Germany in 1990, Rostock lost its prior privileged position as the principal overseas port of the former GDR and became one of several German ports, now located in one of the least industrialised regions of reunited Germany.
Following the air strikes on airfields on 15 April 1961, the FAR managed to prepare for armed action at least four T-33s, four Sea Furies and five or six B-26s.
Following this, at least from the beginning of the 16th century, the newly elected pope was carried in state through St. Peter's Basilica on the sedia gestatoria, under a white canopy, with the papal flabella ( ceremonial fans ) to either side.
Following the orders that you gave to me, I crushed the children beneath the horses ' hooves, massacred the women who, those at least, will bear no more brigands.
Following the ejection of the Catholic chapter of canons in 1559, the Catholic community continued in the 1560s-1570s at least to go on nominating canons and the principal dignitaries to St Patrick ’ s.
Following the SELENE mission, scientists proposed that volcanism in Mare Moscoviense was active for at least ~ 1. 5 Ga following the formation of the Moscoviense basin, but the formation of the mare as the result of a meteorite cluster impact, rather than from volcanism, has also been proposed based on the energy required to melt the lava in Mare Moscoviense.
Following the defeat of his navy at the Salamis, Xerxes retreated to Asia with, according to Herodotus at least, the majority of the army.
Following an adjustment, the taxpayer generally is allowed ( at least by the adjusting government ) to make payments to reflect the adjusted prices.
Following the eruption of 2006, on November 30 of that year, strong rainfall which accompanied Typhoon Durian produced lahars from the volcanic ash and boulders of the last eruption killing at least 1, 266 people.
Following work done at Deep Space Nine, the class would later go into production with at least a half dozen other ships in service by 2374 and onward.
Following a judicial decision by the Ontario Divisional Court on November 7, 2005, the Ontario Registrar of Motor Vehicles was ordered to begin denying the validation or issue of US and Canadian license plates and vehicle permits for 407 ETR users who have failed to pay owed fees for at least 125 days.
Following the November 1938 pogroms against Jews in Germany called Kristallnacht in which at least 91 Jews were killed and many synagogues and Jewish shops destroyed, the WJC issued a statement: " Though the Congress deplores the fatal shooting of an official of the German Embassy in Paris by a young Polish Jew of seventeen, it is obliged to protest energetically against the violent attacks in the German press against the whole of Judaism because of this act and, especially, to protest against the reprisals taken against the German Jews after the crime.
Following this merger, the city now has a population of at least 380, 000 and the city has scheduled to become a Core City sometime in the future.
Following the attacks, federal investigators thought that the school might have trained at least one of the aircraft hijackers, but after a short investigation it was found that ERAU had no involvement in the flight training of the terrorists.
Following the completion of medical school, doctors enter the two-year Foundation Program which consists of at least six, four-month rotations in various medical specialties.

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