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Page "editorial" ¶ 313
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

If and we
If we let them go, they won't stay away, they'll find men to ride with them and they'll be back.
If we was both armed, you wouldn't talk so tough ''.
If we have to we'll take him apart and see what he's made of ''!!
If we look at recent art we find it preoccupied with form.
If we were creating a wholly new society, we could insist that our social, political, economic and philosophic institutions foster rather than hamper man ; ;
If we want respect from ourselves or others, we will have to earn it.
If we cannot stop warfare in our own economic system, how can we expect to abolish it internationally??
If we examine the three types of change from the point of view of their internal structure we find an additional profound difference between the third and the first two, one that accounts for the notable difference between the responses they evoke.
If we remove ourselves for a moment from our time and our infatuation with mental disease, isn't there something absurd about a hero in a novel who is defeated by his infantile neurosis??
If many of the characters in contemporary novels appear to be the bloodless relations of characters in a case history it is because the novelist is often forgetful today that those things that we call character manifest themselves in surface behavior, that the ego is still the executive agency of personality, and that all we know of personality must be discerned through the ego.
If our sincerity is granted, and it is granted, the discrepancy can only be explained by the fact that we have come to believe hearsay and legend about ourselves in preference to an understanding gained by earnest self-examination.
If you had screamed right there in the street where we stood, I could not have felt more fear.
If to be innocent is to be helpless, then I had been -- as are we all -- helpless at the start.
If we grasp this opportunity to build an age of productive partnership between the less fortunate nations and those that have already achieved a high state of economic advancement, we will make brighter the outlook for a world order based upon security and freedom.
If art is to release us from these postulated things ( things we must think symbolically about ) and bring us back to the ineffable beauty and richness of the aesthetic component of reality in its immediacy, it must sever its connection with these common sense entities ''.
If he's going to the St. Louis convention as a delegate we ought to know it.
If we are to believe the list of titles printed in Malraux's latest book, La Metamorphose Des Dieux, Vol. 1 ( ( 1957 ), he is still engaged in writing a large novel under his original title.

If and break
If he won't break, we add to the stress he bears.
If the student drops out of high school, the break with the school is even more complete.
If the Orioles are to break their losing streak within the next two days, it will have to be at the expense of the American League champion New York Yankees, who come in here tomorrow for a night game and a single test Sunday afternoon.
If the speed of the fluttering is close to a harmonic of the control's movement, the resonance could break the control off completely.
If that steady-state signal was interrupted, it indicated one of two things: either the operator was about to start transmitting, or something else had happened to break the connection — such as a physical break in the telegraph line.
If it was instead hilly, wooded, marshy, or urban, armour would be vulnerable to infantry in close-quarters combat and unable to break out at full speed.
If he felt out of ideas on what to do with the story, he would often take a break from the shoot that could last for days, while keeping the studio ready for when he felt inspired again.
If a cabal can be implicated in a sequence of events, there is always the hope, however tenuous, of being able to break the cabal's power – or joining it and exercising some of that power oneself.
If two groups differ only in isotopes, atomic masses are used at each step to break ties in atomic number.
If the azeotrope is not considered sufficiently pure for use, there exist some techniques to break the azeotrope to give a pure distillate.
If a thing breaks, the person should not be upset, but realize it was a thing that could break.
If ' beauty ' is defined as ' aesthetically successful ', one must continue to break down and define the following definition.
If a fatwā does not break new ground, then it is simply called a ruling.
: If she can break my tender heart
If attack was called for, an overarm motion was more likely to break through an opponent's defence.
If a decision must be reached in a particular match ( e. g., in a tournament ) and it ends in a draw after regular time, there are at maximum two overtimes of 2 × 5 minutes with a 1-minute break each.
If he breaks another man's bone, break his own bone.
In The Origin of Species, he wrote, " If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed, which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down.
# If the German Armed Forces ( Wehrmacht ) were not in a position to break the danger from the Eastern front, then Nazi Germany would fall to Bolshevism, and all of Europe would fall shortly afterward ;
In Chess for Dummies, James Eade commented on the game, writing, " If even world champions break the rules, what hope do the rest of us have?
If the key is truly random, as large as or greater than the plaintext, never reused in whole or part, and kept secret, the ciphertext will be impossible to decrypt or break without knowing the key.
If there is still a tie for first place, a jump-off occurs to break the tie.
If the referee reaches the count of five, and the wrestler still does not break the hold, he is disqualified.

If and minister
If Mahzeer was alone with the prime minister he could be arranging his execution while Hoag stood out here shivering in the darkening street.
If Mahzeer was planning to set up the prime minister for Muller he would have to do it in the next few minutes.
If a government cannot get its appropriation ( budget ) legislation passed by the House of Representatives, or the house passes a vote of " no confidence " in the government, the prime minister is bound by convention to resign immediately.
If, however, an opposition party wins a majority of seats in the House of Commons, the prime minister may resign or be dismissed by the governor general.
If a person elected prime minister is neither a member of the Lok Sabha nor Rajya Sabha, then he must become a member of the Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha within six months.
If the prime minister is declared permanently incapacitated, or that period expires, the President of Israel oversees the process of assembling a new governing coalition, and in the meantime the acting prime minister or other incumbent minister is appointed by the Cabinet to serve as Interim Prime Minister.
If the congregation does not have an installed pastor, the Presbytery appoints a minister member or elected member of the presbytery as moderator with the concurrence of the local church session.
The Duke of Wellington lamented: " If such projects can be carried into execution by a minister of the Crown with impunity, there is no doubt that the constitution of this House, and of this country, is at an end.
If the head minister is not present, anyone may take his or her place.
If Baghdad established diplomatic relations with Israel, we could open a consulate in Hewlêr ( Kurdistan ).” Israeli television broadcast photographs from the 1960s showing Mustafa Barzani embracing then Israeli defense minister Moshe Dayan.
If a presidential vacancy should occur, a successor must be elected within sixty days, during which time presidential duties are to be performed by the prime minister or other senior cabinet members in the order of priority as determined by law.
If the party is in government, a high ranking minister, often the prime minister can also be party leader.
If the high ranking minister is the Prime Minister, this can be seen by the " PM " behind his name.
If the danger of death is present or if, in the judgement of the diocesan bishop or conference of bishops, some other grave necessity urges it, Catholic ministers administer these same sacraments licitly also to other Christians not having full communion with the Catholic Church, who cannot approach a minister of their own community and who seek such on their own accord, provided that they manifest Catholic faith in respect to these sacraments and are properly disposed.
In defence Bob Ainsworth says: “ If I had put forward the views that I was slowly developing as a minister then, I would have had to resign.
In the Confessing Church we didn't want to represent any political resistance per se, but we wanted to determine for the Church that that was not right, and that it should not become right in the Church, that's why already in ' 33, when we created the minister emergency federation ( Pfarrernotbund ), we put as the 4th point in the founding charter: If an offensive is made against ministers and they are simply ousted as ministers, because they are of Jewish lineage ( Judenstämmlinge ) or something like that, then we can only say as a Church: No. And that was then the 4th point in the obligation, and that was probably the first anti-antisemitic pronouncement coming from the Protestant Church.
If the Prime Minister is forced by a vote of no confidence to resign the entire cabinet falls and the process of electing a Prime minister starts over.
If a republic has a prime minister, he is often addressed as Excellency as well.
If the prime minister is away on official business when PMQs is scheduled, the next most senior member of the Cabinet takes the questions.
Ralph Klein, while serving as Environment Minister under Getty, commented that " If you are a minister, you run that portfolio yourself " and expressed an appreciation for the freedom that the Premier gave his cabinet.
If one such vizier is the prime minister, he may hold the title of Grand Vizier or another title.

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