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1476 and territory
* Vlad III Dracula, Prince of Wallachia who led the defense of his territory against the expanding Ottoman Empire ( 1431 – 1476 ).
Only this archipelago and the possessions of Santa Cruz de la Mar Pequeña ( 1476 – 1524 ), Melilla ( conquered by Pedro de Estopiñán in 1497 ), Villa Cisneros ( founded in 1502 in current Western Sahara ), Mazalquivir ( 1505 ), Peñón de Vélez de la Gomera ( 1508 ), Oran ( 1509 – 1790 ), Algiers ( 1510 – 1529 ), Bugia ( 1510 – 1554 ), Tripoli ( 1511 – 1551 ), Tunis ( 1535 – 1569 ) and Ceuta ( ceded by Portugal in 1668 ) remained as Spanish territory in Africa.
When the last Piast duke Henry XI of Głogów died without issue in 1476, his widow Barbara of Hohenzollern, daughter of Elector Albert Achilles of Brandenburg, inherited the territory of Crossen.

1476 and became
With the introduction of the printing press to Britain by William Caxton in 1476, printed works became both more common and more economically important.
Secondly the Duchy of Crossen was inherited by Margraviate of Brandenburg in 1476 and, with the renunciation by King Ferdinand I and estates of Bohemia in 1538, it became an integral part of Brandenburg.
He did not keep it very long, but became reconciled to René in 1476 and restored it to him, on condition, probably, that René should bequeath it to him.
He is also said to have had an illegitimate son, John, who became the Parker of Shotwick in Cheshire in 1476, but was unrecognised in official pedigrees.
Her husband and her son were killed and she herself became a prisoner who had to be ransomed by Louis XI of France in 1476.
Between 1471-75, as a pupil ( real or supposed ) of the astronomer Regiomontanus ( Johannes Müller von Königsberg of Königsberg in Franconia ), who died in 1476, he became linked to cosmography and cartography, resulting in an invitation from King John to a council on navigation in 1483, led by Abraham Zacuto.
* George Neville ( 1432 – 1476 ), who became Archbishop of York and Chancellor of England
In 1375 it was considered a borough and became independent of Chinchilla, and a century later, in 1476, the Catholic Monarchs rewarded Albacete for supporting the Crown by granting it a licence to hold a market once a week.
In 1476, upon the death of his grandmother, he became sole Count of Harcourt and Baron of Elbeuf.
" County Sound " became the name of the AM service on 1476 and 1521 ( 1521 carried Radio Mercury until then ), but it wasn't like the County Sound listeners knew and County Sound changed names once more in 1993 to become Mercury Extra.
" County Sound " remained broadcasting on 1476, while the FM channel became 96. 4 Eagle Radio.
It then became the home to the ill fated Lord Chancellor and Archbishop of Dublin John Alen ( 1476 – 1534 ).
This second creation merged with the first creation in 1476, when the 1st Baron died and his son, the aforementioned 4th Baron of the first creation, also became 2nd Baron of the second creation.
The Duchy of Crossen was inherited by Margraviate of Brandenburg in 1476 and, with the renunciation by King Ferdinand I and estates of Bohemia in 1538, it became an integral part of Brandenburg.
Once on the throne, the Jiajing Emperor controversially had his dead father Zhu Youyuan ( 1476 – 1519 ) retroactively styled as the Gongruixian Emperor ; his mother became the Zhangsheng empress dowager.
Shinkuro became a retainer in the Imagawa clan, and when Yoshitada died in battle in 1476, Shinkurō mediated the succession dispute between supporters of Yoshitada's son Imagawa Ujichika and Yoshitada's cousin, Oshika Norimitsu.

1476 and de
The title of Baron Abergavenny, in the Nevill family, dates from Edward Nevill, 3rd Baron Bergavenny ( d. 1476 ), who was the youngest son of Ralph de Neville, 1st Earl of Westmorland by his second wife Joan Beaufort, daughter of John of Gaunt, first Duke of Lancaster.
He was born in Rome — in either 1475 or 1476the son of Cardinal Rodrigo de Lanzol y Borgia, soon to become Pope Alexander VI, and his mistress Vannozza dei Cattanei, about whom information is sparse.
The oath of King Ferdinand, known as the " Catholic Monarch " on June 30, 1476 is depicted in a painting by Francisco de Mendieta popularly known as El besamanos (" The Royal audience ").
de: 1476
* date unknown – John de Mowbray, 4th Duke of Norfolk ( d. 1476 )
* John de Mowbray, 4th Duke of Norfolk 1461 – 1476
** Anne de Mowbray, 8th Countess of Norfolk 1476 – 1481 ( Countess Marshal )
A French translation by Master John Bataillier is dated 1476 ; Jean de Vigny's appeared at Paris, 1488 ; an Italian one by Nic.
John was educated by notable scholars of the time, including the astrologer Tomás de Torres and Diogo de Ortiz, Bishop of Viseu, and Luís Teixeira Lobo, one of the first Portuguese Renaissance humanists, rector of the University of Siena ( 1476 ) and Professor of Law at Ferrara ( 1502 ).
The first printed editions are ascribed to Utrecht ( 1473 ), Cologne ( 1476 ), Paris ( 1478 ), Rome ( in Veteres de re mil.
Spain's presence in the area can be traced to a settlement called Santa Cruz de la Mar Pequeña, founded in 1476.
It was purchased by the Signoria of Florence from his heirs Lorenzo and Giuliano de ' Medici in 1476 and is now at the Bargello in Florence.
The first printed editions are ascribed to Utrecht ( 1473 ), Cologne ( 1476 ), Paris ( 1478 ), Rome ( in Veteres de re mil.
* John de Mowbray, 4th Duke of Norfolk ( 1444 – 1476 ) ( dukedom abeyant 1476 )
On 15 January 1478, in St. Stephen's Chapel, Westminster, when he was about 4 years old, he married the 5-year-old Anne de Mowbray, 8th Countess of Norfolk, who had inherited the vast Mowbray estates in 1476.
* Pierre de Rohan de Gié, Lord of Rohan ( 1450 – 1514 ), Marshal of France in 1476
His Castilian partisans threw their support to Fernando and Isabella, rather than stick with a lost cause .” in Atlantic emporium: Portugal and the wider world, 1147-1497, volume 47 de Iberian studies, University press of the South, 2002, p. 128 .</ ref > battle of Toro ( 1 March 1476 ), transformed < ref name =" Historian Marvin ">< sub >< big >↓</ big ></ sub > Historian Marvin Lunenfeld: “.

1476 and subject
The earliest known written reference to the tapestry is a 1476 inventory of Bayeux Cathedral, but its origins have been the subject of much speculation and controversy.
In 1476, it was sacked by the Moldavian Prince Stephen the Great, but was nonetheless favoured as a residence by most rulers in the immediately following period and was subject to important changes in landscape under Mircea Ciobanul, who build the palace and church in Curtea Veche ( the court's area ), equipped the town with a stockade, and took measures to provide Bucharest with fresh water and produce ( early 1550s ).

1476 and Catholic
Johannes Müller von Königsberg ( 6 June 1436 – 6 July 1476 ), today best known by his Latin toponym Regiomontanus, was a German mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, translator, instrument maker and Catholic bishop.
Ferdinand II of Aragon | Ferdinand the Catholic confirming the fueros of Biscay at Guernica ( town ) | Guernica in 1476
During the skirmishes between Henry IV and the nobility the city supported the monarchy, and again during the clashes between the Catholic Monarchs and Joanna La Beltraneja in 1476.

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