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For and summer
-- For a second month in a row, Multnomah County may be short of general assistance money in its budget to handle an unusually high summer month's need, the state public welfare commission was told Friday.
For it was here you started to go down the island, in summer.
For recent transfers, see List of Dutch football transfers summer 2012
For most of the first fifteen years of her life, Beatrix spent summer holidays at Dalguise, an estate on the River Tay in Perthshire, Scotland.
For the first time the blitzkrieg was defeated in summer and the opposing forces were able to mount their own, successful, counter operation.
For example, the Norwegian Mountain Touring Association maintains over 400 cabins stretching across hundreds of kilometres of trails which are used by hikers in the summer and by skiers in the winter.
For this reason Henry summoned Eleanor to Normandy in the late summer of 1183.
For the next few years, Cukor alternated between Rochester in the summer months and Broadway in the winter.
For heavy goods, freight ships visit during the summer, but since there are no harbours, the ships must anchor.
For a month or so before and after the summer dry season, hot, dry air from the desert, drawn by low pressure, produces strong winds from the south or southeast that sometimes reach gale force.
The rest of the year he charted with " The Crowd ", " Leah ", and " Workin ' For the Man ", which he wrote about working one summer in the oil fields near Wink.
For example, schools may extend the remaining school days later into the afternoon, shorten spring break, or delay the start of summer vacation.
For the summer semester Adorno planned a lecture course entitled " An Introduction to Dialectical Thinking ," as well as a seminar on the dialectics of subject and object.
For example, developing cells in the meristems contain small provacuoles and cells of the vascular cambium have many small vacuoles in the winter and one large one in the summer.
" David Rivas, the owner of the New York City travel agency Rivas Travel, said " For the Dominican to go to Santo Domingo during Christmas and summer is like the Muslims going to Mecca.
For this reason, in spring when Ceres receives her daughter back, the crops blossom, and in summer they flourish.
: I was walking on a hillside, alone, one bright summer day, when suddenly there came into my head one line of verse – one solitary line – " For the Snark was a Boojum, you see.
For example in the Northern Hemisphere beginning in late August / September of year one and continuing until May of year two, with a three to four month summer break in between years one and two.
For example, there is no three to four month summer break, and between semesters there might be seven to ten days off rather than three to five weeks vacation.
For boys, the uniforms generally include a button-up shirt and together with either short trousers ( especially for summer wear ) or long trousers, usually in grey.
For years, Colbert divided her time between her apartment in Manhattan and her summer home in Speightstown, Barbados.
For much of his life composing was necessarily a part-time activity while he earned his living as a conductor, but he devoted as much time as he could to his compositions, faithfully reserving his summer months for intense periods of creative concentration, supplemented as time permitted during his active concert seasons with the tasks of editing and orchestrating his expansive works.
Despite suffering from stage fright, he continued to work after the war, beginning his professional career in the summer of 1946 in a touring show called For the Fun of It.
For example, ETE ( été, French for " summer ") might be clued as " Summer, in the Sorbonne ".
For example, if the extreme events on record all come from late summer thunder storms ( as is the case in the southwest U. S .), or from snow pack melting ( as is the case in north-central U. S .), then this assumption should be valid.

For and proficient
A clear rock painting in Ginga Wardelirrhmeng, on the northern edge of the Arnhem Land plateau, from the freshwater period For example, Jemima Wimalu, a Mara woman from the Roper River is very proficient at playing the didgeridoo and is featured on the record Aboriginal Sound Instruments released in 1978.
For example, a calibration laboratory owned by a successful maker of microphones would have to be proficient in electronic distortion and sound pressure measurement.
For reading 63. 2 % were proficient in 2005-2006.
For reading 63. 2 % were proficient in 2005-2006.
For reading 62 % were proficient in 2005-2006.
For reading 62 % were proficient in 2005-2006.
For reading 62 % were proficient in 2005-2006.
For reading 63. 2 % were proficient in 2005-2006.
For reading 62 % were proficient in 2005-2006.
For reading 63. 2 % were proficient in 2005-2006.
For reading 63. 2 % were proficient in 2005-2006.
For instance, a French-speaking couple might have a daughter who learned French first, then English ; but if she were to grow up in an English-speaking country, she would likely be proficient in English.
For example, Albert Forster, Gauleiter of Danzig-West Prussia ( the other German-annexed section of occupied Poland ), simply declared all Poles in his area who were reasonably proficient in German to be Germans ( although he was guilty of the elimination of the Jewish population under his jurisdiction either by murder or deportation ).
For Mary Ashley has been marked for death by the world's most proficient and mysterious assassin, and plunged into a nightmare of espionage, kidnapping and terror.
For ant, the probability of moving from state to state depends on the combination of two values, viz., the attractiveness of the move, as computed by some heuristic indicating the a priori desirability of that move and the trail level of the move, indicating how proficient it has been in the past to make that particular move.
For the film's soundtrack, John Carpenter recorded a number of synthesizer pieces and assembled an all-star cast of guitarists ( including thrash metal band Anthrax, virtuoso Steve Vai, master guitarist Buckethead, and former Guns N ' Roses / current Nine Inch Nails guitarist Robin Finck ) to record an energetic and technically proficient heavy metal score.
For example, although audio technicians are not as learned in acoustics as acoustical engineers, they are more proficient in operating sound equipment, and they will likely know more about acoustics than other studio personnel such as performers.
For Grade 4, the test showed 44 percent were proficient in " English language arts " and 56 percent were in need of improvement mathematics results showed 40 percent proficient, 60 percent in need of improvement.
For people proficient at Speaking and expressing their views, a lot of events are held giving them the opportunity to compete with the best.
For seven years he works in this smithy, and at the end of this time he is so proficient at metalwork that he is able to make himself a suit of armour.

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