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If and Committee
If the claim is unopposed, the Committee will generally award the claim, unless there is evidence of collusion, the peerage has been in abeyance for more than a century, or the petitioner holds less than one-third of the claim.
If the Council still does not approve the Parliament's position, then the text is taken to a " Conciliation Committee " composed of the Council members plus an equal number of MEPs.
If the Politburo indeed chose the Central Committee membership, various factions would have arisen.
Chinese immigrants were blamed for importing the opium-smoking habit to the U. S. The 1903 blue-ribbon citizens ' panel, the Committee on the Acquirement of the Drug Habit concluded, " If the Chinaman cannot get along without his dope we can get along without him.
# If a project's spending becomes too much for a committee to continue funding, it must take the issue to the Project Committee.
If supported, the appointment had to be ratified by a Central Committee plenum.
** If the Competition Committee removes a penalty, the points are also removed
If the selected committee were the Policy Review Committee, a member was designated to serve as study chairman.
If the bill is approved, it is put before a Committee of the House.
If it would be impractical or unreasonable for these to be exhausted ; if, for example, there would be too much of a delay or legal aid was not available, then the Committee can make an exception and allow the complaint to be admissible.
If the claim is inappropriate or considered to be a waste of the Committee's time ( such as frivolous claims or claims that have already been rejected by the Committee or another international mechanism ) then it will be considered inadmissible ..
If the State had made a reservation to the right in question when acceding to the ICCPR then generally the Committee will respect this, however, in some exceptional cases, they can come to the conclusion that the reservation itself is not acceptable.
If the Committee determines that no violation of a right contained in the ICCPR has occurred then no further action will be taken.
If approved by the Hollywood Walk Of Fame Committee in June 2011, Randy Rhoads ' Posthumous Star would be placed on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2012.
" If the Nobel Committee in 1923 judged the entire persona of its laureate, then Hôtel Dieu in 2003 must do no less and conclude that Paulescu's brutal inhumanity nullifies any scientific merit " ( Simon Wiesenthal Center letter to the French Minister of Health, Jean-François Mattéi, and the Romanian Ambassador in Paris ).
If a province has many inhabitants who are not ethnically Vietnamese, there will probably be a Committee for Ethnic Affairs as well.
If a bill affects the finances of the Commonwealth, it is referred to the Senate or House Committee on Ways and Means after the first reading.
If it affects county finances, the bill is read and referred to the Committee on Counties of the House ( if the matter is reported into the House ).
If a vacancy occurs in either house through death, resignation, or disqualification, the Governor appoints a replacement whose name is submitted by the State Central Committee of the same political party as the legislator whose seat is to be filled.
If the recommendation was for impeachment, the Committee would take up the matter in early 2010.
While most House committees maintain membership in a rough proportion to the full chamber ( If the majority party controls 55 % of the House, it will tend to have 55 % of committee seats ), membership on the Rules Committee is disproportionately in favor of the majority party.
* The Testimony of Mr. Elon Musk-U. S. Senate Committee Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX: " If I can emphasize, underscore and highlight one strategy for Congress, it is to offer prizes of meaningful scale and scope.
If the Senate votes to dissolve itself into the Committee of the Whole, in which all members are part of the committee, the President Pro-Tempore resides over the proceedings, with the Lieutenant Governor acting as a regular voting member.
If harm cannot be avoided, the project agency can seek an exemption from the Endangered Species Committee, an ad hoc panel composed of members from the executive branch and at least one appointee from the state where the project is to occur.

If and manages
If a pidgin manages to be learned by the children of a community as a native language, it may become fixed and acquire a more complex grammar, with fixed phonology, syntax, morphology, and syntactic embedding.
If it manages to reach term, the turtle will try to flip over with the yolk sac, which allows air into the body cavity and death follows.
If the team manages to complete all three levels and master the dungeon, they are awarded with a prize, which changed over the years from the " Silver Spurs of Squiredom ", to medallions ( Series 4 ), to " Frightknight " trophies ( a design of a Knight holding a sword ).
If investing is your pleasure, you may have heard of Mark Spitznagel, who manages a multi-billion dollar hedge fund.
'" He then carried forward his analogy hoping the impasse would be straightened out for " If you go back and read Dr. Seuss, the cat manages to clean up the mess.
** If declarer manages to win with at least 90 trick points, the hand value will be 30 as well ( the base value will increase from 2 to 3 for achieving Schneider ).
If an intruding male manages to evict another male from the nest, it may cannibalize the other male's young.
If the batter manages to hit the ball, all nine defensive players become active and use the ball in attempting to prevent the batter from reaching base and runners already on base from advancing or scoring.
If a player manages to make it to the planet's orbit, he can safely land.
If prey manages to escape the diving birds at first, they may give chase using their legs and wings for underwater swimming.
If the patient manages to survive the procedure, the bone begins to slowly grow back from the rim of the hole towards the center.
If the player manages to convince the robot that he or she is Thomas Jefferson, it will submit.
If Cut manages to turn the graph into one where A and B are no longer connected, he wins.
If Short manages to create a colored path from A to B, he wins.
Explaining where such a policy could be headed, he added: " If Dodik manages to merge Republika Srpska with Serbia, all Croats concentrated in Herzegovina will want to join Croatia in the same manner, leaving a rump Bosniak country, surrounded by enemies.
If a predator of the spotted salamander manages to dismember a part of a leg, tail, or even parts of the brain / head, then it can grow back a new one, although this takes a massive amount of energy.
If the player manages to cover all the numbers in the game, they have " Shut the Box ".
Before the beginning of the game, the host announces a satirical sponsor for the episode ( similar to YDKJ: The Ride ); If a player manages to buzz in with the wrong answer associated with the sponsor, they win $ 4, 000 ( double in Round 2 ) and a ' prize ' from the sponsor, instead of losing cash.
If the player manages to survive a specified number of lines without losing, they win the level and are awarded points for successful completion.
If the player manages to survive the repair phase ( by surrounding at least one castle within a time limit ), he is given a short amount of time to place additional cannons within the walls of his fort ( if he made room for them ), after which the battle resumes.
Later on near the end of the game ( If the player manages to capture all the Augers and save all the innocent victims ), Kelly finds out that the Martin family are vampires themselves.
If the cat manages to kiss the female cat in the special room, the level advances by one and the player gains an extra life.
If the player manages to hit the cannon, it explodes violently, collapsing the remnants of the shield rings, and the player is awarded with an extra ship.
If a player manages to pass the first four rounds in less than a minute each, he will appear in the water of round five riding a surf-board.

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