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Her and book
Her book titles, changed by American publishers, for example Ten Little Niggers to Ten Little Indians, were kept the same across the Atlantic, after bushels of fan mail.
Her award-winning 1974 novel The Dispossessed, a book in the Hainish Cycle, tells of the invention of the ansible.
Her book brought about a whole new interpretation on pesticides by exposing their harmful effects in nature.
Her first book, Child Whispers, a collection of poems, was published in 1922.
Her book Manic-Depressive Illness ( co-authored with Frederick K. Goodwin ) is the classic textbook on bipolar disorder.
In 1999 Freeman published another book, The Fateful Hoaxing of Margaret Mead: A Historical Analysis of Her Samoan Research, including previously unavailable material.
" Her next film was Blow, adapted from Bruce Porter's 1993 book Blow: How a Small Town Boy Made $ 100 million with the Medellin Cocaine Cartel and Lost It All.
Her seminal book The Psycho-Analysis of Children, based on lectures given to the British Psychoanalytic Society in the 1920s, was published in 1932.
Her " incredible controversy " is characterized by David Hartwell in the opening sentence of a book chapter entitled " New Wave: The Great War of the 1960s ": " Conflict and argument are an enduring presence in the SF world, but literary politics has yielded to open warfare on the largest scale only once.
Her wartime activities in German Occupied France were dramatised in the film Carve Her Name with Pride, starring Virginia McKenna and based on the 1956 book of the same name by R. J. Minney.
Her second book " Das Urteil " (" The Verdict ") from 1975 was a moderate success.
Her book, My Chicago ( ISBN 0-8101-2087-9 ), was published in 1992, and covers her life through her political career.
Her 1970 book, Origin of Eukaryotic Cells, discusses her early work pertaining to this organelle genesis theory in detail.
Her book Prayers or Meditations became the first book published by an English queen under her own name.
Her work was to have a dramatic effect on the British Society, polarising its members into rival factions as it became clear that her approach to child analysis was seriously at odds with that of Anna Freud as set out in her 1927 book An Introduction to the Technique of Child Analysis.
Her first foray outside children's literature was Bildhuggarens dotter ( Sculptor's Daughter ), a semi-autobiographical book written in 1968.
Her second book, A Way of Looking, won the Somerset Maugham award and marked a turning point, as the prize money allowed her to spend nearly three months in Rome, which was a revelation.
Her book, Patterns of Culture, did much to popularize the term in the United States.
Her latest book, Child No More, is the heartfelt story of losing her mother.
Her first book, The Ghetto and Other Poems was published in 1918.
Her third book, Red Flag 1927 collected much of her political poetry.
Her earliest professional work included greeting cards and juvenile magazine illustrations, and her first book, Flower Fairies of the Spring, was published in 1923.
Her first book, Seven Gothic Tales, was published in the U. S. in 1934 under the pseudonym Isak Dinesen.

Her and Angus
Her situation was not eased when her brother allowed Angus to return to Scotland.
* 24 April 1963 – 31 December 1989: Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Mrs Angus Ogilvy
* Coleman, Verna ( 1981 ) " Her Unknown ( Brilliant ) Career: Miles Franklin in America " Angus and Robertson
Her second husband was actor Angus Duncan.
* H. F. Angus and R. M. MacIver ; Canada and Her Great Neighbor: Sociological Surveys of Opinions and Attitudes in Canada concerning the United States Toronto: The Ryerson Press, 1938
* His or Her Majesty's Lieutenant in the County of Angus 1928 to 1975
Her Scottish father Angus McBride is an ex-prospector ; he has run the town's newspaper ever since being crippled by his former mining partner Tex Hex.
Her single ' Your Song ' was featured on the 2008 film Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging as well the 2008 film The Crew and the 2010 film, The Decoy Bride.

Her and Lost
Her movie career included a bit part in It Happened One Night ( 1934 ) and roles in Outlaw Women ( 1952 ), Glen or Glenda ( 1953 ), Body Beautiful ( 1953 ), The Blue Gardenia ( 1953 ), Count the Hours ( 1953 ), Mesa of Lost Women ( 1953 ), College Capers ( 1954 ), Jail Bait ( 1954 ), The Raid ( 1954 ), This Is My Love ( 1954 ), The Opposite Sex ( 1956 ), The Ironbound Vampire ( 1997 ), and Dimensions in Fear ( 1998 ).
Her films include The Virgin Suicides and Lost in Translation.
Her novella Paradises Lost, published in The Birthday of the World: and Other Stories, has been adapted into an opera by the American composer Stephen Andrew Taylor.
Her influence extends to contemporary filmmakers like David Lynch, whose film Lost Highway ( 1997 ) pays homage to Meshes of the Afternoon in his experimentation with narration.
The opening sequence was updated for the episode " Lost and Found /" Punky Gets Her Own Room " that uses footage from the opening sequence used in " Punky Finds a Home " and as well as a new shot where we see Punky entering Henry's apartment and everything around her is becoming animated, as well as Punky, Brandon and Henry themselves.
Tombstone sherriff and constituents, an illustration from Mexico, California and Arizona ; Being a New and Revised Edition of Old Mexico and Her Lost Provinces.
As a singer, his biggest hits were " Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile ," " The Ride ," " You Never Even Called Me by My Name ," " She Used to Love Me a Lot ," and " Longhaired Redneck.
During the 1980s, Coe enjoyed a resurgence in mainstream popularity, twice hitting the top 10 of the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart with " The Ride " ( 1983 ) and " Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile " ( 1984 ).
Famous stories include ; The Maiden Who Was Sacrificed By Her Kin, The Lost Sister, The Four Young Warriors, The Girl who Cut the Hair of the N ' jenge and many more.
Her prime time Apprentice spin-off received poor ratings, which some attribute to popular dislike for the opportunistic tone of the network's massive promotional campaign and to NBC's slotting the show up against the hit drama Lost.
Her songs have been featured in movies such as Mean Girls, Waiting ..., Jackass Number Two, My Little Eye, Drive Angry and Lost in Translation.
'" The last of Gold's Discovering Lost Musicals roles in the series for almost a decade was as May Daly / Mme Du Barry in DuBarry Was a Lady at Her Majesty's Theatre in November 2001 ( which she had also played as part of the series in 1993 ).
* Her Excellency, the Governor ( 1917 ): Lost
Her music has been featured in a number of film soundtracks including How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Lost & Delirious, Batman & Robin, Love Jones, Love & Basketball, Talk To Me, Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls, The Best Man, Higher Learning, Down in the Delta, The Hurricane, Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom, and Soul Men.
Her third release, Lost Signals and Drifting Satellites, features work scored for solo violin accompanied by satellite transmissions, as well as solo and chamber works performed by Joan Jeanrenaud and the Flux Quartet.
He recorded more than 40 albums of his own, most notably the landmark California Bloodlines, and found chart success in the top forty with " Midnight Wind ", " Lost Her in the Sun ", and " Gold ", the latter reaching number 5 in 1979.
Her family was trapped in the Land of the Lost through similar circumstances to the Porters.
Her father is actor Bill Mumy, famous for his roles in the classic science fiction TV series Lost in Space and Babylon 5.
The 2008 shows are Aesop's Fables, The Girl Who Lost Her Smile, and Harvest at the Lake ; the 2008 season is the first on Fairyland's new Aesop's Playhouse, a dedicated children's theater funded by Oakland City bond measure DD.
Her most significant role was as the prostitute Gloria Stone in Lost Horizon ( 1937 ).
Her tracks were, " Dancing Daze " ( duet with Jenny Morris ), " Dare to Be Bold ", " Might Have Been " ( trio with Morris and Mark Williams ) and " Lost in a Dancing Daze ".
Her extensive work on The Lost People ( 1949 ) earned her a credit as co-director, her first for a full-length feature.
( Conway Twitty wrote new lyrics for the instrumental in 1972 as " Lost Her Love ( On Our Last Date ), which reached No. 1 on the country chart as did Emmylou Harris's remake of Twitty's version in 1983 retitled " Lost His Love ( On Our Last Date )".

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