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Following and docking
Following the failed docking of Soyuz 15, it was decided that the Igla docking system needed significant modifications.
Following the split-up of WS-117L into SAMOS and Corona for image intelligence, and MIDAS for early warning, the Agena was later used as an upper stage, and an integrated component, for several programs, including Corona reconnaissance satellites and the Agena target vehicle used to demonstrate rendezvous and docking during Project Gemini.
Following docking, she transferred to the Mir Space Station.
Following the space suit inspection, Mission Specialist Chris Hadfield powered up the orbiter's robot arm in preparation for the next day's transfer of the docking module over to Atlantiss docking system.
Following rendezvous and docking with Mir, the transfer of a NASA Astronaut to Mir for a five month stay was accomplished to begin a continuous presence of U. S. astronauts aboard Mir for the next two year period.
Following rendezvous and docking with Mir, transfer of a NASA astronaut to Mir for a 5-month stay was accomplished to begin a continuous presence of U. S. astronauts aboard Mir for the next two year period.
Following rendezvous and docking with Mir, a NASA Astronaut transferred to Mir for a five month stay to begin a continuous presence of U. S. astronauts aboard Mir for the next two years.
Following WWII, the area remained industrial and served as docking facilities the nearby silos.

Following and crew
Following the LM inspection, the crew reviewed checklists and procedures for the following days in anticipation of their arrival and the Lunar Orbit Insertion burn.
Following this, the crew donned their spacesuits and rehearsed procedures that would be used on landing day.
Following a shipwreck of a Ryūkyūan vessel on the southeastern tip of Taiwan in winter of 1871, in which the heads of 54 crew members were taken by the aboriginal Taiwanese Paiwan people in Mutan village ( 牡丹社 ), the Japanese sought to use this incident as a pretext to have the Qing formally acknowledge Japanese sovereignty over the Ryuku islands as a Japanese prefecture and to test reactions to potential expansion into Taiwan.
Following the delays to training as Frank Borman took part in the fire investigation, the crew of what would become Apollo 8 started back.
Following a crew change, it departed Montreal as Flight 143 for the return trip to Edmonton via Ottawa, with Captain Robert ( Bob ) Pearson and First Officer Maurice Quintal at the controls.
Following the successful appeal of their suspensions, Pearson and Quintal were assigned as crew members aboard another Air Canada flight.
Following the Challenger disaster, examination of the recovered vehicle cockpit revealed that three of the crew Personal Egress Air Packs were activated: those of Onizuka, mission specialist Judith Resnik, and pilot Michael J. Smith.
Following STS-2, NASA policy held that the commander had to be an astronaut who had already flown in space, making this the last all-rookie crew of a NASA mission.
Following a deterioration in the health of Zholobov, who was making his first spaceflight, the decision was made to return the crew at the earliest available opportunity and they boarded their Soyuz on 24 August.
Following its victory, the Borg ship continues on its course to Earth, where the crew of the Enterprise-D rescue Picard and stop the cube.
Following a six month transition period during which researchers entered the facility through airlock doors and conducted research and system engineering improvements, a second closure with a crew of seven people was conducted March 1994 – September 1994.
Following a seven-year hiatus from films, Haasan returned to the industry to be a part of the technical crew of films.
Following intense advocacy by motor vehicle enthusiasts, including Harry J. Lawson of Daimler, the worst restrictions of these acts, ( the need for each vehicle to be accompanied by a crew of three, and a speed limit in towns ), was lifted by the Locomotives on Highways Act 1896.
Following the Challenger disaster, examination of the recovered vehicle cockpit revealed that three of the crew Personal Egress Air Packs were activated: those of Resnik, mission specialist Ellison Onizuka, and pilot Michael J. Smith.
Following Apollo 14, Roosa served as backup command module pilot for Apollo 16 and Apollo 17, and based on crew rotations, would probably have commanded one of the last Apollo Missions had it not been cancelled.
Following a second voyage, in 1694, he was asked to mount an expedition to search for the Ridderschap van Holland, a VOC capital ship that was lost with 325 passengers and crew on its way to Batavia in 1609.
Following an accident on 30 July 1966 in the attempted launch of a D-21 drone, two Lockheed M-21 crew members ejected at Mach 3. 25 at an altitude of The pilot was recovered successfully, however the observer drowned after a water landing.
Following the cancellation of the MOL program, he became a NASA astronaut in September 1969 and was a member of the astronaut support crew for the Skylab 2, Skylab 3, and Skylab 4 missions and for the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project mission.
Following the ( natural ) death of Carmine in 2004, Johnny's crew engaged in a bitter war over the family leadership with Carmine's son, Little Carmine.
Following the checkout, the crew fired Columbias orbital maneuvering system engines for 38 seconds, dropping one side of the Shuttle's orbit by about to the lowest orbital altitude of any Shuttle flight to date.
Following the news conference, Commander Sid Gutierrez, Pilot Kevin Chilton and Flight Engineer Rich Clifford checked the orbiter systems while the payload crew of Mission Specialists Linda Godwin, Jay Apt and Tom Jones documented activity with the payload.
Following the wave off, the crew reconfigured the orbiter systems for the added day on orbit and reactivated a portion of the Space Radar Laboratory payload in the cargo bay.
Following launch, Columbia climbed to an altitude of with an orbital inclination of 39 ° to the Earth's equator to allow the seven-member flight crew to maintain the same sleep rhythms they were accustomed to on Earth and to reduce vibrations and directional forces that could have affected on-board microgravity experiments.
Following this season, production of the Power Rangers franchise moved to New Zealand, which resulted in many crew members and all voice actors being laid off.

Following and noticed
Following its 5. 52-year cycle, the star would normally have started its next dimming in January 2009, but the pattern was noticed starting early in July 2008 by the southern Gemini Observatory near La Serena, Chile.
Following Mahalanabis, he also noticed in the syadvada ( a part of anekantavada ) in reference to the then-physiology, the position of conclusion intermediate to certainty and uncertainty.
Following the CKY success, former Big Brother editor Jeff Tremaine noticed Margera's videos and drafted him into the team which would eventually become MTV's Jackass.
Following the match, her extremely thin physique was noticed for the first time publicly, and some wondered about Hantuchová's health.
Following his first commercial job, Bruening was encouraged to study acting by Copeland and was noticed by All My Children casting director Judy Wilson.

Following and exterior
Following an idea of Grassmann's father, A1 also defined the exterior product, also called " combinatorial product " ( In German: äußeres Produkt or kombinatorisches Produkt ), the key operation of an algebra now called exterior algebra.
Following the escape, bars were placed on the windows of all buildings within the complex and interior chain link with razor wire top guard was placed between the buildings and the exterior stone walls.
Following the initial runs, the carriage was taken out of service to enable a full refinish including lining out of the exterior.
Following the LFA's release at the Tokyo Motor Show, Lexus unveiled a website with a ' LFA configurator ' which allowed users to select exterior and interior colors, brake caliper colors, seats, steering wheel leather, and other interior designs.

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