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If and recent
If we look at recent art we find it preoccupied with form.
If he condemns the recent or the present, he condemns the past with no less force.
If we postulate that coral reefs were eroded down to the glacial sea level, then coral reefs have grown 120m upward since the end of the recent glacial.
If any goal fails in the course of executing the program, all variable bindings that were made since the most recent choice-point was created are undone, and execution continues with the next alternative of that choice-point.
If at least two-thirds of the National Assembly cannot agree to vote for one presidential candidate, a People's Assembly is formed from all National Assembly delegates and regional and municipal representatives who were elected by popular vote in the most recent national election.
Another more recent story involving travel to the future is Louis-Sébastien Mercier's L ' An 2440, rêve s ' il en fût jamais (" The Year 2440: A Dream If Ever There Were One "), a utopian novel in which the main character is transported to the year 2440.
The band's most recent album, If Not Now, When ?, was released on July 12, 2011.
* If the plural is not one that is formed by adding s, an s is added for the possessive, after the apostrophe: children's hats, women's hairdresser, some people's eyes ( but compare some peoples ' recent emergence into nationhood, where peoples is meant as the plural of the singular people ).
McGrath also cites a metareview of 100 studies and argues that " If religion is reported as having a positive effect on human well-being by 79 % of recent studies in the field, how can it conceivably be regarded as analogous to a virus?
During the same debate, Smith referred to a recent Government defeat in the Newbury by-election, a poor showing in the local elections, and a subsequent Cabinet reshuffle by saying that, " If we were to offer that tale of events to the BBC Light Entertainment Department as a script for a programme, I think that the producers of Yes Minister would have turned it down as hopelessly over the top.
If an external lantern tower was removed from Pisa Cathedral in the 1300s, exposing the dome, one reason may have been to stay current with more recent projects in the region, such as the domed cathedrals of Siena and Florence.
McGuinness moved to guitar, his original instrument, contributing the distinctive National Steel Guitar to " If You Gotta Go, Go Now " and " Pretty Flamingo ", and was replaced on bass by Jack Bruce, who had been playing for The Graham Bond Organisation for some time before a recent brief stint with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers.
Vivian Campbell has played with two side bands in recent years, Clock and the Riverdogs, and recorded a solo album, Two Sides of If, released in 2005.
If more stamps than expected appear, Scott will add a capital letter as suffix, or if the change is very recent, it will renumber stamps.
As well as the songs he would go on to perform on the day, his list included “ All Things Must Pass ” (“ with Leon ”, apparently ) and “ Art of Dying ” − both from All Things Must Pass − and “ Bangla Desh ”’ s B-side, “ Deep Blue ”; Clapton ’ s song “ Let It Rain ” appeared also, implying that the guitarist was expected to have his own solo spot ; while the suggestions for Dylan ’ s set were “ If Not for You ”, “ Watching the River Flow ” ( his recent, Leon Russell-produced single ) and “ Blowin ' in the Wind ”.
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" Furthermore, " If the memory is going to prompt a present decision, then the memory in turn must have been prompted by a recent event.
If we want to represent truly the glory of the Western tradition, then we need to include the likenesses of those men that paved the way for present and recent heroes.
If the database fails entirely, it must be restored from the most recent back-up.
If the compiler is a sufficiently recent version of gcc, however, automake will inline the dependency generation code to call gcc directly.
If TS ( T )< WTS ( O ), a naive approach would be to abort T because its write action conflicts with the most recent write of O and is out of timestamp order.
::: If then abort ( a more recent thread has overwritten the value ),
::: If then abort ( a more recent thread is already relying on the old value ),
If so, the feat was amazing, for the book is put together so deftly that I can remember no recent book of the kind, which approaches it in merit.

If and identification
If the air mass is colder than the ground below it, it is labeled k. If the air mass is warmer than the ground below it, it is labeled w. While air mass identification was originally used in weather forecasting during the 1950s, climatologists began to establish synoptic climatologies based on this idea in 1973.
If assigned by the manufacturer, a MAC address usually encodes the manufacturer's registered identification number and may be referred to as the burned-in address.
If genre functions as a taxonomic classification system, it could constrain individual creativity, since " the presence of many of the conventional features of a genre will allow a strong genre identification ; the presence of fewer features, or the presence of features of other genres, will result in a weak or ambiguous genre identification " ( Schauber 403 ).
If genuine, the latter identification would form the only direct clue in the contemporary record which might link Eric with the Norwegian dynasty.
This identification is taken up by later writers such as Camões (" If in Summanus ' gloomy realm / Severest punishment you now endure …") and Milton, in a simile to describe Satan visiting Rome: " Just so Summanus, wrapped in a smoking whirlwind of blue flame, falls upon people and cities ".
If the form of the identity card is " machine-readable ", usually using an encoded magnetic stripe or identification number ( such as a Social Security number ), it corroborates the subject's identifying data.
If the document is authentic, and furthermore if the identification of Mu-Lan-Pi with America is correct, then it is one of the earliest records of pre-Columbian trans-oceanic travel from the Eurasian continent to the Americas.
If a recipient lacks identification documents, the sender and receiver can set up a pre-arranged password.
If any significant deviation beyond strict limits is detected, either the ILS is automatically switched off or the navigation and identification components are removed from the carrier.
Under specific identification, the cost of goods sold is 10 + 12, the particular costs of machines A and C. If she uses FIFO, her costs are 20 ( 10 + 10 ).
" If the ship were the configuration of the total parts and the shape of those total parts, such an identification on the basis of a partial perception of the object would be impossible.
If the authorities suspect that a ticket has been resold without their consent they are likely to demand identification from the ticket holder on presentation and may refuse entry to those who cannot prove to have purchased their tickets legitimately.
" If the conflict progresses, possibly into armed clashes, the role develops with the addition of the identification and removal of the armed groups-but again, at a low level, in communities rather than throughout entire cities.
If more than one intein is encoded in the corresponding gene, the inteins are given a numerical suffix starting from 5 ′ to 3 ′ or in order of their identification ( for example, " Msm dnaB-1 ").
If the driver / worker conditions is such as the hourly rates for driving and working outside is not the same, this can be monitored by sensors, by using iButton or other personal identification devices.
If other passages in the " Recognitions " seem to contradict this identification they only serve to show how vacillating the work is in reference to the doctrine of the original man.
If the identification is admitted, the commonness of wraparound eyes in the abduction literature falls to cultural forces.
If this last identification is correct it would show that in Messapian ( as in Venetic ) the original labiovelars ( k < sup > w </ sup >, g < sup > w </ sup >, gh < sup > w </ sup >) were retained as gutturals and not converted into labials.
" If the Shakespearean identification is correct, these three pages represent the only surviving examples of Shakespeare's handwriting, aside from a few signatures on documents.
Additionally, the call sign must be spelled out ; for example, Seattle, Washington radio station KOMO, though their branding includes the call sign pronounced as " KO-MO ", must legally identify themselves as " K-O-M-O, Seattle .” If a station ’ s call sign includes a suffix ( which is more common with FM stations ), the station must include the suffix in their identification ( e. g. “ WLWK-FM, Milwaukee ”).
If the correct and complete information appears on screen, it is a legal identification.
If further F = R and the identification of V with its dual is given by positive definite inner product, V is a normed division algebra, and is therefore isomorphic to R, C, H or O.

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