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1973 and following
Chile's conservative party, the National Party disbanded in 1973 following a military coup and did not re-emerge as a political force following the subsequent return to democracy.
Since the corona has been photographated at high resolution in the X-rays by the satellite Skylab in 1973, and then later by Yohkoh and the other following space instruments, it has been seen that the structure of the corona is very various and complex: different zones have been immediately classified on the coronal disc
* 1973 – Catastrophic BLEVE ( Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion ) in Kingman, Arizona, following a fire that broke out as propane is being transferred from a railroad car to a storage tank, kills 11 firefighters.
Keynesian economics advocates a mixed economy — predominantly private sector, but with a significant role of government and public sector – and served as the economic model during the later part of the Great Depression, World War II, and the post-war economic expansion ( 1945 – 1973 ), though it lost some influence following the tax surcharge in 1968 and the stagflation of the 1970s.
The series aired Saturday mornings at 10: 30am Eastern / 9: 30am Central in 1973 and at 11: 30am Eastern / 10: 30am Central the following year.
* 5 June 1967 to 10 June 1975 — Suez Canal is blocked by Egypt, following a war with Israel ; it becomes the front line during the ensuing War of Attrition and the 1973 war, remaining closed to international shipping, until general agreement was near.
Continues the following spring ( 1970 ) Epilogue is titled " February 12, 1973 ") Ryan appears for only a brief time in this novel.
It aired on the ABC network as a regular series from 1974 to 1978, following three television movies aired in 1973.
The first such instance occurred in 1973 following the resignation of Spiro Agnew as Richard Nixon's Vice President.
After much negotiation, and following a change in the French Presidency, Denmark, Ireland and the United Kingdom ( with Gibraltar ) eventually joined the European Communities on 1 January 1973.
In the following years, a pidgin developed as the delegates from different language backgrounds communicated with each other, and in 1973, a WFD committee (" the Commission of Unification of Signs ") published a standardized vocabulary.
Mohammad Daoud Khan, the President of the Republic of Afghanistan from 1973 to 1978, was ousted during the Saur Revolution ( April Revolution ) following the death of Mir Akbar Khyber, a Parchamite politician from the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan ( PDPA ) who died under mysterious circumstances.
* British — David Bowie dressed as Pierrot for the video of Ashes to Ashes ( 1980 ) and for the sleeve of his album Scary Monsters ( and Super Creeps ) ( 1980 ); Leo Sayer dressed as Pierrot on tour following the release of his first album, Silverbird ( 1973 ); Robots in Disguise: The Tears ( 2008 ), a video directed by Graeme Pearce, features black-suited Pierrots involved in love triangle.
* Theophilus North ( 1973 ) as Mr. North following the appearance of the film of the same name
Immediately following a November 1980 coup in Guinea-Bissau ( Portuguese Guinea declared independence in 1973 and was granted de jure independence in 1974 ), relations between the two countries became strained.
However, following exhausting tours and extended periods of time away from his family, by late 1973 Jones was beginning to show signs of disillusionment.
The 1946 act was passed in the aftermath of World War II, when it was feared that demobilization would result in a depression, as it had following World War I in the Depression of 1920 – 21, while the 1978 act was passed following the 1973 – 75 recession and in the midst of continuing high inflation.
The Health Insurance Bill 1973 and the accompanying bills were rejected by the Senate on three occasions ( 12 December 1973, 2 April 1974 and 18 July 1974 ) but were subsequently passed at a joint sitting of both Houses ( 7 August 1974 ) following a double dissolution election.
Medicare came into effect on 1 February 1984, following the passage in September 1983 of the Health Legislation Amendment Act 1983, including amendments to the Health Insurance Act 1973, the National Health Act 1953 and the Health Insurance Commission Act 1973.
In the following years the three Bear Stearns bankers would complete a series of buyouts including Stern Metals ( 1965 ), Incom ( a division of Rockwood International, 1971 ), Cobblers Industries ( 1971 ), and Boren Clay ( 1973 ) as well as Thompson Wire, Eagle Motors and Barrows through their investment in Stern Metals.
Each outstation mans a number of observation posts on each side of the Area of Separation ( AOS ) that was put in place as part of the 1974 Disengagement Agreement between Syria and Israel following the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

1973 and model
* 1973 – Rie Miyazawa, Japanese actress and model
* 1973 – Claudia Jordan, American model
* 1973 – Malaika Arora Khan, Indian actress and model
* 1973 – Roselyn Sánchez, Puerto Rican singer, model and actress
* 1973 – Carolyn Murphy, American model and actress
* 1973 – Ève Salvail, Canadian model
Martin Cooper ( inventor ) | Dr. Martin Cooper of Motorola, made the first private handheld mobile phone call on a larger prototype model in 1973.
Highlights of the strip's final decades include " Boomchik " ( 1961 ), in which America's international prestige is saved by Mammy Yokum, " Daisy Mae Steps Out " ( 1966 ), a female-empowering tale of Daisy's brazenly audacious “ homewrecker gland ," " The Lips of Marcia Perkins " ( 1967 ), a satirical, thinly-veiled commentary on venereal disease and public health warnings, " Ignoble Savages " ( 1968 ), in which the Mob takes over Harvard, and " Corporal Crock " ( 1973 ), in which Bullmoose reveals his reactionary cartoon role model, in a tale of obsession and the fanatical world of comic book collecting.
The first application of a staged maturity model to IT was not by CMM / SEI, but rather by Richard L. Nolan, who, in 1973 published the stages of growth model for IT organizations.
* 1973 – Sarah Kozer, American model and actress
* 1973 – Shalom Harlow, Canadian model and actress
Enrolled at the Ginnasio Giulio Cesare in 1929, he made friends with Luigi ‘ Titta ’ Benzi, later a prominent Rimini lawyer ( and the model for young Titta in Amarcord ( 1973 )).
* 1973 – Leeann Tweeden, American model and television host
* 1973 – Heidi Klum, German model, actress, fashion designer, and producer
* 1973 – Ali Landry, American model and actress
* 1973 – Boris Kodjoe, Austrian-born American actor and former model
* 1973 – Eva Herzigova, Czech model
* 1973 – Vanessa Branch, British-American actress and model
* 1973 – Ananda Lewis, American model and television personality
* 1973 – Angelica Bridges, American actress, model, and singer
In 1973, intuitionist Arend Heyting praised non-standard analysis as " a standard model of important mathematical research ".
* 1973 – Nell McAndrew, British model
* 1973 – Takeshi Kaneshiro, actor / model

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