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also and published
Base also published a colouring book version for children to do their own colouring.
A. R. Radcliffe-Brown also published a seminal work in 1922.
Best known for his novels including Brave New World and a wide-ranging output of essays, Huxley also edited the magazine Oxford Poetry, and published short stories, poetry, travel writing, film stories and scripts.
Milne also published four plays in this period.
Derleth also changed Alhazred's final fate, as described in his short story " The Keeper of the Key ", first published in May 1951.
* The Thirteen Problems ( short story collection featuring Miss Marple, also published as The Tuesday Club Murders ) ( 1932 )
* Miss Marple's Final Cases and Two Other Stories ( short stories collected posthumously, also published as Miss Marple's Final Cases, but only six of the eight stories actually feature Miss Marple ) ( written between 1939 and 1954, published 1979 )
The London Illustrated News published this photo in January 1921 ( shown at right ) This 1921 photo was also used by the Perth Western Mail in 1924 in a montage and is shown at the right below it.
Alcott also wrote a series patterned after the work of German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe which were eventually published in the Transcendentalists ' journal, The Dial.
This verse is also featured in William Billing's popular Sacred Harp song " David's Lamentation ", first published in 1778.
He also was the one bishop that published ecclesiastical legislation during Edward the Confessor's reign, attempting to discipline and reform the clergy.
Several of Alexander's works were published in the Aldine edition of Aristotle, Venice, 1495 – 1498 ; his De Fato and De Anima were printed along with the works of Themistius at Venice ( 1534 ); the former work, which has been translated into Latin by Grotius and also by Schulthess, was edited by J. C. Orelli, Zürich, 1824 ; and his commentaries on the Metaphysica by H. Bonitz, Berlin, 1847.
During this term Johnson also made a concerted effort to increase his sphere of interactions ; his higher profile was exemplified by a biographical sketch published in the New York Times in May 1849, describing him as an excellent committee worker and investigator.
A fragment of his treatise On burning-glasses was published as (" Concerning wondrous machines ") by L. Dupuy in 1777, and also appeared in 1786 in the forty-second volume of the Histoire de l ' Academie des Instrumentistes.
In addition to Triumphant Democracy ( 1886 ), and The Gospel of Wealth ( 1889 ), he also wrote An American Four-in-hand in Britain ( 1883 ), Round the World ( 1884 ), The Empire of Business ( 1902 ), The Secret of Business is the Management of Men ( 1903 ), James Watt ( 1905 ) in the Famous Scots Series, Problems of Today ( 1907 ), and his posthumously published autobiography Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie ( 1920 ).
During that period he also released his work on Bertini type theorems contained in EGA 5, published by the Grothendieck Circle in 2004.
See also the list of Acorn Electron games for a fairly comprehensive list of games published for the machine and: Category: BBC Micro and Acorn Electron games for a list of games with information on Wikipedia.
She is also the author of articles that have been published in the New York Times and Newsweek.
He was the first reporter for the Arkansas supreme court and also wrote a book ( published anonymously ), titled The Arkansas Form Book, which was a guidebook for lawyers.
During this period he also completed two woodcut series, the Great Passion and the Life of the Virgin, both published in 1511 together with a second edition of the Apocalypse series.
The English word " amputation " was first applied to surgery in the 17th century, possibly first in Peter Lowe's A discourse of the Whole Art of Chirurgerie ( published in either 1597 or 1612 ); his work was derived from 16th century French texts and early English writers also used the words " extirpation " ( 16th century French texts tended to use extirper ), " disarticulation ", and " dismemberment " ( from the Old French desmembrer and a more common term before the 17th century for limb loss or removal ), or simply " cutting ", but by the end of the 17th century " amputation " had come to dominate as the accepted medical term.
Li ' l Abner was also the subject of the first book-length, scholarly assessment of an American comic strip ever published.
There was also a separate line of comic book titles published by the Caplin family-owned Toby Press, including Shmoo Comics featuring Washable Jones.
ISO also published in 1994 an amendment, referred to as AMD1, introducing minor changes to the language and the library.

also and works
He added that he also stresses the works of these favorite masters on tour, especially Mahler's First and Fourth symphonies, and Das Lied Von der Erde, and Bruckner's Sixth -- which is rarely played -- and Seventh.
Helion also hoped that America's mastery of technology and industrial efficiency would be accompanied by the production of new and beautiful art works.
A more complete list would also include Bradbury's `` The Pedestrian '' ( 1951 ), Philip K. Dick's Solar Lottery ( 1955 ), David Karp's One ( 1953 ), Wilson Tucker's The Long Loud Silence ( 1952 ), Jack Vance's To Live Forever ( 1956 ), Gore Vidal's Messiah ( 1954 ), and Bernard Wolfe's Limbo ( 1952 ), as well as the three perhaps most outstanding dystopias, Frederik Pohl and C. M. Kornbluth's The Space Merchants ( 1953 ), Kurt Vonnegut's Player Piano ( 1952 ), and John Wyndham's Re-Birth ( 1953 ), works which we will later examine in detail.
The Councilman, who is the Administration floor leader, also criticized Bernard L. Werner, public works director, for `` halting snow operations '' on Tuesday night after the Sunday storm.
*: But Burke also points out that the concepts of " incipient " and " delayed action " exist in the works of I. A.
The defense counsel will then make a " plea in mitigation " ( also called " submissions on penalty ") wherein he or she will attempt to mitigate the relative seriousness of the offense and heavily refer to and rely upon the defendant's previous good character and good works ( if any ).
Adelaide had also become economically self-sufficient during this period, but at heavy cost: as a result of Gawler's public works the colony was heavily in debt and relied on bail-outs from London to stay afloat.
These ideas were found in a number of Kabbalistic works from the 13th century, and also among many mystics in the late 16th century.
Michelangelo and Raphael were also vital figures in this movement, producing works regarded for centuries as embodying the classical notion of perfection.
Secret history, works that document things that are not known to have happened historically but would not have changed history had they happened, is also not to be confused with alternate history.
In a culture that set a high value on oratory and public performances of all kinds, in which the production of books was very labor-intensive, the majority of the population was illiterate, and where those with the leisure to enjoy literary works also had slaves to read for them, written texts were more likely to be seen as scripts for recitation than as vehicles of silent reflection.
By the age of twenty, Ferdinando I, Duke of Mantua, began commissioning works from him, and he was also employed by local jewelers for figurative designs.
He is not only known for his successes but his enormous amounts of philanthropist works, not only to charities but also to promote democracy and independence to colonized countries.
Moreover, Carnegie urged other wealthy people to contributed to society in the form of parks, works of art, libraries and other endeavors that improved the community, and contributed to the “ lasting good ” Carnegie also held a strong opinion against inherited wealth.
The same number also works for Smart Telecom lines provided by local-loop unbundling.
His home a few kilometers outside Banyuls, also the site of his final resting place, has been turned into a museum where a number of his works and sketches are displayed.
In his native village he began to make preparations for erecting a temple which was to contain, not only the above statue, but other works of his own ; within its precincts were to repose also the ashes of the founder.
This legend of Trebeta as having founded Trier is also found in Godfrey of Viterbo's Pantheon ( 1185 ) and several other German chronicles of the 12th or 13th century, including the works of Sigebert of Gembloux.
Philosophical aesthetics has not only to speak about art and to produce judgments about art works, but has also to give a definition of what art is.
A hard disk interface was also in the works, which would, add a SCSI interface, and the necessary software.
The term may also apply to works of fiction purporting to be autobiographies of real characters, e. g., Robert Nye's Memoirs of Lord Byron.
During his career he also spent time writing works for opera houses in Venice, Rome, and Paris.
The majority of Salieri's modest number of instrumental works also date from this time.

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