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earlier and versions
* Microsoft Windows contains application compatibility shims to make the platform compatible with most software from earlier 32-bit and 16-bit versions ( e. g. Civilization ( circa 1991, designed for Windows 3. 0 ) running on Windows Vista ).
In America a distinction is drawn between ballads that are versions of European, particularly British and Irish songs, and ' native American ballads ', developed without reference to earlier songs.
Liberal Christian scholars, like conservative Christian scholars, accept earlier versions of the texts that make up the Bible in Hebrew or Greek.
These, as well as his slouching posture, are references to his earlier mild-mannered Pre-Crisis versions, but he still maintains a sense of authority and his assertive self.
The romancers ' versions of Camelot drew on earlier descriptions of Arthur's fabulous court.
The romancers ' versions of Camelot draw on earlier traditions of Arthur's fabulous court.
Only 23 were sold, or 26 depending on the source, and unlike earlier models the low sales meant the PDP-6 was not improved with intermediate versions.
Mature versions of the Commodore, SWTPC, Atari and Apple home computer systems all featured a disk operating system ( actually called ' DOS ' in the case of the Commodore 64 ( CBM DOS ), Atari 800 ( Atari DOS ), and Apple II machines ( Apple DOS )), as did ( at the other end of the hardware spectrum, and much earlier ) IBM's System / 360, 370 and ( later ) 390 series of mainframes ( e. g., DOS / 360: Disk Operating System / 360 and DOS / VSE: Disk Operating System / Virtual Storage Extended ).
The DragonBall's major design win was in earlier versions of the Palm Computing platform ; however, from Palm OS 5 onwards it has been superseded by ARM-based processors from Texas Instruments and Intel.
While earlier versions of BIND offered no mechanism to store and retrieve zone data in anything other than flat text files, in 2007 BIND 9. 4 DLZ made available ( as a compile-time option ) zone storage in a variety of database formats including LDAP, Berkeley DB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and ODBC.
The names of earlier versions of the language through FORTRAN 77 were conventionally spelled in all-caps ( FORTRAN 77 was the version in which the use of lowercase letters in keywords was strictly nonstandard ).
During the following years, Verdi worked on revising some of his earlier scores, most notably new versions of Don Carlos, La forza del destino, and Simon Boccanegra.
Additionally it was necessary to carry over design decisions from earlier versions of Windows for reasons of backwards compatibility, even if these design decisions no longer matched a more modern computing environment.
One major difference between Vista and earlier versions of Windows, Windows 95 and later, is that the original start button was replaced with just the Windows icon.
* The Gallery of Zork an updated version of the Infocom Gallery with higher-resolution photos, more material, such as more photos of earlier packaging, and online playable versions of the Infocom games.
g was earlier often subdivided into only Gf and Gc, which were thought to correspond to the nonverbal or performance subtests and verbal subtests in earlier versions of the popular Wechsler IQ test.
is still available only in Ohio ); earlier versions had 26. 5 %.
Brandauer had resisted questions about how his production of Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill's classic musical comedy about the criminal MacHeath would differ from earlier versions, and his production featured Mack the Knife in a three-piece suit and white gloves, stuck to Brecht's text, and avoided any references to contemporary politics or issues.
Because of the proliferation of earlier versions, it was deemed too hard to retract anything already released, and therefore a second version of certain laws were released.
The Intratec Intratec TEC-DC9 | TEC DC-9, commonly known as the " TEC-9 ", is primarily sold as a semi-automatic pistol but has the appearance of a machine pistol, and earlier open bolt versions can be converted to automatic fire ( the pistol shown is closed bolt ).
One of the earlier versions of the macrobiotic diet that involved eating only brown rice and water has been linked to severe nutritional deficiencies and even death.
One of the earlier versions of the macrobiotic diet that involved eating only brown rice and water has been linked to severe nutritional deficiencies and even death.
Oxfordians often identify titles or descriptions of lost works from Oxford's lifetime suggesting a thematic similarity to a Shakespeare play and assert that they were earlier versions.
For earlier versions of the instrument see Fortepiano.

earlier and fail
Behe asserts that the absence of any one of these proteins causes the flagella to fail to function, and that the flagellum " engine " is irreducibly complex as if we try to reduce its complexity by positing an earlier and simpler stage of its evolutionary development, we get an organism which functions improperly.
Called in by " the Old Man ", his boss and the head of the organization, they go to investigate the report of a flying saucer landing in Grinnell, Iowa after other agents sent earlier fail to report back.
If a shared library that an executable depends on is deleted, moved, or renamed, or if an incompatible version of the library is copied to a place that is earlier in the search, the executable would fail to load.
Since traditional education requires all children to begin reading at the same time and do multiplication at the same time, unschoolers believe that some children cannot help but be bored because this was something that they had been ready to learn earlier, and even worse, some children cannot help but fail, because they are not yet ready for this new information being taught.
As John Boyd had earlier, Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank president Gary Stern and Arthur Wilmarth warned that the GLBA ’ s permission for broader combinations of banking, securities, and insurance activities could increase the “ too big to fail ” problem.
However, many of these earlier forms of surety and aid would often fail due to lack of understanding and knowledge.
Unwilling to give in, Kolingba remained in his post but the group of local donor representatives ( GIBAFOR ) notably the USA and France forced him to hold proper elections and the same team that the UN Electoral Assistance unit had provided for the earlier election, which Kolingba's government caused to fail, was brought in to give its support.
Julius Caesar offered a similar opinion over a century earlier :" No disgrace attaches to armed robbery, provided it is committed outside the frontiers of the tribe .... When one of the chiefs announces at an assembly that he is going to lead a raid, and calls for volunteers, ... those who agree with the raid and approve of the men proposing it stand up .... If any of those men then fail to go with him, they are regarded as deserters and traitors and no one ever trusts them again in anything.
Released on their own Chicago Records imprint, Chicago XXVI: Live in Concert became the first new Chicago album to fail to chart upon its release ( Take Me Back to Chicago, a compilation of hits and album tracks having failed to chart upon its release some 14 years earlier ) and, consequently, went out of print a few years later.
That commander may employ strategies which, if effective in earlier combats or maneuvers, prove catastrophic against a new or smarter enemy ; the commander afflicted by " victory disease " may also fail to anticipate a new enemy may use tactics different from those of old enemies.
Dollimore asserts the play is best understood as “ subversive black camp ” insofar as it “ celebrates the artificial and the delinquent ; it delights in a play full of innuendo, perversity and subversion ... through parody it declares itself radically skeptical of ideological policing though not independent of the social reality which such skepticism simultaneously discloses ” In Dollimore ’ s view, earlier critical approaches, which either emphasize the play ’ s absolute decadence or find an ultimate affirmation of traditional morality in the play, are insufficient because they fail to take into account this vital strain of social and ideological critique running throughout the tragedy.
Unlike the two earlier films, Big and Little Enos this time seem to be quite active in their desire to see Buford fail in his goal.
WTVE received FCC authorisation to terminate analogue service " no earlier than September 30, 2008 " after expressing severe concerns that the existing analogue klystron tube transmitter was expected to fail.
In earlier systems when a worn pawl or other problem in a Strowger selector caused it to fail to advance, nobody knew except the calling party, who only knew nothing was happening.

earlier and include
They do not include earlier states of language, such as Middle Mongol or Old Japanese.
Johnson did not deal harshly with Confederate leaders, as he had earlier indicated he would ; he expanded his pardons to include those in the highest ranks of the Confederacy, including their Vice-President, Alexander H. Stephens.
" However some earlier high zinc, low iron brasses such as the 1530 Wightman brass memorial plaque from England may have been made by alloying copper with zinc and include traces of cadmium similar those found in some zinc ingots from China.
More modern implementations of this kind of dye include Super Azo which is not as deep blue as the earlier Metal Azo.
Unlike the earlier machines, the Nova 4 did not include a front panel console and instead relied on the terminal to emulate a console when needed.
Examples include R-7, Atlas, Redstone, Titan, and Proton, which was derived from the earlier ICBMs but never deployed as an ICBM.
The monasteries are believed to rest on earlier religious sites and include the fourteenth century Debre Maryam, the eighteenth century Narga Selassie, Tana Qirqos ( said to have housed the Ark of the Covenant before it was moved to Axum ), and Ura Kidane Mehret, known for its regalia.
Other makers from the Loar period and earlier include Lyon and Healy, Vega, and Larson Brothers.
Some forms in internal styles are performed slowly, although some include sudden outbursts of explosive movements ( fa jin ), such as those the Chen style of Taijiquan is famous for teaching earlier than some other styles ( e. g. Yang and Wu ).
Even more than earlier Moscow show trials, Bukharin's trial horrified many previously sympathetic observers as they watched allegations become more absurd than ever and the purge expand to include almost every living Old Bolshevik leader except Stalin.
The earlier APG system ( 1998 ) adopted the same placement, although it used the spelling " commelinoids ", and used the following circumscription ( i. e., it did not include the plants in families Bromeliaceae and Mayacaceae in the order ):
Stone Age artifacts include tools used by humans and by their predecessor species in the genus Homo, as well as the earlier partly contemporaneous genera Australopithecus and Paranthropus.
Current issues include a " this date in history " section, featuring excerpts from articles originally published 50, 100, and 150 years earlier ; topics include humorous incidents, wrong-headed theories, and noteworthy advances in the history of science and technology.
Some of speed metal's earlier influences include Black Sabbath's " Children of the Grave ", Deep Purple's " Fireball " and Queen's " Stone Cold Crazy " ( which was eventually covered by the thrash metal band Metallica ), from their 1974 album Sheer Heart Attack, and Deep Purple's song " Highway Star ", from their album Machine Head.
During that time the term theosopher was applied retroactively to include earlier people including Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite, Ambrose, Jerome, Augustine, and Origen.
Famous 19th century Arian Unitarians include Andrews Norton and Dr. William Ellery Channing ( in his earlier years ).
Examples include the later versions of the Buick V6, and earlier versions of the Mercedes-Benz V6.
Despite the prohibition he went to Münnerstadt in 1504, to paint and gild the altarpiece that Tilman Riemenschneider had left in plain wood ten years earlier, presumably according to his contract ( unlike Stoss, his workshop did not include painters and guilders ).
The new keyboard did not include the BASIC keyword markings that were found on earlier Spectrums, except for the keywords LOAD, CODE and RUN which were useful for loading software.
Examples of this earlier form of concerto include Giovanni Gabrieli's " In Ecclesiis " or Heinrich Schütz's " Saul, Saul, was verfolgst du mich ."
Other sports which were once held in Staines but are no longer to be found there include: boxing ( there were weekly programmes off the High Street in the 1930s, and local hearsay suggests bare-knuckle events were held at the Crooked Billet earlier in the 20th century ); wrestling ( bouts were included in boxing programmes of the last 1930s ); motorcycle football ( a club existed in the 1960s ; and American football ( a short-lived team called Staines Removers entered the Budweiser League in 1988, but failed to start the season, although they did play some friendly matches at their base on The Lammas ).
They include Bogurodzica ( Mother of God ), a hymn in praise of the Virgin Mary written down in the 15th century though popular at least a century earlier.
The museum exhibits include tapestries from the sixteenth century given by Robert de Lenoncourt ( who died in 1532 ), marble capitals from the fourth century AD, furniture, jewellery, pottery, weapons and glasswork from the 6th to 8th century, medieval sculpture, the façade of the 13th-century Musicians ' House, remnants from an earlier abbey building, and also exhibits of Gallo-Roman arts and crafts and a room of pottery, jewellery, and weapons from Gallic civilization, as well as an exhibit of items from the Palaeolithic to the Neolithic periods.
Controversies surrounding Robertson include his earlier work as a faith healer, his claim that some Protestant denominations harbor the spirit of the Antichrist, and his claims of having the power to deflect hurricanes through prayer ; he has also denounced Hinduism as " demonic " and Islam as " Satanic.

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