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Her and good
Her mother was a good manager and established a millinery business in Milwaukee.
Her mother, now dead, was my good friend and when she came to tell us about her plans and to show off her ring I had a sobering wish to say something meaningful to her, something her mother would wish said.
Her mother wrote Kate of her grief at the death of Kate's baby and at Jonathan's decision to go with the South `` And, dear Kate '', she wrote, `` poor Dr. Breckenridge's son Robert is now organizing a militia company to go South, to his good father's sorrow.
Her education in the United States, not just in a classroom, but also in an American house with an American housekeeper, stands her in good stead.
Her `` Rockabye Your Baby '' was as good as it can be done, and her really personal songs, like `` The Man That Got Away '' were deeply moving.
Her father wrote of it, " I see nothing in the way of a good appreciation of Louisa's merits as a woman and a writer.
On the other hand, " Her grades are so good that she's either very bright or studies hard " allows for the possibility that the person is both bright and works hard.
:: Her wells of bitter water, behold they are become wells of good water,
Her peacemaking also helped reconcile Henry with his daughters Mary and Elizabeth and fostered a good relationship between her and the crown prince.
Her strength lay in good common sense and directness of character ; she expressed the qualities of the British nation which at that time made it preeminent in the world.
Her father, King Philip, known as " le Bel " ( the Fair ) because of his good looks, was a strangely unemotional man ; contemporaries described him as " neither a man nor a beast, but a statue "; modern historians have noted that he " cultivated a reputation for Christian kingship and showed few weaknesses of the flesh ".
Her appearances were sometimes foreshadowed by Molly excusing herself to the kitchen or to have a nap and Fibber wistfully delivering a compliment to her starting, " Ah, there goes a good kid ", upon which the doorbell would ring and Teeny would appear.
Her performance as Annette Hargrove was praised by the San Francisco Chronicle: " Witherspoon is especially good in the least flashy role, and even when called upon to make a series of cute devilish faces, she pulls it off.
Her relationship with her husband had deteriorated, and with much plea from Melania, a wealthy widow from Palestine and good friend of Eudocia, Theosodius allowed her to go.
Her bravery and loyalty had gained her general sympathy, increased by her good manners and gentle character.
Charles wrote to the Convent of Santa Clara caretakers: " It seems to me that the best and most suitable thing for you to do is to make sure that no person speaks with Her Majesty, for no good could come from it ".
His tenure of the Foreign Office was noteworthy for the famous dispatch in which he defended Italian independence: " Her Majesty's Government will turn their eyes rather to the gratifying prospect of a people building up the edifice of their liberties, and consolidating the work of their independence, amid the sympathies and good wishes of Europe " ( 27 October 1860 ).
Her name was incorrectly spelled " Robson " in the billing, which she used from that point forward " for good luck ".
Her theatrical debut was in La visita de la bestia, which is a Spanish version of Extremities, and she got good reviews from the press by playing the very dramatic main role.
He said of Crabtree's work on Brisco, " Her horses sounded so natural and real – their hooves, the sound of their hooves on the texture of the ground, the sound of saddle movement, bridle jingles – it was as good as anything I would want for a feature film, and this was episodic television.
Her mother Grace, who described Stéphanie as a " warm, bright, amusing, intelligent and capable girl " and a " good athlete ", lovingly called her " wild child " ( French: enfant terrible ).
Her attractiveness gives the product good associations.
Her girlish good looks gave her an appealing stage presence, which added to her celebrity status.
Her mother was living and in good health ; she had a sister who displayed various nervous symptoms and an eplieptic nephew.

Her and friend
Her friend, Acerronia Polla, was attacked by oarsmen while still in the water, and was either bludgeoned to death or drowned, since she was exclaiming that she was Agrippina, with the intention of being saved, unfortunately she did not know that this was an attempt of Agrippina's life, not a mere accident.
Her Journal reveals her growing sophistication as a critic as well as the influence of her father ’ s friend the artist Sir John Everett Millais who recognised Beatrix ’ s talent of observation.
Her many memorable screen roles include a supporting role as Joan Crawford's wise-cracking friend in Mildred Pierce ( 1945 ) for which she received an Academy Award nomination as Best Supporting Actress, and James Stewart's wistful secretary in Otto Preminger's then-explicit murder mystery, Anatomy of a Murder ( 1959 ).
Her friend Rick McKay said that " she just kind of drifted off quietly as if she was going to sleep ... she just kind of gave out.
Her sexually voracious next door neighbor Suzy ( Sandra Milo ) introduces Juliet to a world of uninhibited sensuality but Juliet is haunted by childhood memories of her Catholic guilt and a teenaged friend who committed suicide.
Her brothers sang gospel and formed a quartet with a friend.
Her powers first manifested when she saw her childhood friend being hit by a car.
Her work in Egyptology took place largely alongside her mentor and friend, the archaeologist Sir Flinders Petrie, whom she worked alongside at University College London.
Her only marriage was to Kim Anderson, the widower of her friend Robin Anderson, soon after Robin died of leukemia while Bella Donna was on the top of the charts.
Her friend the geologist Henry De la Beche assisted her by commissioning Georg Scharf to make a lithographic print based on De la Beche's watercolour painting, Duria Antiquior, portraying life in prehistoric Dorset that was largely based on fossils Anning had found.
Her friend Miriam Cooper helped Lombard land small roles in her husband Raoul Walsh's films.
Her close friend Leslie Caron later commented that the Polanskis were too trusting — " to the point of recklessness " — and that she had been alarmed by it.
Her friend, actor William Haines, quipped, " They might have called you ' Cranberry ' and served you every Thanksgiving with the turkey!
Her last public appearance was September 23, 1974, at a party honoring her old friend Rosalind Russell at New York's Rainbow Room.
Her mother, Lady Parr, was a close friend and attendant of Queen Catherine of Aragon.
Her best friend Jeff develops a crush on the " groundhog " visitor, Ariel.
Her friend Jean Harlow is in the crypt next door.
Her mother was imprisoned in the Carmes prison, from which she was released on 6 August 1794, thanks to the intervention of her best friend Thérèse Tallien.
Her close friend and fellow poet Mandelstam was deported and then sentenced to a Gulag labour camp, where he would die.
Her mother's friend Anna Vyrubova later wrote that Tatiana had a great talent for making clothing, embroidery and crochet and that she dressed her mother's long hair as well as any professional hair stylist.
Her presence creates an awkward situation, but when Samia, a pompous family friend, ridicules Rayette's background, Robert gives a fiery defense of her.
Her immediate family ( mother Helen, father Jake, and younger sister Quinn ) and her best friend Jane Lane appear in nearly every episode.
Her only true friend is the eunuch Manan who cares for her.

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