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Her and Olympic
Her Olympic victories are credited with helping to demolish the convention that age and motherhood were a barrier to success in women's sport.
Her music was featured at the opening ceremonies of both the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games and the 2003 Rugby World Cup.
Her 2006 results were poor, much in the same pattern as the Norwegian Olympic team on the whole.
Her attempt to defend her Olympic title in 1972 was unsuccessful and she did not make it past the heats.
The Mary Wigman Book: Her Writings, Olympic Marketing Corp. ISBN 0-8195-4079-X.
Her agility is greater than that of an Olympic gold medalist.
Her best Olympic performance came at the 2004 Games, where her jump of 1. 99 m earned her fourth place in the final.
Her debut album Back to the Beginning was scheduled for release August 5, 2008, coincidentally, the same week as the start of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.
Her good form continued and she became the Olympic champion in the marathon at the 2004 Athens Olympics.
Her parents refused to let her compete in the Olympic Games.
Pair of crystal glass slippers presented to the City Of Plymouth by the Plymouth Committee of the British Olympic Appeal and Mr & Mrs M. Hockin to mark the occasion of Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal attending the British Olympic Appeal Gala Ball on 15 July 1988
Her plan is to seduce the athletes that Klopstokia is sending to the Olympic Games, and thereby prevent them from medaling.
Her novel No Crystal Stair, was chosen for inclusion in Canada Reads 2005, championed by Olympic fencer Sherraine MacKay.
Her second project is called Fighting Gravity and is about the inability of female ski jumpers to obtain recognition in Olympic competition.
Her retirement after the 2004 Olympic Games, alongside fellow soccer legends Mia Hamm and Joy Fawcett ( and the unanticipated retirement of Brandi Chastain following the change of USWNT coaches ), marked the end of what the media labeled the " golden era " of US women's soccer.
Her concern was that the one-sided results ( Canada outscored their competitors 36-1 ) could jeopardize women's hockey Olympic status as it might be perceived as not competitive enough.
Her twin sister, BĂ©atrice Mouthon, also competed in the 2000 Olympic triathlon.
Her twin sister, Isabelle Mouthon-Michellys, also competed in the 2000 Olympic triathlon.
Her victory also gave Portugal its 3rd Olympic gold.
Her mother Carolyn Wright was a six time national high jump champion, while her father, Greg Lewis, was a semi finalist in the 200 metres at the Mexico City Olympic Games.
Her mother Olga represented the Soviet Union in both the pentathlon and heptathlon at the Olympic Games.
Her training was filmed for a BBC Three television programme called " My Big Fat Greek Olympic Dream ".
Her mean reticulocyte count over the ten years from 2000 to 2009 was 2. 1 % during top events like Olympic Games and during world championships.

Her and appearances
Her other television roles include recurring appearances as Marelene on Dharma & Greg, and Penny in two episodes of Dead Like Me.
Her film appearances include the role of Ahme in the Beatles film Help!
Her notable guest appearances on American television during the 1960s and 1970s included Batman, The Virginian, Mission: Impossible, Police Woman and the notable Star Trek episode, " The City on the Edge of Forever ".
There he made several public appearances as a solo harpsichordist at benefit concerts for two local musicians, a singer and a harpist, and served as conductor ( from the keyboard ) at the King's Theatre ( Her Majesty's Theatre ), Haymarket, for at least part of this time.
Her appearances were popular ; Lindsay Anderson observed that the public enjoyed seeing her behaving " so bitchy ".
Her first big break was a lead role in the radio comedy Take It From Here, and television followed, including appearances with Tony Hancock throughout his television career.
Her appearances in mythology are sparse, but reveal her as a figure of exceptional power and beauty.
Her appearances were sometimes foreshadowed by Molly excusing herself to the kitchen or to have a nap and Fibber wistfully delivering a compliment to her starting, " Ah, there goes a good kid ", upon which the doorbell would ring and Teeny would appear.
Her film appearances were infrequent until she was cast as M in GoldenEye ( 1995 ), a role she has played in each James Bond film since.
She has made numerous appearances in the West End including the role of Miss Trant in the 1974 musical version of The Good Companions at Her Majesty's Theatre.
Her many television appearances include lead roles in the series A Fine Romance and As Time Goes By.
Her performances often featured elaborate show-dance choreography, and she made many appearances on French and Italian TV.
Her appearances, dressed in short skirts and Barbarella boots, with each song having a different costume, were popular in Italy and France.
Her public appearances beside her husband as First Lady were a novelty at home and went a long way in humanizing the country's image.
Her family was absent, other than occasional appearances by her bird-brained mother ( Kathryn Card ), who could never get Ricky's name right.
Her earliest professional stage appearances were as a chorus girl on tour with Guido Thielscher's Girl-Kabarett, vaudeville-style entertainments, and in Rudolf Nelson revues in Berlin.
Her revue, with future TV pioneer Danny Thomas as her opening act, included songs from her films, performances on her musical saw ( a skill she had originally acquired for stage appearances in Berlin in the 1920s ), and a pretend " mindreading " act.
Her film appearances during this era included a remake of My Man Godfrey, Gigi, and It Started with a Kiss.
Her four Twilight Zone appearances, in which she barely utters a couple of words, are spread between the beginning and the end of her brief career.
Her film appearances also include The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne ( 1987 ), Stiff Upper Lips ( 1997 ), Howards End ( 1992 ), and BBC Theatre Night in Joe Orton's farce What the Butler Saw ( 1987 ) playing Mrs Prentice, where the cast included husband Timothy West with Dinsdale Landen and Tessa Peake-Jones, as well as a cameo in The Boys From Brazil ( 1978 ).
Her cabaret and nightclub appearances appearances led to more serious stage work and it was in a play by Arnold Bennett called Mr. Prohack ( 1927 ) that Elsa first met another member of the cast, a rising actor named Charles Laughton.
Her long career has included many films and television programmes, but she is probably best known for starring as Livia in the popular BBC adaptation of Robert Graves's novel, I, Claudius ( BBC2, 1976 ), for which she won the 1977 BAFTA Television Award for Best Actress, and for many appearances on the original run of Call My Bluff.
Her relationship with the Wilburn Brothers and her appearances on the Grand Ole Opry, beginning in 1960, helped Lynn become the number one female recording artist in country music.
Her television appearances include parts on Night Court, Silk Stalkings, Riptide, Three's Company, Knight Rider and Wings, and a guest appearance as a villain on the television adaptation of Roger Corman's film Black Scorpion in what would be her final role.

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