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Page "editorial" ¶ 390
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

I and know
`` I know '', Jones said dejectedly.
I don't know yet, it's crazy ; ;
`` I know him.
I don't know what goes on around here, and I don't care.
I don't know what makes you think you can get away with this kind of business, and I don't care about that, either.
My future lay solely with the hall, yet what did I know about the hall at this point??
I wished to prepare myself but did not even know what sort of clothes I ought to be wearing.
`` I know you've got a grudge against me, and maybe I can't blame you.
`` I don't know, Tom.
`` I don't know, Mr. Brenner '', he said haltingly, beginning to get an inkling of Brenner's plans.
I don't know what you're up to, but when Brenner '' --
`` I don't know nothin' about him ''.
I suppose you don't know anything about a piece of two-by-four, either ; ;
`` I know you ain't ''!!
I said, `` Do we know each other, Miss ''??
He caught up with me once and grabbed me, but I was all covered with zing -- it's very slippery, you know ''.
`` I didn't know.
`` How would I know??
True, she was my Aunt, married to an Uncle related to me only by marriage, but why she had married a man twice her age, and more, perhaps, I did not know or much care.
Why she married him I do not know.
`` I know.

I and my
`` I don't have many strays coming to my front door '', he said.
`` All my life '', he said, `` I tried.
`` I hate to leave my garden '', Gavin said.
I loved my garden ''.
`` I never felt better in my life '', Fiske blustered.
In the brief moment I had to talk to them before I took my post on the ring of defenses, I indicated I was sickened by the methods men employed to live and trade on the river.
Every time I closed my eyes, I saw Gray Eyes rushing at me with a knife.
I could see them in my sights.
I found his chest in my sights.
At the last second I dropped my sights from the bare chest and bright red circle to the chest of his pony.
In my sights I watched him looming bigger and bigger.
Such was my state of mind that I did not question the possibility of this ; ;
I would turn away from my writing in the hope of getting a good look at them but I never quite succeeded.
Now, here was something of obvious importance to me, yet when I reached for the tickets he snatched them away from my hand.
I withdrew my hand.
Having nothing else to do except wait for my forms to be processed, I gave myself over to speculations concerning the hall itself.
For although I had crossed a corner of the hall on my way to the toilet I still could not tell for sure how far to the rear the darkness extended.
This light did not penetrate very far back into the hall, and my eyes were hindered rather than aided by the dim daylight entering through the fan vents when I tried to pick out whatever might be lying, or squatting, on the floor below.
No sooner would I turn my head away from the counter before he would address me, at times quite sharply, in order to bring back my attention.

I and son
I came under the spell of a younger group in the church led by the pastor's older son.
When I hold my son he stiffens his whole body in my arms until he is as straight and stiff as a board.
Here I was accompanied by Mrs. Okamoto ( Fumio's mother ), her son, Mr. Washizu ( a prospective student with whom I have been corresponding for more than a year ), and Mr. Nishima, one of the science teachers.
Then his son did something '' -- Rachel threw up her hands -- `` I don't know what, but something, to an official here -- it was during the Mandate -- and the son was imprisoned.
It had grown hot early that day, and I hoped that the boy, my brother's son, would soon come across the broad black area of plowed ground, carrying the jar of cool water.
`` In response to your letter, I can in good conscience recommend my son, David, in the field of leadership ''.
The Osmanli ruler Osman I was the first Turkish ruler who minted coins in his own name in 1320s, for it bears the legend " Minted by Osman son of Ertugul ".
Among the Turkmen leaders the Ottomans emerged as great power under Osman and his son Orhan I. Smyrna was conquered in 1330 AD, and the last Byzantine possession, Philadélphia ( modern Alaşehir ), fell in 1390 AD.
With peace and security established in his dominions, he convoked an assembly of the states and declared his son Malik Shah I his heir and successor.
* 1921 – The British install the son of Sharif Hussein bin Ali ( leader of the Arab Revolt of 1916 against the Ottoman Empire ) as King Faisal I of Iraq.
" Now Absalom in his lifetime had taken and reared up for himself a monument, which is in the king's dale: for he said, I have no son to keep my name in remembrance: and he called the pillar after his own name: and it is called unto this day, Absalom's monument.
Would God I could die for thee, O Absalom, my son.
would God I had died for thee, O Absalom, my son, my son!
Also, " Absalom, Absalom Would I die for you my son, I would have it all undone, The way it all came down " is found on the 1998 album Largo in the song " Gimme A Stone ".
Albert was born in Ansbach in Franconia as the third son of Frederick I, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach.
Ahmed II was born at Topkapı Palace, Constantinople, the son of Sultan Ibrahim I ( 1640 – 48 ) by Valide Sultan Khadija Muazzez, and succeeded his brother Suleiman II ( 1687 – 91 ) in 1691.
For these reasons, I appoint my grandson Karim, the son of my own son, Aly Salomone Khan to succeed to the title of Aga Khan and to the Imam and Pir of all Shia Ismailian followers.
Suetonius states that Domitius was congratulated by friends on the birth of his son, whereupon he replied " I don't think anything produced by me and Agrippina could possibly be good for the state or the people ".

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