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However and evidenced
However, certain religious documents as evidenced in theological literature address attributes such as omniscience.
However death is also viewed as a path towards apotheosis in Shintoism as can be evidenced by how legendary individuals become enshrined after death.
However, it is also possible that such advances could be exploited for hostile purposes, something evidenced in a small number of incidents of bioterrorism, but more particularly by the series of large-scale offensive biological warfare programmes carried out by major states in the last century.
However, lack of pars compacta neurons clearly has a large influence on movement, as evidenced by the symptoms of Parkinson's.
However, they must have existed in speech ; this is evidenced by a letter from c. 1200 BCE complaining that the language of a correspondent is as unintelligible as the speech of a northern Egyptian to a southerner.
However, the present Muslim and South Asian worlds traditionally were quite close in culture and trade despite differences in religions since time immemorial, as evidenced by the development of the Hindu-Arabic numeral system.
However Edwards ( 2000 ) challenges the consensus view among scholars that in the wake of the Scopes trial a humiliated fundamentalism retreated into the political and cultural background, a viewpoint evidenced in the movie " Inherit the Wind " and the majority of contemporary historical accounts.
However, at the end of Reconstruction, the second " s " was quietly dropped and the designated honoree was changed to Stephen A. Douglas, an Illinois senator and the Democratic opponent of Abraham Lincoln in the presidential election of 1860 as evidenced by a historical marker about the creation of Douglas County:
However, the name " Hypoluxo " still was associated with the area on the south shores of the lake, as evidenced by its appearance on a 1841 War Department map.
However, Clark was determined that VI Corps should strike directly for Rome as evidenced in his later writing: " We not only wanted the honour of capturing Rome, but felt that we deserved it ... Not only did we intend to become the first army to seize Rome from the south, but we intended to see that people at home knew that it was the Fifth Army that did the job, and knew the price that had been paid for it .".
However, Citytv itself was unsuccessful in expanding its audience to other markets, as evidenced by the recent cancellation of the other stations ' traditional newscasts.
However other experts, beginning with Ludwig van Jan, point out that despite his familiarity with Greek literature Macrobius was far more familiar with Latin than Greek — as evidenced by his enthusiasm for Vergil and Cicero -- and favor North Africa, which was part of the Latin-speaking portion of the Roman Empire.
However, Pentecostals add and emphasize that the baptism of the Holy Spirit is evidenced specifically by speaking in tongues, a position which churches in the traditional holiness movement do not accept.
However, occasional typhoons emerging from the South China Sea will pose a threat to the city as evidenced by Typhoon Wayne in 1986 which struck Taiwan from the west coast near Taichung.
However, Harpenden was not totally confident in its safety, as evidenced by the now decaying Bowers Parade air raid shelters, soon to be secured for the future.
However, in Thief of Time, though still resentful of having been born Death's granddaughter and attempting to avoid too much contact with the supernatural world, she appears to have accepted and even embraced her heritage: she admits, albeit grudgingly, that she is not completely human, frequently uses her powers to provide teaching aids, and views herself as an exception to the rules of normal human society, as evidenced by her willingness to investigate the personal papers of her employer, Madame Frout, without her knowledge.
However, is known that Władysław Odonic took care properly for the upbringing of his offspring, evidenced by the fact that Bolesław, like his older brother Przemysł I, was able to read and write Latin.
However, his parallel work in costume design evidenced a toning down of avant-garde tendencies ( to the displeasure of his colleagues at Integral magazine ), and a growing preoccupation with commedia dell ' arte.
However, as evidenced both by Polish and Ukrainian underground reports, the only major concern of Ukrainian nationalists was that of strong Soviet partisan groups operating in the area.
However, the early 21st century saw a tremendous upsurge in interest in the ethics of neuroscience, as evidenced by numerous meetings, publications and organizations dedicated to this topic.
However without the boost of a major hit Larson's commercial decline was evidenced by the muted impact of her 1981 and 1982 album releases: Radioland, which was her last album produced by Templeman, and All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go even though both releases showed Larson back in strong vocal form.
However heavy rain can still cause large scale flooding as evidenced in September, 2008 when 16 people died as the river breached its banks.
However, a majority of the Court continues to maintain a strict ban on most forms of state-sponsored religious exercises in schools themselves, as evidenced by the 6-3 ruling in Santa Fe Independent School District v. Doe, 530 U. S. 290 ( 2000 ), which struck down student-led prayers before public school football games.
However such a concept of eternal return was used metaphorically, and evidenced for not being taken as a literal theorem of Nietzsche for how in fact things are or aren't, by how he claimed it as a most " abysmal " of convictions amongst human values.
However, there doesn't appear to be any species as powerful as an Earthling hammerhead shark, as evidenced by the failure of Yeerk chemical weapons to even faze the Animorphs in shark form.

However and quote
However, the quote in context shows that Darwin actually had a very good understanding of the evolution of the eye.
' However, the above quote is in the context of a section in Gardner's book examining why the Templars were executed by the Christian Church, so it is entirely possible that the reference is not to Gardner's own opinion of homosexuality but that of earlier Christians.
However, people will often quote only a fraction of a proverb to invoke an entire proverb, e. g. " All is fair " instead of " All is fair in love and war ", and " A rolling stone " for " A rolling stone gathers no moss.
However, this distribution of meanings between the two terms used to be precisely inverse at the time they were coined: The Oxford English Dictionary defined “ racialism ” as “ belief in the superiority of a particular race ” and gives a 1907 quote as the first recorded use.
However Cerf and Navasky just quote from a book written by Morgan and Langford, Facts and Fallacies.
However new research using computerized matching of data files shows that the rates of cohabitation were quote low — under 5 % -- for the working class and the poor.
However new research using computerized matching of data files shows that the rates of cohabitation were quote low -- under 5 % -- for the working class and the urban poor.
However, when the Cardinals won Game 7, he did not quote his father.
However, in around eighty further instances, the quote is corrected or altered in some way.
However, the quote has since been the subject of much historical debate regarding the extent to which the Blueshirts, and by extension Fine Gael — and Costello himself — had ties to European fascist movements.
However, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights left the issue of conscientious objection inexplicit, as we see in this quote from War Resisters International: " Article 18 of the Covenant does put some limits on the right freedom of thought, conscience and religion, stating that manifestations must not infringe on public safety, order, health or morals.
However supersweet varieties containing the sh2 allele must be grown in isolation from other varieties to avoid cross-pollination and resulting starchiness, either in space ( various sources quote minimum quarantine distances from 100 to 400 feet or 30 to 120 m ) or in time ( i. e., the supersweet corn does not pollinate at the same time as other corn in nearby fields ).
However, the idiom is found in passing in a quote in a 1965 publication, apparently referring to the wife of Bernie Madoff.
However, no such direct quote or testimony to this effect appears in the actual stenographic record of Jackson's grand jury appearance, casting doubt on their veracity.
However, if sufficiently provoked, Hank has proven not to be a pushover, often ending disputes with his self-popularized quote " I'm going to kick your ass " ( though he rarely follows through on this threat ).
However, modern practice is to quote the p-value explicitly, where the outcome of a test is essentially the final outcome of an experiment or other study.
( However, see this link regarding the controversy over the origin of the quote )"
However, a very brief pejorative quote from an ancient book of divination may not be a reliable source for determining ethnic characteristics.
However, the source of the famous quote has yet to be determined.
However, this quote refers to the fact that some graphemes are composed of several characters.
However, as claimed by Richard John Neuhaus in the November 2001 issue of his blog-like online journal ' First Things ', when “ asked in 1971 about the correct version of the quote, Niemöller said he was not quite sure when he had said the famous words but, if people insist upon citing them, he preferred a version that listed ‘ the Communists ’, ‘ the trade unionists ’, ‘ the Jews ’, and ‘ me ’.” However, historian Harold Marcuse could not verify that interview.
The statement by the Committee, after acknowledging the said quote from its president, affirmed: " However we are naturally concerned about how wider use of this Tridentine liturgy may impact upon how Jews are perceived and treated.
However, the first appearance of that quote appears to have been in a print advertisement in the late 19th century.
However, one of his quote " To understand a program you must become both the machine and the program.

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