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However and decree
However, this may have been a mask, as Raymond through Eleanor tried to forcibly sway Louis to use his army to attack the actual Muslim encampment at nearby Aleppo, gateway to recovering Edessa, the objective of the Crusade by papal decree.
However, it seems this decree was not carried out.
However, his attempt to force the Duke of Naples to enforce an imperial decree to confiscate papal territory in the duchy failed, as the duke was supportive of the pope ’ s stand.
However, the legislation of Pope Nicholas II ( in the famous decree of 1059 ) pre-empted the choice of the majority of the cardinal priests and cardinal deacons.
However, since even the bishops opposed to opening of the council were now present, Cyril maneuvered Candidian by means of a ruse to read out the text of the Emperor's decree of convocation, which the assembly then acclaimed as recognition of its own legality.
However, this activity was soon outlawed by the Roman Senate in 186 BC in the decree Senatus consultum de Bacchanalibus.
However, on August 1, 1641, the Holy Office issued a decree condemning Augustinus and forbidding its reading.
However, a new decree issued by the revolutionary government forced him to change his mind.
However, Pope Nicholas I ( 866 ), prohibited the use of torture altogether, and a similar decree may be found in the Pseudo-Isidorian Decretals.
However, several non-technical higher education institutions have been founded, or refounded, under royal decree:
However, the decree of incorporation was not recorded until January 9, 1894, to prevent confusing the tax accounts of London Grove Township and to eliminate the need for a special borough election.
However, the decree was mostly symbolic, as widespread peasant revolts had effectively ended the feudal system beforehand ; and ownership of the land still remained in the hands of the landlords, who could continue collecting rents and enforcing tenant contracts.
However, before this decree could get to Martinique and be implemented, the British attacked the island and captured it.
However, he and the decree did not arrive in Martinique until June 3, by which time Governor Claude Rostoland had already abolished slavery.
However, as succession to the Crown is codified explicitly in the constitution, its reform mandates an amendment to the constitution, a somewhat more complicated process than issuing a royal decree.
However, after the second Restoration in 1815, Sieyès was expelled for his role in the execution of King Louis XVI, and was replaced by the Marquis of Lally-Tollendal, who was named to the Academy by a royal decree.
However, once the harsh feelings against Spain had disappeared, and the country had become home to many Spanish immigrants, a modification was introduced by a decree by President Julio Argentino Roca on March 30, 1900.
However, Portugal in 1497 issued a similar decree that effectively converted all remaining Jewish children, making them wards of the state unless the parents also converted.
However, Innocent IV did not possess the material means to enforce the decree.
However shortly after his arrival in Vienna, the working class populace again poured into the streets of Vienna on August 21, 1848 to protest the unemployment situation and the government's decree on the reduction of wages.
However, Valen's successor Theodosius I effectively wiped out Arianism once and for all among the elites of the Eastern Empire through a combination of imperial decree, persecution, and the calling of the Second Ecumenical Council in 381, which condemned Arius anew while reaffirming and expanding the Nicene Creed.
However, it was widely speculated that the refusal of the armed forces to enforce his emergency decree was the main cause of his resignation.
However ineffective, the 1368 decree recognized noble interests were defended ideologically by a warrior regime, and in the process tied together the interests of both.
However, in the early 1950s and prior to the consent decree, Flxible built a small number of buses with GM diesel engines while Kettering still served on the board.

However and 29
However few fossils have been found, of the Menyanthaceae-Asteraceae clade in the Oligocene, about 29 Mya.
However, since 29 December 1920, the British government had sanctioned " official reprisals " in Ireland — usually meaning burning property of IRA men and their suspected sympathisers.
However, since he was born on February 29, that day will not arrive until he is in his eighties.
However, according to New Testament theology, parts relating to sins, such as animal sacrifices ( Exodus 29: 36 ) and dietary concerns, are not normative for modern Christians ; this is related to the view that Christ sanctified and fulfills the Law for the person.
However, on Thursday 29, Turkish daily Milliyet published an article referring to a secret report that seemed to support claims made in the interview by Mesut Yilmaz that secret agents had caused forest fires in Greece in the 1990s.
However, Scullin stood firm, and on 29 November the King agreed to Isaacs's appointment, but made it clear that he did so only because he felt he had no option.
However, Pitt took a more direct role ; on 29 August 1796 he sent Vancouver a letter heaping many insults on the head of his former captain, and challenging him to a duel.
However, because of the Rosh Hashanah postponement rules ( see below ) Kislev may lose a day to have 29 days, and the year is called a short ( chaser ) year, or Marcheshvan may acquire an additional day to have 30 days, and the year is called a full ( maleh ) year.
However, in official usage in the Republic of Ireland, the term often refers to the 29 modern counties.
However, there has been no small amount of inconsistency in the usage of the " is-a " link: Ronald J. Brachman wrote a paper titled " What IS-A is and isn't ", wherein 29 different semantics were found in projects whose knowledge representation schemes involved an " is-a " link.
However, in addition to the 12 extruded pentominoes, 6 sets of chiral pairs and 5 pieces make total 29 pieces, resulting 145 cubes, which will not make a 3D box.
However, after a short period of independence, on 29 November 1920, the Bolshevik 11th Red Army entered Yerevan during the Russian Civil War, on 29 November 1920, and Armenia was incorporated into the Soviet Union on 2 December 1920.
However, it was the flourishing of Christian Hebraist interpretations of Job 29: 18 that brought the Joban phoenix to life for Christian readers of the seventeenth century.
However, it requires Nisan 1 to fall on March 20, 763 BC, which was 8 to 9 days before the vernal equinox ( March 28 / 29 at that time ) and Babylonians never started their calendar year before the spring equinox.
However, in AD 363 a seventh-day Sabbath was prohibited by Canon 29 of the Council of Laodicea.
However it did not create as much affordable housing as supporters would have hoped, building only 29, 000 units in 4½ years.
However, the construction remained unfinished after his assassination in the popular riot of 29 December 1514.
However, at Tannenberg the actual ratio of Russian to German troops was closer to 16 to 29.
However, the Duke of Berry's widow, Caroline of Naples and Sicily, was found to be pregnant and on 29 September 1820 gave birth to a son, Henri, Duke of Bordeaux.
However, on the night of 28 – 29 October, the Opéra burned to the ground ; the directors, amid other pressing concerns, set Don Rodrigue aside.
However, someone born during either Adar in a leap year will celebrate his birthday during Adar in a non-leap year, except that someone born on 30 Adar I will celebrate his birthday on 1 Adar in a non-leap year because Adar in a non-leap year has only 29 days, and 30 Adar I is Rosh Chodesh, so his birthday will still fall on Rosh Chodesh Adar.
However, on the day following the meeting with Brown, five Gurkha veterans who had applied for residency in the United Kingdom received letters telling them that their appeals had been rejected-many saw this as a betrayal, despite the fact that for the letters to have been received the day after the meeting they might have been sent before it ( and certainly after the 29 April Commons vote ).
However in the southern Bay of Plenty and parts of the East Coast, Haumia is a son of Tāne and grandson of Rangi and Papa ( Orbell 1998: 29 ).

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