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participation and on
recommend to the Congress from time to time authorization for construction and operation, or for participation in the construction and operation, of a demonstration plant for any process which he determines, on the basis of subsections ( A ) and ( B ) above, has great promise of accomplishing the purposes of this Act, such recommendation to be accompanied by a report on the size, location, and cost of the proposed plant and the engineering and economic details with respect thereto ; ;
Inventory and evaluate wildlife habitat resources in cooperation with other Federal agencies and with the States in which National Forests and Grasslands are located, as a basis for orderly development of wildlife habitat improvement and coordination programs, including ( A ) big-game, gamebird, and small-game habitat surveys and investigations on the 186 million acres of National Forests and Grasslands, ( B ) fishery habitat surveys and investigations on the 81,000 miles of National Forest fishing streams and nearly 3 million acres of lakes and impoundments, and ( C ) participation in planning, inspection, and control phases of all habitat improvement, land and water use projects conducted on National Forest lands by States, other Federal agencies, and private groups to assure that projects will benefit wildlife and be in harmony with other resource values.
Commenting on the earlier stage, the Notre Dame Chapter of the American Association of University Professors ( in a recent report on the question of faculty participation in administrative decision-making ) noted that the term `` teacher-employee '' ( as opposed to, e.g., `` maintenance employee '' ) was a not inapt description.
In itself there is nothing wrong with this form of `` participation '': the only difficulty on the Catholic campus is that those faculty members who are in a position to implement policy, i.e., members of the religious community which owns and administers the institution, have their own eating arrangements.
The status of full communion means, ideally, that there is mutual agreement on essential doctrines and that full participation in the sacramental life of each church is available to all communicant Anglicans.
His participation in the attempted usurpation of John Komnenos the Fat in 1200 had caused him to be imprisoned until the accession of Isaac II Angelos, who was restored to the throne after having been deposed and imprisoned by his brother Alexios III, and his son Alexios IV Angelos, who were placed on the throne by the intervention of the Fourth Crusade in July 1203.
A system of preferences — which consists of market opening lists, special cooperation programs ( business rounds, preinvestment, financing, technological support ) and countervailing measures on behalf of the landlocked countries — has been granted to the countries deemed to be less developed ( Bolivia, Ecuador and Paraguay ), to favour their full participation in the integration process.
There has been participation of the national industry in all satellite subsystems on charge of Brazil.
It seems that the Athenian playwright Aeschylus considered his participation at Marathon to be his greatest achievement in life ( rather than his plays ) since on his gravestone there was the following epigram:
Although some of Chaplin's critics have claimed that credit for his film music should be given to the composers who worked with him, for example Raksin, who worked with Chaplin on Modern Times, has stressed Chaplin's creative position and active participation in the composing process.
Military collaboration began during World War II and continued throughout the Cold War on both a bilateral basis through NORAD and through multilateral participation in NATO.
* WhyNotAskMe. org: Organization demanding democratic participation in copyright legislation and a moratorium on secret and fast-tracked copyright negotiations
Cameroon's central location in the network means that efforts to close the gaps which exist in the network across Central Africa rely on the Cameroon's participation in maintaining the network, and the network has the potential to have a profound influence on Cameroon's regional trade.
Cuba was formerly excluded from participation in the Organization of American States under a decision adopted by the Eighth Meeting of Consultation in Punta del Este, Uruguay, on 21 January 1962.
They are known historically as the peace churches, and have incorporated Christ's teachings on nonviolence into their theology so as to apply it to participation in the use of violent force ; those denominations are the Quakers, Mennonites, Amish, and the Church of the Brethren.
The Christadelphian distinction between representation and substitution has been noted in the relevant scholarly literature, and representative participation ( an interpretation long held by Christadelphians ) is widely considered the original Biblical teaching on the atonement.
The African Methodist Episcopal Church resumed its participation by the February 2010 plenary meeting, where CUIC moved to refocus on its eight marks of commitment and a shared concern for racial justice as a major dividing factor facing ecumenism.
Nonetheless most of his claims in his interview, mainly those that he was the originator of Bugs Bunny have been proven overly exaggerated and false ( his claim of participation on the making of A Wild Hare, on which he isn't credited ).
The U. S. Agency for International Development ( USAID ) mission is focused on improving access of underserved populations to quality health care and combating HIV / AIDS and tuberculosis ; promoting economic growth through policy reform, support for CAFTA-DR implementation, and technical assistance to small producers and tourism groups ; environmental protection and policy reform initiatives ; improved access to quality primary, public education and assistance to at-risk youth ; a model rural electrification program ; and improving participation in democratic processes, while strengthening the judiciary and combating corruption across all sectors.

participation and mission
Convinced that they had a " civilizing mission ", they envisioned Indochina's participation in a French Union of former colonies that shared the common experience of French culture.
As part of his participation in Project 7734, Luthor sends a robot double of himself with Brainiac on a mission to attack New Krypton.
In 2008, a series of studies conducted by the Center for Competitive Politics, an organization whose mission is to " oppose so-called reformers ’ efforts to limit campaign contributions taxpayer funded political campaigns " found that the programs in Maine, Arizona, and New Jersey had failed to accomplish their stated goals, including electing more women, reducing government spending, reducing special interest influence on elections, bringing more diverse backgrounds into the legislature, or meeting most other stated objectives, including increasing competition or voter participation.
is a children's museum founded in 2006 whose sole mission is to surround children and the adults in their lives with a hands-on, interactive, playful and educational environment that invites curiosity, allows exploration, encourages participation and celebrates the childlike wonder in us all.
In the new southern provinces, the Danes promoted Christianity ( mission of the Rani, monasteries like Eldena Abbey ) and settlement ( Danish participation in the Ostsiedlung ).
Central to its mission was the idea of " community action ", the participation of the poor in framing and administering the programs designed to help them.
Glenn's participation in the nine-day mission was criticized by some in the space community as a junket for a politician.
Westford Community Access Television, Inc. ( Westford CAT ) is a non-profit corporation charged with the mission to promote and encourage the use of local Public-access television cable TV to enhance a free and diverse exchange of ideas and interests that foster community participation and educational opportunities.
* International mission participation
* In 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010, Leadership Excellence magazine placed the Baldrige Program in the top 10 best government / military leadership programs in the United States based on seven criteria: vision / mission, involvement / participation, accountability / measurement, content / curriculum, presenters / presentations, take-home value / results for customers, and outreach of the programs and products.
One of the company's most notable projects was the participation in the failed Fobos-Grunt sample return mission.
* The airport ( under a different name ; " Zakhaev International Airport ") is featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, in a controversial mission " No Russian ", in which the player ( who can opt out of participation ) goes on a shooting rampage with other terrorists to try to infiltrate their ring.
Central to its mission was the idea of " community action ", the participation of the poor in framing and administering the programs designed to help them.
Through its particiapation in the Interim Agreement, Norway committed itself to participation in a TIPH mission.
Since its foundation, the UNI claims to be a movement of activists, activism being the main mission of the organization along with the participation to the elections of the students ' representatives within the French universities.
In February 1994, he was crew commander for the CAPSULS mission, a simulated 7-day space mission that involved the participation of several international investigators and three other Canadian astronauts.
Richard's main objective for his mission was to encourage commercial participation.
President Johnson articulated that the mission of the program was " to give the Fellows first hand, high-level experience with the workings of the federal government and to increase their sense of participation in national affairs.
This was the Canadian Space Agency's first participation in an interplanetary mission.
Priority is given to advancing engineering and science education through community educational outreach programs — including internships, co-ops, participation in science festivals and the provision of tours and speakers-is an extension of this mission.
Its mission is " to promote the ABA's commitment to justice and the rule of law for persons with mental, physical, and sensory disabilities and to promote their full and equal participation in the legal profession.
His participation in a Shuttle mission in 1992 made him the first native of Japan to travel into space.

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