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Page "fiction" ¶ 335
from Brown Corpus
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Furthermore and Bern
Furthermore, the Natura 2000 network is the EU contribution to the " Emerald network " of Areas of Special Conservation Interest ( ASCIs ) set up under the Bern Convention on the conservation of European wildlife and natural habitats.
Furthermore, the people of the Bernese Oberland had formed a separate canton in the Helvetic Republic, leading the Mayor of Bern, Niklaus Friedrich von Mülinen and Interlaken's chief magistrate, Franz Ludwig Thormann ( and others ) to organize this festival in an effort to bring both sides together.

Furthermore and decrees
Furthermore, the dukes ratified the circle's decrees only with caveats that made it possible for them to withdraw at any time.

Furthermore and we
Furthermore, we find his defense of the unbalanced budget more dismaying than reassuring.
Furthermore, for every a ∈ A we have that a ∧-a = 0 ∈ I and then a ∈ I or-a ∈ I for every a ∈ A, if I is prime.
:" Furthermore we have been told that there are many more islands in that sea, one of which is called the Great Estland ( Aestland ) -- And this island is told to be quite close to the Woman Land ( terrae feminarum ), which is not far ( non longe ) away from Birka of the Swedes.
Furthermore, if we flat bet at 10 units per round instead of 1 unit, the range of possible outcomes increases 10 fold.
Furthermore, frescoes and murals dealing with death had a long tradition and were widespread, e. g. the legend of the Three Living and the Three Dead: on a ride or hunt, three young gentlemen meet three cadavers ( sometimes described as their ancestors ) who warn them, Quod fuimus, estis ; quod sumus, vos eritis ( What we were, you are ; what we are, you will be ).
In basic chemistry scientists are typically interested in experiments conducted at atmospheric pressure, and for reaction energy calculations they care about the total energy in such conditions, and therefore typically need to use H. Furthermore the enthalpy is the working horse of engineering thermodynamics as we will see later.
Furthermore, we reduce it to formulas whose first quantifier is.
Furthermore, for a sequence of positive weights with sum we can define weighted power means as follows:
Furthermore, we witness the importance of the horse in Indo-European rituals and mythology.
Furthermore, the Acts of the Thirteenth Session of the Council state, " And with these we define that there shall be expelled from the holy Church of God and anathematized Honorius who was some time Pope of Old Rome, because of what we found written by him to Sergius, that in all respects he followed his view and confirmed his impious doctrines.
Furthermore, they are indeed Hermitian conjugates, which justifies the way we have written them.
Furthermore, we know next to nothing of the whereabouts of Aëtius at that time ; perhaps Attila or his warriors felt endangered by their arch-enemy from the Catalaunian plains.
Furthermore, we have shown above that
Furthermore, we have
Furthermore we have
Furthermore, neither group maintains a belief in the evilness or wrongness of the current order, only in the notion that we should desire to change the order for humanistic and humanitarian reasons, and as such, both groups are thoroughly dedicated to ensuring that the changes involved are decidedly non-violent, entirely optional, and beneficial to as many people as possible.
Furthermore, if they were scaled so that Earth's orbit was the same in all of them, the ordering of the planets we recognize today easily followed from the math.
Furthermore, we include the property of " electronhood ", as outlined above, to be designated by P < sub > 1 </ sub >, and the property of " charge " to be designated by P < sub > 2 </ sub >.
Article 4: Furthermore, it is taught that we cannot obtain forgiveness of sin and righteousness before God through our merit, work, or satisfactions, but that we receive forgiveness of sin and become righteous before God out of grace for Christ ’ s sake through faith when we believe that Christ has suffered for us and that for his sake our sin is forgiven and righteousness and eternal life are given to us ...

Furthermore and must
Furthermore, he must regard religion as the expression of human forces.
Furthermore, in a C reorganization the continuing interest of stockholders of the corporation which paid the tax must be greater than is necessary in a statutory merger, to which the statute is clearly inapplicable.
Furthermore, Spencerian evolution held that those unfit to sustain themselves must be allowed to perish.
Furthermore, they claim that in the Bible there's no evidence showing that the office must be conveyed by laying on of hands and no Biblical command that it must be by a special class of bishops ( the laying on of hands is repeatedly used to give a commission to some person in scripture.
Furthermore, since the wind varies in direction and the axis has to follow its changes, a wind vane or some other contrivance to fulfill the same purpose must be employed.
Furthermore, PCCs may not be as legally restricted as comparable handguns, depending on the jurisdiction ( for example, you need only be 18 in the US to purchase a rifle, but you must be at least 21 to purchase a handgun ).
Furthermore, the rights of an individual must always be based on a statute, not a regulation.
Furthermore, a good retrieval cue must be consistent with the original encoding of the information.
Furthermore, God must live forever and therefore must have a deterministic processing unit or infinite error correction mechanisms.
Furthermore the engine must be normally aspirated, using a 4-barrel carburetor.
Furthermore, futurists must consider war, even between prosperous states, and non-economic goals.
Furthermore, natural language acquisition during childhood is largely spontaneous, while literacy must usually be intentionally acquired.
Furthermore, in protecting individual rights, the government is acting as an agent of its citizens and " has no rights except the rights delegated to it by the citizens " and it must act in an impartial manner according to specific, objectively defined laws.
Furthermore, all new federal buildings must now be constructed with truck-resistant barriers and with deep setbacks from surrounding streets to minimize their vulnerability to truck bombs.
Furthermore, the inducing defendant must know that the suborned statement is a false, perjurious statement.
However, one must note both Katsufumi and the authors of Posture, Locomotion, and Paleoecology of Pterosaurs based their research on the now outdated theories of pterosaurs being seabird-like, and the size limit doesn't apply to terrestrial pterosaurs like azhdarchids and tapejarids Furthermore, Darren Naish concluded that atmospheric differences between the present and the Mesozoic weren't needed for the giant size of pterosaurs.
Furthermore, Brummett points out, " A worldview in which truth is agreement must have rhetoric at its heart, for agreement is gained in no other way.
Furthermore, Congress may confiscate the property of traitors, but that property must be inheritable at the death of the person convicted.
Furthermore, the host country must protect the mission from intrusion or damage.
Furthermore, the constant of proportionality is the same irrespective of the nature of the antenna, and so must be the same for all antennas.
Furthermore, the term gain is also applied in systems such as sensors where the input and output have different units ; in such cases the gain units must be specified, as in " 5 microvolts per photon " for the responsivity of a photosensor.
Furthermore, Huygens concluded that Descartes's laws for the elastic collision of two bodies must be wrong, and he formulated the correct laws.

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