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1996 and Dunlop
In 1991, Hawker Siddeley was absorbed by BTR Aerospace Group .</ br > In 1994, Hawker Pacific Aerospace merged with Dunlop Aviation Inc and in 1996, Hawker Pacific Aerospace was sold </ br > by BTR and became a stand-alone company.
Between 1996 and 1998, BTR sold the remaining Dunlop companies.
Dunlop & Horrocks ( 1996 ) suggested that the hypoctonids may be the sister-group to the Schizomida and Proschizomus Dunlop & Horrocks 1996, but the character polarities they utilized were regarded as uncertain and many features of Proschizomus were not observable in the fossilized material.
Fort Dunlop lends its name to the nearby The Fort Shopping Park, constructed on reclaimed land by the Birmingham Heartlands Development Corporation in 1996.
* John Dunlop ( Unionist politician ) ( 1910 – 1996 ), former MP for Mid Ulster
In 1996, Ross starred as Rosie Dunlop opposite Shirley MacLaine in the Terms of Endearment sequel The Evening Star.
John Dunlop ( 20 May 1910 – 10 March 1996 ) was a Unionist politician from Northern Ireland.
From 1996 to 1997, along with Peter North, Vice-chancellor of Oxford University, and Fr Oliver Crilly from Strabane, Dunlop was a member of the Independent Review of Parades and Marches which laid the foundations of the Parades Commission in Northern Ireland.
* 1996: BTR sells Dunlop Sport in a management buyout for £ 300 million-the buyout was backed by investment company Cinven.

1996 and Aircraft
* Fairchild-Dornier, in 1996, Fairchild took on this name, when it purchased Dornier's assets, see Fairchild Aircraft
* 1996 Cessna Aircraft Company and the Citation X Design Team for designing, testing, certifying, and placing into service the Citation X, the first commercial aircraft in U. S. Aviation history to achieve a cruising speed of Mach. 92
*" Light Aircraft on Fire " ( February 9, 1996 )-UK No. 58
* November 13 – The longest missing-aircraft search in New Hampshires history ends after almost three years when the wreckage of an Aircraft Charter Group, Inc., Learjet 35A that had disappeared in fog and rain near Dorchester, New Hampshire, on December 24, 1996, finally is found near Smarts Mountain in Grafton County, New Hampshire, about 20 miles ( 32 km ) from where it took off at Sikorsky Memorial Airport in Bridgeport, Connecticut.
During August 1996, the Red Lions relocated to Marine Corps Air Facility Kaneohe Bay and were reassigned to 1st Marine Aircraft Wing.
In September 1996, Nagel transferred to Aircraft Operations Division where he performs duties as a Research Pilot.
It is marketed in the western hemisphere by Pilatus Business Aircraft-a wholly owned subsidiary of Pilatus Aircraft headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado-which was established in the United States in 1996.
In 1996, the firm acquired the assets and production rights of Keuthan Aircraft.
Having delivered the seat to the left, Albanese was rewarded with pre-selection in 1996, winning despite a high profile campaign by No Aircraft Noise ," and is still the sitting MP today.
* Light Aircraft on Fire, 1996 ( The Auteurs )
These lands were originally home to de Havilland Aircraft of Canada ( 1929-1947 ) and then as the air force base CFB Downsview from 1947 until April 1, 1996, when the base closed.
The JCA programme began in 1996 as the Future Carrier Borne Aircraft ( FCBA ), a replacement for the Royal Navy's Sea Harrier intended for operation from the RN's CVF aircraft carriers.
Cartwright's operational assignments include: Commanding General, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing ( 2000 – 2002 ), Deputy Commanding General Marine Forces Atlantic ( 1999 – 2000 ), Commander Marine Aircraft Group 31 ( 1994 – 1996 ), Commander Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 232 ( 1992 ), Fixed Wing Operations Marine Aircraft Group 24 ( 1991 ), Commander Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 12 ( 1989 – 1990 ), Administration Officer and Officer-In-Charge Deployed Carrier Operations VMFAT-101 ( 1983 – 1985 ), Aircraft Maintenance Officer VMFA-235 ( 1979 – 1982 ), Line Division Officer VMFA-333 USS Nimitz ( 1975 – 1977 ), Embarkation OIC VMFA-251 & 232 ( 1973 – 1975 ).
From 1996 until May 2008 Clarke was located at Boscombe Down lecturing Aircraft Structures, Systems and Theory of Flight at FES Training Centre.
;:-100 Aspide 2000 ordered in 1996 and delivered in 2001-2004-Nae São Paulo Aircraft carrier, Niterói Frigate class ;

1996 and Limited
In 1996 Tramtrack Croydon Limited ( TCL ) won a 99-year Private Finance Initiative ( PFI ) contract to design, build, operate and maintain the Tramlink system.
Gibnet Limited, a private company, began internet services in January 1996, with a 64kbs circuit to Spain.
The current owners purchased Land ’ s End in 1996 and formed a company named Heritage Attractions Limited.
In 1996, Hyundai Motor India Limited was established with a production plant in Irungattukottai near Chennai, India.
* Keep On Running ( 1996 ) by Ronald Biggs and Christopher Pickard, first published by Bloomsbury Publishing Limited ( ISBN 0-7475-2188-3 ).
c2c ( legal name c2c Rail Limited, company no 2938993 ) is a train operating company in the United Kingdom owned by National Express that has operated the London, Tilbury & Southend ( now Essex Thameside ) franchise since May 1996.
Midland Mainline ( legal name Midland Main Line Limited, company no 3007934 ) was a train operating company in the United Kingdom owned by National Express that operated the Midland Main Line franchise from April 1996 until November 2007.
Wales & West ( legal name Wales & West Passenger Services Limited, company no 3011029 ) was was a train operating company in the United Kingdom owned by Prism Rail that operated the South Wales & West franchise from October 1996 until October 2001.
Thames Trains ( legal name Thames Trains Limited, company no 3007943 ) was a train operating company in the United Kingdom owned by Go-Ahead that operated the Thames Trains franchise from October 1996 until March 2004.
* John Maizels, Raw Creation art and beyond, Phaidon Press Limited, London, 1996.
In 1996 CableTel acquired National Transcommunications Limited ( NTL ), the privatised UK Independent Broadcasting Authority transmission-network.
NDS Group itself was a merger in 1996 between News Corp's existing News Data Communications ( NDC ) based in Israel, a company that supplied smart cards to pay TV operators like Sky TV, and Digi-Media Vision ( DMV ) a video compression company that News had acquired in 1995 and had been the Advanced Products Division of National Transcommunications Limited in the UK.
In 1995 the Director of Passenger Rail Franchising awarded the South West Trains franchise to Stagecoach ( legal name South West Trains Limited, company no 2938995 ) with operations commencing on 4 February 1996.
* Netrunner base set ( aka Limited, v1. 0 )-374 cards-Release Date: April 26, 1996
It was selected by the head of the MTR Corporation, the parent company of Octopus Cards Limited, in a naming competition held in 1996.
Wilson is known for his long assocation with the film maker Wes Anderson, having shared co-writing and acting credits in a number of his films including Bottle Rocket ( 1996 ) which was his acting début, Rushmore ( 1998 ) and The Royal Tenenbaums ( 2001 ), which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, as well as acting in Anderson's The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou ( 2004 ) and The Darjeeling Limited ( 2007 ).
Between 1993 and 1996, CIBC restructured its holdings in the Caribbean, with the incorporation of CIBC West Indies Holdings Limited and CIBC Caribbean Limited.
On February 16, 1996, an eastbound rush-hour MARC commuter train headed to Washington Union Station collided with the westbound Capitol Limited near Georgetown Junction on a snow-covered stretch of track just west of Silver Spring, Maryland.
Reuters then brought in additional shareholders, and between 1996 and 2002 LBC was part of London News Radio Limited, a company owned jointly by ITN, Daily Mail and General Trust, Reuters and the GWR Group.
Through service began on February 1, 1996: two Three Rivers Amfleet coaches were coupled to the Superliner consist of the Capitol Limited.
ITC Limited, in which BAT holds a minority share, as recently as 1996 secured an arrangement to sponsor the Cricket World Cup which was branded the " Wills World Cup " and thereby achieved a high level of brand recognition for the Wills cigarette brand in India where young cricket fans were a key target market.
MuchMoreMusic was licensed by the CRTC in 1996 ( as well as some of CHUM's other proposals rejected in 1994, including CablePulse24, Space, and Musimax ) and was launched on October 5, 1998 under the ownership of CHUM Limited.
MusiMax was licensed by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission ( CRTC ) in September 1996 by CHUM Limited and Radiomutuel and launched on September 8, 1997 with both companies holding an equal 50 % in the service.

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