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commanded and battalion
After the First World War Montgomery commanded the 17th Battalion the Royal Fusiliers, a battalion in the British Army of the Rhine, before reverting to his substantive rank of captain ( brevet major ) in November 1919.
Alexander commanded his battalion at Third Ypres, where he was slightly wounded, then at Bourlon Wood ( part of the battle of Cambrai ), where his battalion suffered 320 casualties out of 400 men.
They were organised into a battalion commanded by Major Alfredo Serranti that defended Culqualber ( Ethiopia ) for three months until this military unit was destroyed by the Allies.
The royalist army, perhaps as much as twice the size of Montfort's, was led by Edward on the right and the King's brother Richard of Cornwall on the left, while the King himself commanded the central battalion.
In 1838 a third battalion was raised, and the regiment thus formed was commanded by Major de Lamoriciere.
Police Battalion 45, commanded by Major Besser, conducted the massacre, supported by members of a Waffen-SS battalion.
In response to this request, an airborne battalion, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel A. Lomakin, arrived at the Bagram Air Base on July 7.
He advanced in rank and as major organized and commanded the Three Forks battalion of state troops “ The Last Chance ” from the fall of 1864 to July 17, 1865.
The difficult position of the Allies was confirmed by the decision to send in the Russian Imperial Guard ; Grand Duke Constantine, Tsar Alexander's brother, commanded the Guard and counterattacked in Vandamme's section of the field, forcing a bloody effort and the only loss of a French standard in the battle ( the unfortunate victim was a battalion of the 4th Line Regiment ).
A battalion is a military unit of around 300 – 1, 200 soldiers usually consisting of between two and seven companies and typically commanded by either a lieutenant colonel or a colonel.
An infantry battle group will typically be commanded by the commander of the core infantry battalion around which it is formed and can range in size from 300 to 1, 500 or more soldiers, depending on the nature of the mission assigned.
Moore was transferred to Fort Benning and commanded a battalion in the 11th Air Assault Division, undergoing air assault and air mobility training and tests until July 1965, when the Division was redesignated the 1st Cavalry Division.
Cavalry: Lockhart, Gibbons and Salmo In the Spanish army, the English / Irish royalist consisted of three battalions made up of five understrength regiments: The first battalion was commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Blague, of Lord Bristol's regiment combined with Lord Wentworth's regiment ( also known as King Charles II's footguards ).
Only the third battalion, commanded by Colonel Grace, succeeded in effecting an orderly retreat, and marched off the field intact.
Lafayette named his aide, Jean-Joseph Sourbader de Gimat, who commanded a battalion of Continental light infantry.
The difficult position of the Allies was confirmed by the decision to send in the Russian Imperial Guard ; Grand Duke Constantine, Tsar Alexander's brother, commanded the Guard and counterattacked in Vandamme's section of the field, forcing a bloody effort and the loss of the only French standard in the battle ( the unfortunate victim was a battalion of the 4th Line Regiment ).
Wittmann commanded the 2nd Company of the battalion and held the rank of SS-Obersturmführer ( first lieutenant ).
In the United States Army, in the cavalry branch, a troop is the equivalent unit to the infantry company, commanded by a captain and consisting of three or four platoons, and subordinate to a squadron ( battalion ).
Abizaid commanded the 3rd Battalion, 325th Airborne Regiment combat Team in Vicenza, Italy, during the Persian Gulf War and deployed with the battalion in Northern Iraq to provide a safe haven for the Kurds.
By the end of 1952, the Royal Lao Army had grown to include a battalion of troops commanded by Laotian officers, as well as 17 other companies.
Howe commanded a light infantry battalion under General Wolfe during the 1759 Siege of Quebec.
The battalion commanded by French Lieutenant Colonel Jean-Joseph Sourbader de Gimat led the night bayonet attack that stormed Redoubt No. 10 on October 14, 1781.
Toward the latter part of the mission, he commanded a battalion of the First Brigade, which was situated in the Kafr Qasem area south of Qilqilya.

commanded and at
In 1871 he commanded the 24th U. S. Infantry, an all African-American regiment with headquarters at Fort McKavett Texas.
As he still continued obstinate, the court proceeded to violent measures: the officers of the household were commanded to prepare the Basilica and the Portian churches to celebrate divine service upon the arrival of the emperor and his mother at the ensuing festival of Easter.
An unruly youth, Selkirk joined several buccaneering expeditions to the South Seas, including one commanded by William Dampier, which called in for provisions at the Juan Fernández Islands off Chile.
As a youth he worked at a vineyard until, according to the 2nd-century AD geographer Pausanias, the god Dionysus visited him in his sleep and commanded him to turn his attention to the nascent art of tragedy.
* 1296 – First War of Scottish Independence: John Balliol's Scots army is defeated by an English army commanded by John de Warenne, 6th Earl of Surrey at the Battle of Dunbar.
He commanded a brigade at the Battle of Jemappes, and in the campaign of 1793 distinguished himself at the Action of Aldenhoven and the Battle of Neerwinden.
As the attack faltered, eight squadrons of elite Gens d ' Armes, commanded by the veteran Swiss officer, Beat-Jacques von Zurlauben, fell upon the English troops, cutting at the exposed flank of Rowe's own regiment.
All his men dismounted and were organized into units, with longbowmen placed in a V-formation on both flanks and a small cavalry unit, commanded by Jean de Grailly, the Captal de Buch, hidden in woods at the rear.
According to Ivinskaya, People who arrived in Peredelkino early in the morning on the day of the funeral told us that militiamen, commanded by very senior officers, were already stationed at the approaches to the village.
Negus Tekle Haymanot commanded the right wing, Ras Alula the left, and Rasses Makonnen and Mengesha the center, with Ras Mikael at the head of the Oromo cavalry ; the Emperor and his consort remained with the reserve.
While still a graduate student in 1934, Parkinson was commissioned into the Territorial Army as a member of the 22nd London Regiment ( The Queen's ), was promoted Lieutenant later the same year, and commanded an infantry company at the jubilee of King George V in 1935.
While at Cambridge, he commanded an infantry unit of the Cambridge University Officers ' Training Corps.
The founder, having heard that it was probable that Pope Gregory X, then holding a council at Lyon, would suppress all such new orders as had been founded since the Lateran Council, having commanded that such institutions should not be further multiplied, went to Lyon.
At the end of August the Assembly ordered Abancourt and the other prisoners at Orléans to be transferred to Paris with an escort commanded by Claude Fournier l ' Americain.
The rank of commodore was at first a position created as a temporary title to be bestowed upon captains who commanded squadrons of more than one vessel.
* 533 – Byzantine general Belisarius defeats the Vandals, commanded by King Gelimer, at the Battle of Ticameron.
With four legions at his disposal, Vespasian commanded a strength of nearly 80, 000 soldiers.
Achieving career success at an early age, he commanded the British battlecruisers at the Battle of Jutland in 1916, a tactically indecisive engagement after which his aggressive approach was contrasted with the caution of his commander Admiral Jellicoe.
After the Christian defeat at the Battle of Sagrajas in 1086, El Cid was recalled to service by Alfonso VI, and commanded a combined Christian and Moorish army, which he used to create his own fiefdom in the Moorish Mediterranean coastal city of Valencia.
When Orestes, their son, reached manhood, he was commanded by one of Apollo ’ s oracles to avenge his father ‘ s murder at his mother ’ s hand.
Two legions commanded by Appius Claudius Caudex disembarked at Messana, where the Mamertines had expelled the Carthaginian garrison commanded by Hanno ( no relation to Hanno the Great ).
The garrison of Agrigentum managed to call for reinforcements and the Carthaginian relief force commanded by Hanno came to the rescue and destroyed the Roman supply base at Erbessus.

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