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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 981
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

I and know
`` I know '', Jones said dejectedly.
I don't know yet, it's crazy ; ;
`` I know him.
I don't know what goes on around here, and I don't care.
I don't know what makes you think you can get away with this kind of business, and I don't care about that, either.
My future lay solely with the hall, yet what did I know about the hall at this point??
I wished to prepare myself but did not even know what sort of clothes I ought to be wearing.
`` I know you've got a grudge against me, and maybe I can't blame you.
`` I don't know, Tom.
`` I don't know, Mr. Brenner '', he said haltingly, beginning to get an inkling of Brenner's plans.
I don't know what you're up to, but when Brenner '' --
`` I don't know nothin' about him ''.
I suppose you don't know anything about a piece of two-by-four, either ; ;
`` I know you ain't ''!!
I said, `` Do we know each other, Miss ''??
He caught up with me once and grabbed me, but I was all covered with zing -- it's very slippery, you know ''.
`` I didn't know.
`` How would I know??
True, she was my Aunt, married to an Uncle related to me only by marriage, but why she had married a man twice her age, and more, perhaps, I did not know or much care.
Why she married him I do not know.
`` I know.

I and you
`` I could use some help '', Morgan said finally, `` but I can't afford to pay you anything.
You fell down in front of the house, and I carried you in.
I gave you a drink and then you went to sleep ''.
`` I mean, we don't have any way to get there and we can't expect you to quit work just to take us to town ''.
I saw you driftin away -- but I tried.
And you wanted no part of me when I had so much to give.
God in Heaven, I can't refuse you now.
`` I made you what you are '', Gavin whispered.
`` I made you so you could stand up.
I made you a man ''.
The charge, I tell you ''!!
`` That quirt -- I ought to use it on you, where it would do the most good.
`` I thought I told you to stay home ''.
`` I won't even try to thank you ''.
He said in a studied voice, `` I didn't do it for you.

I and are
Now, are you going to take me or am I supposed to walk ''??
If it were not for an old professor who made me read the classics I would have been stymied on what to do, and now I understand why they are classics ; ;
If I even hint at it do you think it will matter that you are his nephew -- and not even a blood nephew ''??
When I show up he will know you are a good wife to have told him about it ''.
Ballet dancer: Protests, tears, and `` take what you want, Nicolas, I am a dancer, you are a poet, it is all beautiful ''.
But in our case -- and neither my wife nor I have extreme views on integration, nor are we given to emotional outbursts -- the situation has ruined one or two valued friendships and come close to wrecking several more.
I suspect that there are far more unreconstructed ones than the North likes to believe.
and I have heard many say that they are content to earn a half or a third as much as they could up North because they so much prefer the quieter habits of their home town.
I have just asked these questions in the Pentagon, in the White House, in offices of key scientists across the country and aboard the submarines that prowl for months underwater, with neat rows of green launch tubes which contain Polaris missiles and which are affectionately known as `` Sherwood Forest ''.
I asked the same questions inside the launch-control rooms of an Atlas missile base in Wyoming, where officers who wear sidearms are manning the `` commit buttons '' that could start a war -- accidentally or by design -- and in the command centers where other pistol-packing men could give orders to push such buttons.
I am certainly not adequately trained to describe or enlarge on human fears, but there are certain features of the fears dispelled by scientific explanations that stand out quite clearly.
I think that we are here also talking of the kind of fear that a young boy has for a group of boys who are approaching at night along the streets of a large city.
I have chosen to use the word `` mimesis '' in its Christian rather than its classic implications and to discover in the concrete forms of both art and myth powers of theological expression which, as in the Christian mind, are the direct consequence of involvement in historical experience, which are not reserved, as in the Greek mind, only to moments of theoretical reflection.
Both I and my feelings come up out of a chain of events that fan out into the past into sources that are ultimately very unlike the entity which I now am.
I leave out of account the question of the best interests of the children, the question of what their best interests really are.
I will assume that we are all aware of the continuing struggle, with its limited and precarious success, toward conservatism.
What I want to point out here is that all of them are ex-liberals, or modified liberals, with perhaps one exception.
I am not making a clinical judgment here, for such personal tragedies are real and are commonplace in the analyst's consulting room, but literature makes a different claim upon our sympathies than tragedy in life.
There is probably some significance in the fact that two of the best incest stories I have encountered in recent years are burlesques of the incest myth.

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