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However and chemical
Experiments have been conducted to attempt the synthesis of ununennium ( Uue ), which is likely to be the next member of the group, but they have all met with failure .< ref name =" link "> However, ununennium may not be an alkali metal due to relativistic effects, which are predicted to have a large influence on the chemical properties of superheavy elements.
Dmitri Mendeleev claimed he arranged his tables in order of atomic weight (" Atomgewicht ") However, in deference to the observed chemical properties, he violated his own rule and placed tellurium ( atomic weight 127. 6 ) ahead of iodine ( atomic weight 126. 9 ).
However, this did not explain similarities between different atoms, as expressed by the periodic table, such as the fact that helium ( 2 electrons ), neon ( 10 electrons ), and argon ( 18 electrons ) exhibit similar chemical behavior.
However, as it ages, it acquires a sweet, earthy scent commonly likened to the fragrance of rubbing alcohol without the vaporous chemical astringency.
However, the term came into wide use only after the publication of a review article by O. Jacobsen in the chemical dictionary of Albert Ladenburg in the 1880s.
However, today the IUPAC system of chemical nomenclature allows chemists to specify by name specific compounds amongst the vast variety of possible chemicals.
However, not all substances or chemical compounds consist of discrete molecules, and indeed most of the solid substances that makes up the solid crust, mantle, and core of the Earth are chemical compounds without molecules.
However, because of the relatively small diffusion rates in solids, the corresponding chemical reactions are very slow in comparison to liquid and gas phase reactions.
However, Aspdin's methods were " rule-of-thumb ": Vicat is responsible for establishing the chemical basis of these cements, and Johnson established the importance of sintering the mix in the kiln.
However, electrolysis requires an external source of electrical energy to induce a chemical reaction, and this process takes place in a compartment called an electrolytic cell.
However, the soda makes the glass water soluble, which is usually undesirable, so lime ( calcium oxide, generally obtained from limestone ), some magnesium oxide ( MgO ) and aluminium oxide ( Al < sub > 2 </ sub > O < sub > 3 </ sub >) are added to provide for a better chemical durability.
However, due to chemical bonding characteristics glasses do possess a high degree of short-range order with respect to local atomic polyhedra.
" However, in these UN statements it was never made clear that it was only Iraq that was using chemical weapons, so it has been said that " the international community remained silent as Iraq used weapons of mass destruction against Iranian as well as Iraqi Kurds " and it is believed that the " United States prevented the UN from condemning Iraq ".
" However, due to various outside pressures, the statements never clarified that only Iraq was using chemical weapons, and retrospective authors have claimed, " The international community remained silent as Iraq used weapons of mass destruction against Iranian as well as Iraqi Kurds.
However, it is usually accompanied by physical or chemical changes that permanently degrade the material's insulating properties.
However, the atmosphere was found to be in a stable condition close to its chemical equilibrium, with very little oxygen, methane, or hydrogen, but with an overwhelming abundance of carbon dioxide.
However, the majority of familiar solid substances on Earth, including most of the minerals that make up the crust, mantle, and core of the Earth, contain many chemical bonds, but are not made of identifiable molecules.
However, any given molecule may contain any given combination of isotopes, so there may be multiple molecular masses for each chemical compound.
However, the two processes take place through a different sequence of chemical reactions and in different cellular compartments.
However, according to Naithani & Kakkar ( 2004 ), " all herbal preparations should be checked for toxic chemical residues to allay consumer fears of exposure to known neuro-toxicant pesticides and to aid in promoting global acceptance of these products ".
However, the nature of these essential chemical elements remained unknown.
However the chemical convenience of having oxygen as the primary atomic weight standard became ever more evident with advances in analytical chemistry and the need for ever more accurate atomic weight determinations.

However and bonding
However, in principle, since the same electronegativities should be obtained for any two bonding compounds, the data is in fact overdetermined, and the signs are unique once a reference point is fixed ( usually, for H or F ).
However, 2 + ions ( Be < sup > 2 +</ sup >) or even 1 + ( Li < sup >+</ sup >) show some polarizing power because their sizes are so small ( e. g., LiI is ionic but has some covalent bonding present ).
However, it also has some features of covalent bonding: it is directional, stronger than a van der Waals interaction, produces interatomic distances shorter than sum of van der Waals radii, and usually involves a limited number of interaction partners, which can be interpreted as a kind of valence.
However, other factors ( such as atomic radius, nuclear charge, number of bonding orbitals, overlap of orbital energies, and crystal form ) are involved as well.
However metals are often readily soluble in each other while retaining the metallic character of their bonding.
However, in colloidal gold the metallic bonding is confined to a tiny metallic particle, preventing the oscillation wave of the plasmon from ' running away '.
However, having four bonding electrons gives it, like carbon, many opportunities to combine with other elements or compounds under the right circumstances.
However, the integrated or mesh bonding schemes are preferred over isolated bonding networks because of the added costs and efforts required to manage, control, and maintain the isolation for the equipment, particularly during equipment upgrade and modifications to the plant.
In 1982, the sociologists Danny L., and Lin Jorgensen found that, “ when it is reasonable ,-tellers comply with local laws and purchase a business license .” However, in the United States, a variety of local and state laws restrict fortune-telling, require the licensing or bonding of fortune-tellers, or make necessary the use of terminology that avoids the term " fortune-teller " in favour of terms such as " spiritual advisor " or " psychic consultant.
However, during this same period, internecine power conflicts among diverse leaders, and ideological and economical struggles developed between Buenos Aires Province and much of the rest of the United Provinces, with many of the Provinces bonding themselves into a Federal League, inspired by Federalist José Gervasio Artigas ' leadership.
However, the small size and high ionization energies of boron tends to result in delocalized covalent bonding, in which three atoms share two electrons, rather than metallic bonding.
However, kibbutzim children shared high bonding with their parents as compared to those who were sent to boarding schools, because children in a kibbutz spent three hours with their parents every day.
However, some AVP may also be released directly into the brain, and accumulating evidence suggests it plays an important role in social behavior, bonding, and maternal responses to stress.
However, when a new calf is born, the bonding ends and the mother will keep her previous offspring at bay with horn jabs.
However, in benzene the remaining six bonding electrons are located in three π ( pi ) molecular bonding orbitals that are delocalized around the ring.
However, the atomic orbitals for bonding may be hybrids.
However, advances in the study of ab initio calculations have revealed that the contribution of d-orbitals to hypervalent bonding is too small to describe the bonding properties, and this hybrid orbital description is now regarded as much less important.
However, whitener does not work where bonding has been used and neither is it effective on tooth-color filling.
However, Nighteyes refuses to return to the wild, and he eventually wears down Fitz's resistance to the idea of bonding again.

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