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Page "Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah" ¶ 1
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Historian and Paul
Historian Paul K. Davis wrote, " Having defeated Eudes, he turned to the Rhine to strengthen his northeastern borders-but in 725 was diverted south with the activity of the Muslims in Acquitane.
Historian Paul Nagel has noted that this letter reached Washington, and that parts of it were used by Washington when drafting his farewell address.
Historian Paul Nagel argues that, like Abraham Lincoln after him, Adams suffered from depression for much of his life.
Historian Paul Israel has characterized Edison as a " freethinker ".
Military Historian Paul Davis argued in 1999, " had the Muslims been victorious at Tours, it is difficult to suppose what population in Europe could have organized to resist them.
Historian Paul Schilperoord argued in his 2011 biography of Josef Ganz that Hitler stole the idea for the Volkswagen Beetle from Ganz's " May Bug ," which he saw in 1933 at an auto show.
Historian Paul Fussell criticized the poem in his work The Great War and Modern Memory ( 1975 ).
Historian Paul Moon believes the instructions were written by Sir James Stephen, then head of the Colonial Office.
Historian Paul Moon believes certain articles of the Treaty resemble the Treaty of Utrecht ( 1713 ), the British Sherbo Agreement ( 1825 ) and the Treaty between Britain and Soombia Soosoos ( 1826 ).
Historian Paul K. Davis has argued that:
Historian Paul Avrich characterizes Razin ’ s revolt as a curious mixture of brigandage and revolt ,” similar to other popular uprising of the period.
Historian Paul Kennedy defines it as " the policy of settling international quarrels by admitting and satisfying grievances through rational negotiation and compromise, thereby avoiding the resort to an armed conflict which would be expensive, bloody, and possibly dangerous.
** Historian Paul Kennedy hailed Hammarskjöld in his book The Parliament of Man as perhaps the greatest UN Secretary-General because of his ability to shape events, in contrast with his successors.
Historian David Thelen reports that after the St. Paul speech La Follette " became the main focus of official and vigilante campaigns to suppress antiwar spokesmen.
Historian John Paul Hill considers this unlikely, however, because two of Chandler's strongest allies, Connie Mack and Walter Briggs, Sr., were ardently opposed to integration while William DeWitt, the second owner in the American League to integrate, voted against him.
Historian Paul Kleppner has observed that one of the traditional functions of third parties in the American political system has been the raising of new issues, the testing of their viability amongst the electorate, and the pressuring of established political parties to appropriate these issues as part of their own electoral agenda.
Historian Paul Moon stated that the tribe is unlikely to be able to take the claim much further because " the tribe has misunderstood how treaties work.
Historian and writer Paul Johnson famously quoted Thatcher as saying before the 1997 election that Britain had " nothing to fear " from a Blair ministry.
Historian, genealogist and Ibsen biographer Halvdan Koht suggested it could be a patronymic based on the first name Paul.
Historian Paul Williams termed these advocates as " returned soldier chiefs ", and singled out a few, including Pegahmagabow, as being especially active.
Historian Paul A. Lombardo argued in 1985 that Buck was not " feeble-minded " at all, but that she had been put away to hide her rape, perpetrated by the nephew of her adoptive mother.
Historian Dr. Paul Hutton has called Young Guns the most historically accurate of all prior Billy the Kid films.
Historian Paul Gravett thinks that " Corben's plotting may be erratic and prone to charges of sexism and cliché, but his total conviction and self-absorption in imagining this sensual dreamscape captivate and transport us there.
* GUIRAUD, Paul ( 1850 – 1907 ) Historian.

Historian and Walker
* Howard Zinn ( 1922-2010 ): A Tribute to the Legendary Historian with Noam Chomsky, Alice Walker, Naomi Klein and Anthony Arnove
Historian Gavan McCormack writes that Burchett regretted this analogy, but argues that the factual basis of the description was confirmed by POW Walker Mahurin.
Historian Herbert Aptheker has noted that Walker ’ s Appeal is the first sustained written assault upon slavery and racism to come from a black man in the United States.
* Daniel Walker Howe and Peter Elliott Finn, " Richard Hofstadter: The Ironies of an American Historian ," Pacific Historical Review 43 ( February 1974 ): 1-18 in JSTOR
Historian Ronald W. Walker states that the party's name was selected to combat the notion that Brigham Young, himself not an elected official since 1857, was a tyrant.
Historian William Benemann believes that North was romantically involved with Steuben and another male companion, Captain Benjamin Walker.

Historian and writes
Historian Strabo writes that the Seleucids later gave the area south of the Hindu Kush to the Mauryas after a treaty was made.
Historian Kennieth Guthrie writes that " Numenius is perhaps the only recognized Greek philosopher who explicitly studied Moses, the prophets, and the life of Jesus.
Historian Richard Altick writes that " To judge from the number of references to it in the private letters and memoirs of the 1840s ... Punch had become a household word within a year or two of its founding, beginning in the middle class and soon reaching the pinnacle of society, royalty itself ".
Historian Martin Duberman writes, " The decades preceding Stonewall ... continue to be regarded by most gays and lesbians as some vast neolithic wasteland ".
Historian Nicholas Edsall writes, Stonewall has been compared to any number of acts of radical protest and defiance in American history from the Boston Tea Party on.
Historian Hazel Rowley writes that because the Harding administration and the Republicans were seen associated with prosperity, prominent Democrats were reticent of running for president in 1924.
Historian Edwin Reischauer writes that genres such as the monogatari were distinctly Japanese and that Genji, written in kana, " was the outstanding work of the period ".
Historian and Forrest biographer Brian Steel Wills writes, While there is no doubt that Forrest joined the Klan, there is some question as to whether he actually was the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan .” The KKK ( the Klan ) was formed by veterans of the Confederate Army in Pulaski, Tennessee in 1866 and soon expanded throughout the state and beyond.
Historian Shelley Rice, in her book Parisian Views writes that " most Parisians during first half of the nineteenth century perceived streets as dirty, crowded, and unhealthy.
* 449 Herodotus, Greek Historian, writes History of Greco-Persian War from 490-479
Historian Walter Laqueur writes that even though Haider welcomed former Nazis at his meetings and went out of his way to address Schutzstaffel ( SS ) veterans, the FPÖ is not a fascist party in the traditional sense, since it has not made anti-communism an important issue, and does not advocate the overthrow of the democratic order or the use of violence.
Historian Leonard Richards writes of these disaffected Democrats:
Historian David Starkey writes, " He may have even sexually abused her ; at the very least he abused his power.
Historian Harold Whetstone Johnston writes of instances in which a slave's former owner chose to ignore custom and simply chose a name for the freedman.
Historian John D. Winters in The Civil War in Louisiana writes that the failure of the Union's Red River campaign " could largely be laid at Banks ' door, but there were many who shared in this failure ".
Historian William G. Thomas writes, " At a cost of nearly $ 300, 000, the N. Y., P. & N. was dredging a new harbor out of a large fresh-water lagoon between King ’ s and Old Plantation creeks in lower Northampton County, and Scott planned to develop a new town around it called Cape Charles City.
Historian of Russian Jewry John Klier writes in Russians, Jews, and the Pogroms of 1881-1882 that " By the twentieth century, the word ' pogrom ' had become a generic term in English for all forms of collective violence directed against Jews.
Historian William Y. Thompson writes that Toombs was " prepared to vote all necessary supplies to repel invasion.
Historian David Chandler writes that upon the order ' First Firing, Take Care !,' in the British platoon firing system, the six platoons of the first firing with the whole of the front rank of each British battalion fired together-explaining the efficacy of the British first volley.
Historian Thomas J. McGuire writes that, " American estimates of British losses run as high as 2, 000, based on distant observation and sketchy, unreliable reports ".
Historian Marcia Gallo writes " They recognized that many women felt shame about their sexual desires and were afraid to admit them.
" In his 64th chapter, " Biography of Sima Rangju ", the Grand Historian writes, " I have read Sima's Art of War.
Historian Johann Huizinga writes, It is astonishing that the Church, which so rigorously repressed the slightest deviations from dogma of a speculative character, suffered the teaching of this breviary of the aristocracy ( for the Roman de la Rose was nothing else ) to be disseminated with impunity .”
Historian Michael Glover writes that the first day's attack was a failure because of Carnot's interference, while the second day's success resulted from Jourdan using his own tactical judgment.

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