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Following and manuscript
Following the success of Jane Eyre, in 1848 Charlotte began work on the manuscript of her second novel, Shirley.
Following publication, Dickens arranged for the manuscript to be bound in red Morocco leather and presented as a gift to his solicitor, Thomas Mitton.
Following Greg, the editor would then replace any of the manuscript readings with substantives from printed editions that could be reliably attributed to the author: " Obviously, an editor cannot simply reprint the manuscript, and he must substitute for its readings any words that he believes Hawthorne changed in proof.
Following Phillips ' death, his sister Carolyn organized his final manuscript for posthumous publication as Susan Lenox: Her Fall and Rise.
Following a dispute between publishers, the original commissioners of the novel approached Philip Farmer, who " wrote a novel and sent the manuscript " that was rejected despite " stick tightly to the outline was sent to Asimov ".
Following Kudashov's death, his widow took possession of the manuscript, but she never disclosed the fact of owning it.

Following and Sir
Following Sir Leslie Stephen's English Thought in the Eighteenth Century, most commentators agree that two features constituted the core of deism:
Following his election, Sir Graham said: " I am honoured that ELDR has chosen me to lead our great party.
Following a suggestion by Sir Richard Threlfall, the United States Navy sponsored three small experimental helium plants during World War I.
Following his resignation as Prime Minister, Major briefly became Leader of the Opposition, and Shadow Foreign Secretary ( as Sir Malcolm Rifkind, who was Foreign Secretary prior to the election, had lost his seat ), and remained in this post until the election of William Hague as leader of the Conservative Party in June 1997.
Following the 1919 Nickle Resolution, however, it was against non-binding policy for the sovereign to grant such honorific titles to Canadians ; the last prime minister to be knighted was Sir Robert Borden, who was premier at the time the Nickle Resolution was debated in the House of Commons.
Following Edward's return to England, the remaining leaders of the Scots resistance chose Sir Andrew Murray as Guardian.
Following the Assize held at Oxford in 1577, later deemed the Black Assize, over 300 died from Epidemic typhus, including Sir Robert Bell Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer.
Following the Partition of India, the bulk of the archaeological finds were inherited by Pakistan where most of the IVC was based, and excavations from this time include those led by Sir Mortimer Wheeler in 1949, archaeological adviser to the Government of Pakistan.
Following the publication of Sir Walter Scott's Anne of Geierstein in 1829, however, opal acquired a less auspicious reputation.
" Following Stanton, Thomas M ' Clintock read several passages from Sir William Blackstone's laws, to expose for the audience the basis of woman's current legal condition of servitude to man.
Following their 1947 divorce he married the British ballerina and actress Diana Gould, whose mother was the pianist Evelyn Suart ( who had played with artists such as Eugène Ysaÿe and Karel Halíř ), and whose stepfather was Admiral Sir Cecil Harcourt.
Following the Dissolution of the Monasteries by Henry VIII, the ownership of Bushmead Priory became the subject of a dispute between the St. John family of Bletsoe and Sir William Gascoigne of Cardington, the latter being Cardinal Wolsey's controller of the household.
Following Jasper Tudor's attainder, Sir William Herbert, a zealous Yorkist, was raised to the peerage as Baron Herbert by Edward IV.
Following an investigation into the future of universities, the July 1997 report of the National Committee of Inquiry into Higher Education, chaired by the then Sir Ronald Dearing recommended the ending of universal free higher education, and that students should pay £ 1, 000 towards the cost of their tuition fees, which would be recovered in the form of a graduate tax.
Following the rebellion of Shane O ' Neill in 1567, Downpatrick fell briefly into Irish hands before being re-taken by Sir Richard Morrison ( Moryson ).
Following the Michael Bettaney case, Sir Philip Woodfield was appointed as a staff counsellor for the security and intelligence services.
Following the destruction by fire of the Palace of Westminster in 1834, Pugin was employed by Sir Charles Barry to supply interior designs for his entry to the architectural competition which would determine who would build the new Palace of Westminster.
Following General Sir Charles James Napier's 1843 conquest of Sindh, the satirical magazine Punch published a cartoon in which Napier dispatched to his commanders, " Peccavi ," Latin for " I have sinned " ( and a pun of " I have Sindh ").
Following the Dissolution of the Monasteries in the mid-16th century, Henry VIII of England sold it to Sir William Sharington, who converted it into a house starting in 1539, demolishing the abbey church.
Following Leland's death or ( more probably ) his descent into madness, King Edward VI arranged for Leland's library ( including many medieval manuscripts ) to be placed in the custody of Sir John Cheke.
Following a promotion to Attorney General he led the prosecution in several notable cases, including Robert Devereux, Sir Walter Raleigh and the Gunpowder Plot conspirators.
Following the death of Sir Edward Fitton, 2nd Baronet in 1643, the estate passed to Sir Charles Gerard, later the first Earl of Macclesfield.
Following Dorab ’ s death in 1932, Sir Nowroji Saklatwala became the group ’ s chair.
Following earlier work by Samuel Bentham, his first major commission was to build a series of 42 woodworking machines to produce wooden rigging blocks ( each ship required thousands ) for the Navy under Sir Marc Isambard Brunel.

Following and is
Following a guide, and gratefully so, is an excellent way to see all the important places when everything is strange and new.
Following each individual brick should be a layer of adobe mortar, recommended to be at least an inch thick to make certain there is ample strength between the brick ’ s edges and also to provide a relative moisture barrier during the seasons where the arid climate does produce rain.
Following months to years of photo-degradation and oxidation in the ocean, this precursor gradually hardens, developing a dark gray or black color, a crusty and waxy texture, and a peculiar odor that is at once sweet, earthy, marine, and animalic.
Following the destructive assault of the Saxons, the survivors gather together under the leadership of Ambrosius, who is described as ;
Following screening of antibacterials against a wide range of bacteria, production of the active compounds is carried out using fermentation, usually in strongly aerobic conditions.
* 1911 – Following the resignation and death of William P. Frye, a compromise is reached to rotate the office of President pro tempore of the United States Senate.
Following TNF-R1 and Fas activation in mammalian cells a balance between proapoptotic ( BAX, BID, BAK, or BAD ) and anti-apoptotic ( Bcl-Xl and Bcl-2 ) members of the Bcl-2 family is established.
Following the retirement of the F-14 by the US, the weapon's only current operator is Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force.
Following the trio, the second occurrence of the scherzo, unlike the first, plays through without any repetition, after which there is a brief reprise of the trio, and the movement ends with an abrupt coda.
Following reform in 2005, which was prompted by takeover scandals, the bank has lost exclusive antitrust authority in the credit sector, which is now shared with Italy's Antitrust Authority.
Following Desargues ' thinking, the sixteen-year-old Pascal produced, as a means of proof, a short treatise on what was called the " Mystic Hexagram ", Essai pour les coniques (" Essay on Conics ") and sent it — his first serious work of mathematics — to Père Mersenne in Paris ; it is known still today as Pascal's theorem.
Following this, the prophecy is made that someday this will all be changed, that God will indeed have pity on Israel.
Following a tryst with Wallace, Isabella exacts revenge on the now terminally ill Longshanks by telling him she is pregnant with Wallace's child, intent on ending Longshank's line and ruling in his son's place.
Following the direction of the shoal is a line of 13 large blue " ship " symbols, with two more large symbols and four smaller ones inside this line.
Following the retirement of Euan Kerr, Alan Digby is now Editor-in-Chief of both titles.
Following this reform, the entire Psalter is again generally recited each week, with the festal psalms restricted to only the highest-ranking feasts.
Following a protracted battle, the group is on the verge of defeat when Mu Bai arrives and outmaneuvers Fox.
Following at the Battle of Uhud in 625, it is said that after killing Hamzah ibn Abdu l-Muṭṭalib, his liver was consumed by Hind bint ‘ Utbah ( the wife of Abû Sufyan ibn Harb one of the commanders of the Qurayš army ) who later reportedly converted to Islam and became the mother of Muawiyah I founder of the Islamic Umayyad Caliphate.
Following the entry into force of a framework agreement between the EU and ESA there is a Space Council configuration-joint and concomitant meeting of the EU Council and of the ESA Council at ministerial level dealing with the implementation of the ESP adopted by both organizations.
Following the classical dynamics of Newton and Euler, the motion of a material body is produced by the action of externally applied forces which are assumed to be of two kinds: surface forces and body forces.
Following the batizado the new graduation, generally in the form of a cord, is given.
Following the examples of Vitruvius and the five books of the Regole generali d ' architettura by Sebastiano Serlio, published from 1537 onwards, Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola produced an architecture rule book that was more practical than the previous two books, which were more philosophical in nature, his Cinque ordini di erchitettura ( The Five Orders of Architecture ) from 1562 ; the book is considered " one of the most successful architectural textbooks ever written ", despite having no text apart from the notes and the introduction.
Following the real staff is a lengthy list of pun-filled fictional staffers and sponsors such as statistician Marge Innovera (" margin of error "), customer care representative Haywood Jabuzoff (" Hey, would you buzz off "), meteorologist Claudio Vernight (" cloudy overnight "), optometric firm C. F.
* Following a single or rouge, play resumes with the non-scoring team scrimmaging from its own 35-yard line, unless the single is awarded on a missed field goal, in which case the non-scoring team scrimmages from either the 35-yard line or the yard line from which the field goal was attempted, whichever is greater.

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