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If and person's
If software is faulty ( buggy ), it can delete a person's work, crash the computer and do other unexpected things.
If a person's epilepsy cannot be brought under control after adequate trials of two or three ( experts vary here ) different drugs, that person's epilepsy is generally said to be medically refractory.
If the person has a mental illness and it is determined that the mental illness interfered with the person's ability to determine right from wrong ( and other associated criteria a jurisdiction may have ) and if the person is willing to plead guilty or is proven guilty in a court of law, some jurisdictions have an alternative option known as either a Guilty but Mentally Ill ( GBMI ) or a Guilty but Insane verdict.
If a person remains free to disregard questioning by the government, there has been no intrusion upon the person's liberty or privacy under the Fourth Amendment — there has been no seizure.
If the person has been made to stand then that person has no lap and neither of the statements " the person's lap is empty " and " there is something on the person's lap " is true.
* If a person pushes outwards with their hands against something for a while, then stops, it will feel as if there is something stopping the person's hands from closing together.
If that person's world changes, the model must change.
If a person's birth or adoption was registered in Australia, the change will also be noted ( in most cases ) on the person's birth or adoption registration.
* If a person's name exposes them to the ridicule and goes against the person's well being in everyday life.
If that tribunal rules that a combatant is an " unlawful combatant " then the person's status changes to that of a civilian which may give them some rights under the Fourth Geneva Convention.
If the heart was out of balance with Ma ' at, then another fearsome beast called Ammit, the Devourer, stood ready to eat it and put the dead person's afterlife to an early and unpleasant end.
If another person's ears were substituted, the individual would not immediately be able to localize sound, as the patterns of enhancement and cancellation would be different from those patterns the person's auditory system is used to.
* Negative politeness: Making a request less infringing, such as " If you don't mind ..." or " If it isn't too much trouble ..."; respects a person's right to act freely.
* If breathing is not restored, the person's face turns blue ( cyanosis ) from lack of oxygen.
If a person dies intestate with no identifiable heirs, the person's estate generally escheats ( i. e. is legally assigned ) to the Crown ( via the Bona vacantia division of the Treasury Solicitor ) or to the Duchies of Cornwall or Lancaster when the deceased was a resident of either ; in limited cases a discretionary distribution might be made by one of these bodies to persons who would otherwise be without entitlement under strict application of the rules of inheritance.
If overly positive or elevated expectations were used to describe or manipulate a person's self-image and execution falls short, the results could be a total reversal of that person's self-confidence.
If thought of in terms of causality or cause and effect, the higher a person's expectation and the lower the execution, the higher the frustration level may become.

If and hands
If it fails to pass, he can throw up his hands and say the Legislature would not support him in his efforts to prevent integration.
Jarry once wrote, expressing some of the bizarre logic of ' pataphysics, " If you let a coin fall and it falls, the next time it is just by an infinite coincidence that it will fall again the same way ; hundreds of other coins on other hands will follow this pattern in an infinitely unimaginable fashion ".
If the sick person wishes to receive the sacrament of penance, it is preferable that the priest make himself available for this during a previous visit ; but if the sick person must confess during the celebration of the sacrament of anointing, this confession replaces the penitential rite A passage of Scripture is read, and the priest may give a brief explanation of the reading, a short litany is said, and the priest lays his hands on the head of the sick person and then says a prayer of thanksgiving over the already blessed oil or, if necessary, blesses the oil himself.
If the dealer busts, all remaining player hands win.
* Split ( only available as first decision of a hand ): If the first two cards have the same value, the player can split them into two hands, by moving a second bet equal to the first into an area outside the betting box of the original bet.
If the auction is passed out, i. e. no bids are made and only four passes are called, the hands are abandoned and the turn to deal passes in rotation.
If the persons approaching ( a patrol ) carry their hands in their pockets, or are in any way suspicious-looking, shoot them down.
If your side has two aces and a void, then you are not at risk of losing the first two tricks, so long as ( a ) your void is useful ( i. e., does not duplicate the function of an ace that your side holds ) and ( b ) you are not vulnerable to the loss of the first two tricks in the fourth suit ( because, for instance, one of the partnership hands holds a singleton in that suit or the protected king, giving your side second round control ).
" That rich island ," he wrote on 1 December 1881, " the key to the Gulf of Mexico, is, though in the hands of Spain, a part of the American commercial system … If ever ceasing to be Spanish, Cuba must necessarily become American and not fall under any other European domination.
Diocletian's reply: " If you could show the cabbage that I planted with my own hands to your emperor, he definitely wouldn't dare suggest that I replace the peace and happiness of this place with the storms of a never-satisfied greed.
* Abu Hurairah reported that Muhammad said: " If you survive for a time you would certainly see people who would have whips in their hands like the tail of an ox.
If you take a piece of paper in your hands, holding it on both ends, you can pull very hard and not tear the paper.
If more than one player remains in contention after the final betting round, the hands are revealed and the player with the winning hand takes the pot.
If a player beats their opponent with all five hands, this is called a “ Five-O ” win.
If there is a side pot, players involved in the side pot should show their hands before anyone who is all-in for only the main pot.
If any player declared " swing ", then that player must have both the high and low hands to take any part of the pot, though there are several rule variations covering the specifics.
If a player is not aggressive with his weaker hands, the opponents can safely fold whenever the player does bet or raise.
If a player's front and rear hands both lose to the dealer's respective hands, the player loses the bet.
If tile A were made into a hand with tile B both resulting hands would score zero.
If each of the player's now-separated hands beat the banker's corresponding hand then he wins the bet.
If only one of his hands beats the banker then he pushes ( ties ) in which case neither he nor the banker wins the bet.
If both of his hands lose to the banker then he loses.
If for some reason the researcher or archivist does need to handle the actual photo, perhaps to examine the verso for writing, he or she can use gloves if there appears to be a risk from oils or dirt on the hands.

If and are
If it were not for an old professor who made me read the classics I would have been stymied on what to do, and now I understand why they are classics ; ;
If I even hint at it do you think it will matter that you are his nephew -- and not even a blood nephew ''??
If the circumstances are faced frankly it is not reasonable to expect this to be true.
If his dancers are sometimes made to look as if they might be creatures from Mars, this is consistent with his intention of placing them in the orbit of another world, a world in which they are freed of their pedestrian identities.
If love reflects the nature of man, as Ortega Y Gasset believes, if the person in love betrays decisively what he is by his behavior in love, then the writers of the beat generation are creating a new literary genre.
If to be innocent is to be helpless, then I had been -- as are we all -- helpless at the start.
Defoe then commented, `` If they Could Draw that young Gentleman into Their Measures They would show themselves quickly, for they are not asham'd to Say They want only a head to Make a beginning ''.
If Jews are identified as a religious body in a controversy that comes before a national or international tribunal, it is obviously compatible with the goal of human dignity to protect freedom of worship.
If they are right, they will prevail of and by themselves.
Without preliminaries, Esther asked him, `` If you are a world citizen, will you take Garry Davis' place in his tent while he goes to the hospital ''??
If we are to believe the list of titles printed in Malraux's latest book, La Metamorphose Des Dieux, Vol. 1 ( ( 1957 ), he is still engaged in writing a large novel under his original title.
If the would-be joiner asks these questions he is not likely to be duped by extremists who are seeking to capitalize on the confusions and the patriotic apprehensions of Americans in a troubled time.
If we break the minister to our bit, we are buying back our own sins.
If the record buyer's tastes are somewhat eclectic or even the slightest bit esoteric, he will find them satisfied on educational records.
If Daddy's books are out of bounds his own picture books are not.
If it will simply delay the debates until the qualifications are closed next spring, and then carry all the candidates on a tour of debates, it can provide a service to the state.
If they are to be commended for foresight in their planning, what then is the judgment of a town council that compounds this problem during the planning stage??
If the Communists are sincere in wanting a united, neutral and disarmed Germany, it might well be advantageous for the German people in this nuclear age.
If only this could be done more often -- with such heartening results -- many of the earth's `` big problems '' would shrink to the insignificances they really are.
If any are left, presently, we may expect to see signs specifically prohibiting the feeding of them too.
If the raw population figures are crucially relevant, then it is idle to think of liberation, as idle as to suppose that Poland might liberate Russia.
If it is not enough that all of our internationalist One Worlders are advocating that we join this market, I refer you to an article in the New York Times' magazine section ( Nov. 12, 1961 ), by Mr. Eric Johnston, entitled `` We Must Join The Common Market ''.
If the UN troops are not mercenaries then the Hessians were not mercenaries either.

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