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However and 1918
However, he became gravely ill during the 1918 flu pandemic and, since Spain was neutral and thus under no wartime censorship restrictions, his illness and subsequent recovery were covered worldwide, giving the false impression ( in the absence of real news from anywhere else ) that Spain was the most-affected area.
However, they then went into one of the longest championship droughts in baseball history, called by some the " Curse of the Bambino " after its alleged beginning with the Red Sox's sale of Babe Ruth to the rival Yankees two years after their world championship in 1918, an 86-year wait before the team's sixth World Championship in.
However, there could still be an even more complex flash-back construction in American films in the case of W. S. Van Dyke ' sThe Lady of the Dugout ( 1918 ).
However, after 1918, the term was used for nationalist paramilitary organizations that sprang up around Germany as soldiers returned in defeat from World War I.
However, a decree of 29 May 1918 imposed obligatory military service for men of ages 18 to 40.
However, the linking of basic geometric forms with inherent beauty and ease of industrial application — which had been prefigured by Marcel Duchamp from 1914 — was left to the founders of Purism, Amédée Ozenfant and Charles-Édouard Jeanneret ( better known as Le Corbusier ,) who exhibited paintings together in Paris and published Après le cubisme in 1918.
However barbed wire was defeated by the tank in 1916, as shown by the Allied breakthrough at Amiens through German lines on August 8, 1918.
However, special citations for poetry were presented in 1918 and 1919.
However in July 1918 a coalition of Mensheviks, Social Revolutionaries and Tsarist former officers of the Imperial Russian Army revolted against the Bolshevik rule emanating from Tashkent and established the Ashkhabad Executive Committee.
However, a contemporary of Faure's, Antonio Cotogni, ( 1831 – 1918 )— probably the foremost Italian baritone of his generation — can be heard, briefly and dimly, at the age of 77, on a duet recording with the tenor Francesco Marconi.
However, on June 8, 1918, with the armed support of the Czechoslovak Legions, the city was taken by the Committee of Members of the Constituent Assembly, or Komuch, who organized a " democratic counter-revolution ", which at its height encompassed twelve million people.
However, the Baltic Germans held citizenship of the Russian Empire until 1918 and Estonian or Latvian citizenship 1918 – 1939.
However, the most archaic features are found in the South Aukštaitija dialect, such as :-tau ,-tai usage instead of-čiau ,-tum ; in instead of į ; and the endings-on ,-un instead of-ą ,-ų. Lithuanian has been the official language of Lithuania since 1918.
However, as the City began to grow and crime made its way into the community, two deputy City Marshals were added in October 1918.
However, in 1918, in order to retain workers, the company initiated a program that rented pre-fabricated homes to miners.
However, the national flag ( in a modern sense ) of the Austrian Habsburg Monarchy, like the later Austrian Empire and the Cisleithanian part of Austria-Hungary until 1918, was black-yellow.
However, from 1918 onward, the weight and fineness of all the silver coins declined, until 1977, when the last silver 100-peso coins were minted.
However, in 1918, at the end of the First World War, the monarchies were abolished, the Republics of Austria and Hungary founded instead, and the family was forced into exile in Madeira.
However the town was disincorporated in 1918, so it became a township managed by the state.
However, it did not have good expansion prospects, so a new airport at El Prat opened in 1918.
However, during the second phase of the Ludendorff Offensive in April 1918, German forces reached Locon, away from the town, and on 21 May 1918 launched a bombardment which virtually flattened it.
However, during this period Northern Ireland had disproportionately fewer MPs than would be expected from the relative populations, with the numbers cut from the 29 elected at the 1918 general election to 13 from the 1922 general election and later to 12 with the abolition of university constituencies in 1950.

However and astronomer
However, writing in the Vatican newspaper, the astronomer, Father José Gabriel Funes, director of the Vatican Observatory near Rome, said in 2008 that intelligent beings created by God could exist in outer space.
However, a former assistant ( and later an astronomer in his own right ), Peder Horrebow, loyally described and wrote about Rømer's observations.
However, based on his find of an Olmec hematite artifact in Central America, the American astronomer John Carlson has suggested that " the Olmec may have discovered and used the geomagnetic lodestone compass earlier than 1000 BC ".
" However, after the advent of the telescope showed problems with some geocentric models ( by demonstrating that Venus circles the sun, for example ), the Tychonic system and variations on that system became very popular among geocentrists, and the Jesuit astronomer Giovanni Battista Riccioli would continue Tycho's use of physics, stellar astronomy ( now with a telescope ), and religion to argue against heliocentrism and for Tycho's system well into the seventeenth century ( see Riccioli ).
However, another astronomer, Gerald Kuiper of the
However, the lover of Selene, the moon, is attributed primarily to an Endymion who was either a shepherd or an astronomer, which profession provides justification for him to spend time beneath the moon.
However, no other astronomer has ever confirmed Pickering's claim.
However, Robert Burnham, Jr has proposed that the 1st century astronomer Ptolemy may have seen it with the naked eye while observing its neighbor the Ptolemy Cluster ( M7 ).
However it was actually invented around 1675 by astronomer Richard Towneley, and first used by Graham's mentor Thomas Tompion in a clock built for Sir Jonas Moore, and in the two precision regulators he made for the new Greenwich Observatory in 1676, mentioned in correspondence between Astronomer Royal John Flamsteed and Towneley
However, because the globe contains no actual stars, and because the circles on the globe are drawn inexactly and ambiguously by a sculptor copying the Hellenistic model rather than by a modern astronomer, the dating of the globe is still uncertain and its source or sources remain controversial ; Schaefer's conclusions have been strongly contested ( e. g., Dennis Duke, Journal for the History of Astronomy, February, 2006 ) most particularly on the ground that regardless of the globe's date the constellations on it show large disagreements with the only existing work by Hipparchus.
However, a team led by astronomer Paul Butler did not detect any signal indicating the existence of the second planet.
However, in May 1919, a team led by the British astronomer Arthur Stanley Eddington claimed to have confirmed Einstein's prediction of gravitational deflection of starlight by the Sun while photographing a solar eclipse with dual expeditions in Sobral, northern Brazil, and Príncipe, a west African island.
However, in 1992 American astronomer Dorrit Hoffleit noted that the two comparison stars used to determine the variability may themselves be variable.

However and van
However, the subsequent period saw the departure of manager van Gaal along with an exodus of many key players including Clarence Seedorf in 1995 ; Edgar Davids, Michael Reiziger, Finidi George, and Nwankwo Kanu in 1996 ; Patrick Kluivert, Marc Overmars, and Winston Bogarde in 1997 ; Ronald de Boer and Frank de Boer in 1998 ; and Edwin van der Sar and Jari Litmanen in 1999.
However, Abraham van Calraet could also have used the same initials to denote a painting.
However, only a couple of months later a new problem arose: the company that commercially ran the circuit ( CENAV ), called in the receiver and went out of business, marking the end of " Circuit van Zandvoort ".
However, it also has some features of covalent bonding: it is directional, stronger than a van der Waals interaction, produces interatomic distances shorter than sum of van der Waals radii, and usually involves a limited number of interaction partners, which can be interpreted as a kind of valence.
However, the work of de Wolff and van Gelderen has only recently been translated from Dutch to reach a wider audience.
However, the term lucid was used by van Eeden in its sense of " having insight ", as in the phrase a lucid interval applied to someone in temporary remission from a psychosis, rather than as a reference to the perceptual quality of the experience, which may or may not be clear and vivid.
Modal interpretations of quantum mechanics were first conceived of in 1972 by B. van Fraassen, in his paper “ A formal approach to the philosophy of science .” However, this term now is used to describe a larger set of models that grew out of this approach.
However, to indicate this must be done hesitantly, parliament insisted on a slightly different terminology: instead of krachtens de wet the phrase uit kracht van wet was used ; both mean " by force of law " or " pursuant to law "; but the second expression puts somewhat more emphasis on the force of the law and thus on the fact all delegation is ultimately derived from law.
However, this was strongly opposed by the Dutch sympathizers of the American Revolution, led by baron Joan van der Capellen tot den Pol, who managed to convince the States-General to refuse the British request.
However as Larissa van den Herik has pointed out there is a gap in international law that encourages the use of the charge of genocide when other charges might be more appropriate " The only way for Bosnia to go to the ICJ was to allege genocide.
However, these radical plans ( Ontwerp ter bevestiging van Ommen 1819 ) were not carried out in the end, as the IJssel river to the west was considered a more natural line of defence.
However, Herman did not prove himself to be a trustworthy vassal: in 1296 the humiliated lords Gijsbrecht IV van Amstel and Herman van Woerden entered the scene again as part of a conspiracy.
However, the sales of the EP earned the group enough money to purchase a Dodge van, enabling the band to tour throughout the United States for the first time.
However, in 1977, Martin van Creveld, analyzing the role of logistics in the plan, felt that the effects of Moltke's alteration to avoid invading Dutch neutrality were more apparent than real, since two corps of troops which had been allocated to contain the 90, 000-strong Dutch Army could instead be used for the invasion of France.
However, city records from the time show only the names Johannes van Bruch, Thomas Hall, Stephan de Lancey, James de Lancey, James de Lancey Jr. and John Somerindyck as area property owners.
However the principle clarification of the term was given by H. C. Kraemer and M. van den Akker, determining comorbidity as the combination in a patient of 2 or more chronic diseases ( disorders ), pathogenetically related to each other or coexisting in a single patient independent of each disease ’ s activity in the patient.
However, General Motors New Zealand did sell versions of the three-door station wagon with no rear seat as ' van ' models and continued this with the later HC version.
However other experts, beginning with Ludwig van Jan, point out that despite his familiarity with Greek literature Macrobius was far more familiar with Latin than Greek — as evidenced by his enthusiasm for Vergil and Cicero -- and favor North Africa, which was part of the Latin-speaking portion of the Roman Empire.
However, lack of first team football at his club Inter meant Davids also lost his place in the national team in October 2004, thus losing the captain's armband in the process, which was later handed to Edwin van der Sar.
" However, one of its board members, Eric van Furth, has noted that pro-ana sites have relatively few visitors and advises against legal sanction of such sites, claiming instead that popular media play the more important role in establishing ideals of female thinness.
However methods developed in the 1980s involving a van Kampen type theorem for higher homotopy groupoids have allowed new calculations on homotopy types and so on homotopy groups.

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