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1936 and previously
The word " pixilated ,"' previously limited to New England ( and attested there since 1848 ), " had a nationwide vogue in 1936 " thanks to its prominent use in the film ; although its use in the screenplay may not be an accurate interpretation.
He matriculated from St. Mary's High School, Kuravilangad ( 1936 – 37 ) ( he had studied at St. John's High School, Koothattukulam ( 1935 – 36 ) previously ).
Thus, on 14 December 1936, Madam Chiang sent her Australian adviser, William Henry Donald, who had previously been Zhang ’ s adviser ( and had helped him overcome opium addiction ), to Xi ' an for negotiation.
In 1924 the museum moved to space in the Imperial Institute in South Kensington, and finally in 1936 the museum acquired a permanent home which was previously the Bethlem Royal Hospital in Southwark.
Anderson had previously won the New York Drama Critics ' Circle Award in 1935 and 1936 for his plays Winterset and High Tor, as well as the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1933 for his play Both Your Houses.
Pins had previously been set by human pinsetters or " pin boys ", but with the invention of the semi-automatic pinspotter in 1936, the process became much easier.
The skull had previously belonged to the collector Sydney Burney, and photographs of it had been published in the journal Man as early as 1936.
Birkenhead's technical college in Woodside ( previously in Borough Road ), now called Wirral Metropolitan College, had a theatre named after one of its most famous former students and Birkonian ( born 1936 ), Glenda Jackson, the Oscar-winning actress and Member of Parliament.
Going from this real-life British heroine, she went straight on to playing Florence Nightingale in The Lady with the Lamp ( 1951 ); Kay Francis had previously portrayed Nightingale in a 1936 American film, The White Angel ).
The group joined the International Workers Association and during the Franco era gave particular support to the Spanish resistance and the underground CNT anarcho-syndicalist union, previously involved in the 1936 Spanish Revolution and subsequent Civil War against a right-wing military coup backed by both Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy.
Relative to the 1936 line, Ecuador ceded 18, 552 km² of previously possessed territory to Peru, while Peru ceded 5, 072 km² of previously possessed territory to Ecuador.
As mentioned previously, the Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement, as a general conference association, had been registered under this name in Germany in 1929 and operated under that name until 1936 when the association was dissolved by the Gestapo.
For this contribution to maintaining the morale of the populace of London, King George VI awarded her with the Dame Commander of the British Empire ( DBE ) in 1941 ; having previously been created a CBE in 1936.
The area was previously the location of Farringdon Market, established for the sale of fruit and vegetables on November 20, 1826 when the earlier Fleet Market was cleared to enable the laying out of Farringdon Street The station was renamed Farringdon & High Holborn in 1922 and finally Farringdon in 1936.
In 1936, African-Americans were added to the coalition ( African-Americans had previously been denied the vote or voted Republican ).
Having been posted to Manchuria previously, he was unable to be in Tokyo with his Army comrades, the " Shining Young Officers " of Japan's February 26 Incident, a 1936 military coup d ' état.
His first marriage ( 1912 – 1936 ) was to the Danish painter Marie Triepcke ( 1867 – 1940 ), who had previously been married to the painter Peder Severin Krøyer ( 1851 – 1909 ).
Having previously played for Chesterfield RUFC whilst still at school, he played for Leicester Football Club between 1934 and 1939, as well as Rosslyn Park F. C .. His selection for England caused a stir because he was not a British citizen, but he gained British Citizenship in 1936.
In 1936, the Alternate US 12 trunkline was designated through the Battle Creek area along a section of highway that had previously been part of US 12.
* The Marinekommandoamt (" Naval Command Department ") was formed on 11 January 1936 with the formation of the OKM, but had previously existed in the Marineleitung since 1920.
Keebler-Wyl Bakery became the official baker of Girl Scout Cookies in 1936, the first commercial company to bake the cookies ( the scouts and their mothers had done it previously ).
MMTV was formerly known as Bittner virus, and previously the ' milk factor ' referring to the extra-chromosomal vertical transmission of murine breast cancer by adoptive nursing, demonstrated in 1936, by Dr. John Joseph Bittner, while working at the Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine.
( Vanity Fair had previously ceased publication in 1936.

1936 and separate
Since then they have had four separate periods in the top flight of English football: between 1936 – 1957, 1986 – 1990, 1998 – 1999 and 2000 – 2007.
But the trademarks were kept separate, and films by First National continued to be credited solely to " First National Pictures " until 1936.
In 1944, amendments to the 1936 Soviet Constitution established separate branches of the Red Army for each Soviet Republic.
The separation of powers is a doctrine which provides a separate authority that makes it possible for the authorities to check each other's checks and balances ( see United States Executive Authority Act 1936 ).
In 1936 – 1954, Toynbee's ten-volume A Study of History came out in three separate installments.
The postal administrations of the four territories were separate until 1936, each issuing its own stamps.
From 1936 until 1956 there were two separate awards, " Best Short Subject, One-reel " and " Best Short Subject, Two-reel ".
Richard Dixon Oldham FRS ( 31 July 1858 – 15 July 1936 ) was a British geologist who made the first clear identification of the separate arrivals of P-waves, S-waves and surface waves on seismograms and the first clear evidence that the Earth has a central core.
A separate march of 200 blind people also left for London in October 1936 ( see debate title in Hansard for Prime Minister's Questions on 5 November 1936 ( vol 317 cc 234-5 ): " Jarrow and Blind Marchers.
Although at first they produced separate ranges of cars with the Daimler badge appearing mainly on the larger models, by the mid 1930s the two were increasingly sharing components leading to the 1936 Lanchester 18 / Daimler Light 20 differing in little except trim and grille.
The Triborough Bridge ( sometimes spelled Triboro Bridge, officially Robert F. Kennedy ( RFK ) Bridge ) ( 1936 ), is a complex of three separate bridges in New York City, United States.
" Abbas went as far as summing up the philosophy of the liberal integrationists to oppose the claims of the nationalists by denying in 1936 that Algeria had a separate identity.
These comments were written by the leading communist intellectual Alfred Klahr ( under his pseudonym " Rudolf "), after being asked in 1936 by the communist leadership in exile in Prague if the theoretical notion of an independent Austrian nation separate from Germany existed.
After use, shells and bones used ritually were buried in separate pits ( some for shells only ; others for scapulae only ), in groups of up to hundreds or even thousands ( one pit unearthed in 1936 contained over 17, 000 pieces along with a human skeleton ).
He was the Permanent Delegate to the League of Nations from 1932 to 1936, Minister of War in 1932, Premier from December 1932 to January 1933, and Foreign Minister on three separate occasions ( December 1932 to January 1934, January to June 1936, and March 1938 ).
Garmisch and Partenkirchen remained separate until their respective mayors were forced by Adolf Hitler to combine the two market towns in 1935 in anticipation of the 1936 Winter Olympic games.
The 1944 amendments to the 1936 Constitution established separate branches of the Red Army for each Soviet Republic.
Nevertheless, the 1977 Constitution attempted to avoid frequent amendment by establishing regulations for government bodies ( especially the lists of ministries, state commissions, and other bodies in the 1936 constitution ) in separate, but equally authoritative, enabling legislation, such as the Law on the Council of Ministers of July 5, 1978.
Romualdo Ricardo Jiménez Oreamuno served as president of Costa Rica on three separate occasions: 1910 to 1914, 1924 to 1928, and 1932 to 1936.
In 1936, the company's two components became separate companies.
Rectangular in shape, it was excavated in 1936 – 37 and contains a small chamber with two compartments and a larger one with four stalls that has a separate entrance and was probably added at a later date.
the company would be established as a separate subsidiary in 1936 and spun-off in 1998.

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