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Geographically and northern
Geographically this range marks the northern part of the border between the continents of Europe and Asia.
Geographically, it is situated on the border between the Swedish regions of Götaland and Svealand, divided into several Swedish provinces: The western body of water is known as the Dalbosjö, with its main part belonging to Dalsland ; the eastern body is known as Värmlandsjön, its northern parts belonging to Värmland and the southern to Västergötland.
Geographically, much of the SPD's current-day support comes from large cities, especially of northern and western Germany and Berlin.
Geographically the town is located on the shores of the river Ljusnan, along the shores of which Sweden's northern main line railway ( Norra Stambanan ) stretches.
Geographically it covers the northern part of the Sauerland hills and the lower land north of it, the ' Hellweg '.
Geographically, the league covers all of Northern England, and the northern areas of the Midlands.
Geographically, it comprises the central part of the northern section of Toronto.
Geographically, the term North Caucasus comprises the northern slope and western extremity of the Caucasus Major mountain range, as well as a part of its southern slope to the West ( until the Psou River ).
Geographically, it occupied much of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian Territories, and its authority extended via tribal alliances with other Azdi tribes all the way to the northern Hijaz as far south as Yathrib ( Medina ).
Geographically, in terms of biodiversity and pressure of human activities, the lake is broadly divided into northern, central and southern zones as elaborated below.
Geographically, this puts Castle Rock in the northern hemisphere of a 37-mile radius from Portland, Maine.
Geographically it covers most of the County of Norfolk extending to the south into the northern parts of the county of Suffolk in particular the town of Lowestoft and its surrounding area.
Geographically, Radisson is located halfway between the southern and northern most points in Quebec and is, besides Schefferville, the only non-native town north of the 53rd parallel in this province.
Geographically, the municipality of San Felipe, Retalhuleu comprises the northern tip of the department of Retalhuleu ( borders to the west with department of Quetzaltenango and to the east with the Suchitepéquez Department ).
Geographically, in the fen, the parish's northern boundary lies on the River Glen, beyond which is Thurlby.

Geographically and China
Geographically, Taoism flourishes best in regions populated by Chinese people: mainland China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and various Chinese diaspora communities.
Geographically, Ping Chau is an offshore island located in the northeast corner of Hong Kong in Mirs Bay and is close to the border with Guangdong Province in mainland China.

Geographically and was
Geographically, Motala is situated where Lake Vättern drains into the river system of Motala ström, which was of central importance to the massive industralization of Sweden in the 19th century.
Geographically, the ancient Ghana Empire was approximately 500 miles ( 800 km ) north and west of the modern state of Ghana, and controlled territories in the area of the Sénégal river and east towards the Niger rivers, in modern Senegal, Mauritania and Mali.
Geographically, much of the growth was to neighborhoods to the north.
Geographically, Narbonne was therefore located at a very important crossroads because it was situated where the Via Domitia connected to the Via Aquitania, which led toward the Atlantic through Toulouse and Bordeaux.
Geographically, in Scotland the word " Almont " was used interchangeably with the word " Almond ".
Geographically, Travancore was divided into three climatically distinct regions: the eastern highlands ( rugged and cool mountainous terrain ), the central midlands ( rolling hills ), and the western lowlands ( coastal plains ).
Geographically the island is formed from two mostly granite masses joined by what was presumably once a tombolo, a kind of sandbar.
It was placed under the 58th Tactical Fighter Training Wing at Luke AFB, Arizona, although the squadron physically remained at Williams AFB as a Geographically Separated Unit ( GSU ).
Geographically, the civilization was spread over an area of some 1, 260, 000 km², making it the largest ancient civilization in the world.
Geographically, North and South Colonies, as well as Good Spirit Lake Annex ( Devil's Lake Annex, to non-believers ) were around Yorkton, not far from the border with today's Manitoba ; the Saskatchewan ( Rosthern ) Colony, was located north-west of Saskatoon, quite a distance from the other three " reserves ".
Geographically, the Ukrainian SSR was situated in Eastern Europe to the north of the Black Sea, bordered by the Soviet republics of Moldova, Belarus, and Russia.
Geographically the country was certainly open to India, both through Nepal and by way of Kashmir and Ladakh.
Geographically the + 388 " country " code was an overlay on top of all the pre-existing, state-bounded country codes of the countries in Europe.
Geographically and politically, in early Islamic times the Diyar Bakr was usually part of the Jazira, but it was sometimes joined to the Armenian province to the north.
Geographically the province was ideally suited to guerrilla warfare, consisting of flat, open farmland and rice fields with numerous villages and small settlements, a long and mostly uninhabited coastline aside from the port of Vung Tau and the fishing villages of Lang Phuoc Hai and Xa Long Hai, and a region of dense mangrove swamp and waterways in the south-west known as the Rung Sat, both of which were suitable for infiltration.
Geographically, Dorchester Neck was an isthmus, a narrow strip of land that connected the mainland of the colonial settlement of Dorchester with Dorchester Heights.
The 425th TFTS was assigned to the 58th as a Geographically Separated Unit in 1969, assigned to Williams AFB.
Geographically it is a ria: formerly it was the valley of a stream flowing from Portsdown into the Solent River.
Geographically, this was the period when Outfit muscle extended its tendrils to Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin, Kansas City, and especially to Hollywood and other California cities, where The Outfit's extortion of labor unions gave it leverage over the motion picture industry.
Geographically, the bridge was planned to connect Reggio Calabria to Messina, the two cities which face each other on either side of the strait and form a single city.
Geographically, Bentheim is composed largely of fenland, and early settlement was concentrated along the banks of the rivers which pass through the county.
It was once the independent commune ( municipality ) of Belleville which was annexed by the City of Paris in 1860 and divided between two arrondissements Geographically, the neighborhood is situated on and around a hill which vies with Montmartre as the highest in Paris.

Geographically and use
" Bonhams use a similar definition: "... 4000 B. C to the 12th Century A. D. Geographically they originate from Egypt, the Near East and Europe ..." Official cut-off dates are often later, being unconcerned with precise divisions of art history, and using the term for all historical periods they wish to protect: in Jordan it is 1750, in Hong Kong 1800, and so on.

Geographically and were
Geographically speaking, the southern area of the territory is part of the Ponce-Patillas alluvial plain subsector and the southern coastal plain, which were created by the consolidation of the valleys of the southern side of the central mountain range and the Cayey mountain range.
Geographically, these were split equally between the North and the Midlands.
Geographically, the mutineers were drawn from as far as the West Indies, with one mutineer being described as speaking a forerunner of a Caribbean patois.
Geographically, the Scouts were located, from north to south, as follows:

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