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2001 and achieved
The country achieved notable economic growth during these years, while the unemployment rate would continue to rise until 2001 when it finally started falling.
Campbell's speed on his final Lake Eyre run remained the highest speed achieved by a wheel-driven car until 2001 ; Bluebird CN7 is now on display at the National Motor Museum in Hampshire, England, her potential only partly realised.
* 2001: Alibaba. com achieved profitability in December 2001.
Yogi B, as part of Poetic Ammo, achieved success when they won at the Malaysian Anugerah Industri Muzik ( AIM )( Music Awards ) 1999, 2000 and 2001.
Cruz achieved recognition for her lead roles in the 2001 films Vanilla Sky and Blow.
Ravlomanana's I Love Madagascar party achieved overwhelming electoral success in December 2001 and he survived an attempted coup in January 2003.
2001 did see the band with a stable line-up, achieved during the Aura sessions featuring Downes, Payne, guitarist Guthrie Govan and ex-Manfred Mann's Earth Band / The Firm / Uriah Heep / Gary Numan / AC / DC drummer Chris Slade ( who had first joined Asia in 1999, briefly ).
The next year he slugged. 846, and these records went unbroken until 2001, when Barry Bonds achieved 411 bases in 476 at-bats, bringing his slugging percentage to. 863, unmatched since.
Eventually, with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund and the European Regional Development Fund as well as the Wales Tourist Board, his original aims were achieved and Castell Deudraeth was opened as an 11 bedroom hotel and restaurant on August 20, 2001 by Welsh opera singer Bryn Terfel.
Among other criteria spelled out under the Maastricht treaty, the Belgian Government had to attain a budget deficit of no greater than 3 % of GDP by the end of 1997 ; Belgium achieved this, with a total budget deficit in 2001 ( just prior to implementation of the Euro ) that amounted to 0. 2 % of GDP.
The plan outlined the first phase commencing on 1 December 2001 and the entire process ending with full liberalisation being achieved on 1 August 2003.
Since 2001, the United Nations has had a presence at the WSF through UNESCO, showing the institutional credibility achieved by the forum, seen by UNESCO as a " prime opportunity for dialogue and a laboratory of ideas for the renewal of public policies " through " critical reflection on the future of societies we want to create and for elaborating proposals in search of solidarity, justice, peace and human rights ".
From 1999 – 2001 it achieved two consecutive promotions, and would go on to have an uninterrupted seven-year spell in the second division.
It was read in Parliament a number of times until his retirement at the 2001 election, but never achieved a second reading.
After taking a year off to pursue her acting career, garnering stage experience in David Hare's Skylight, Arthur Miller's All My Sons, and several plays by Shakespeare ; she achieved an Upper Second class degree in 2001.
Alongside recurring characters, the early series featured several actors who later achieved greater fame, such as Joely Richardson, (" The Dream ", 1989 ), Samantha Bond, (" The Adventure of the Cheap Flat ", 1990 ), Christopher Eccleston ( One, Two, Buckle My Shoe, 1992 ), Hermione Norris (" Jewel Robbery at The Grand Metropolitan ", 1993 ), Damian Lewis ( Hickory Dickory Dock, 1995 ), Jamie Bamber ( The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, 2000 ), Russell Tovey ( Evil Under the Sun, 2001 ), and Michael Fassbender ( After The Funeral, 2006 ).
Garcia is one of only nine quarterbacks in NFL history who have achieved two consecutive thirty-touchdown passing seasons ( 2000 and 2001 ) at least one time in their career.
In 2001, Avnery and his wife Rachel Avnery were honoured with the Right Livelihood Award, sometimes called the " Alternative Nobel Prize ", "… for their unwavering conviction, in the midst of violence, that peace can only be achieved through justice and reconciliation ".
Motherland achieved Gold on the Billboard charts after debuting at No. 30 on the Billboard 200 and No. 13 on the Top Internet Albums of 2001, respectively.
The DPP achieved considerable success in the 2001 elections, becoming the third largest party in the Folketing.
Thordarson achieved promotion at the third time of asking in 2001 – 02.
The most famous Lao artist from France is Willy Denzey, a R & B singer who started his singing career in 2001 and achieved success with his hits " Le mur du son ", " L ' Orphelin " and " Et si tu n ' existais pas " and his successful albums # 1 and Acte II.
Astral Weeks became and remains a cult favourite, despite the fact that it failed to achieve significant mainstream sales success for decades ; after 33 years, it finally achieved gold in 2001.

2001 and high
Charles played the emotionally disturbed and violent prisoner, Eugene Buffy, in the high successful Lynda La Plante drama series The Governor ( 1995 ); the title role in the Channel 4 pirate sitcom Captain Butler ( 1997 ); the warden of a women's prison in the Canadian sci-fi fantasy Lexx ( 2001 ); Detective Chief Inspector Mercer in 7 episodes of the BBC soap opera Doctors ( 2003 ); and soccer agent, Joel Brooks, in the Sky TV football soap Dream Team ( 2004-5 ).
Gas production has dropped from a high of 8. 2 million cubic metres per day in the 1980s to a low of about 600, 000 cubic meters in 2001.
Faced with a high crime rate, a public corruption problem, often violent harassment and intimidation by unknown assailants of human rights activists, judicial workers, journalists, and witnesses in human rights trials, the government began serious attempts in 2001 to open a national dialogue to discuss the considerable challenges facing the country.
Nicaragua suffers from persistent trade and budget deficits and a high debt-service burden, leaving it highly dependent on foreign assistance — which represented almost 25 % of GDP in 2001.
PNC Park, the home ballpark of the Pirates which opened in 2001, includes a right field wall high, in reference to Clemente's uniform number and his normal fielding position during his years with the Pirates.
RAWA is highly critical of the NATO war that began in 2001, because of the high rate of casualties among the civilian population.
The Milan Papyrus, recovered from a dismantled mummy casing and published in 2001, has revealed the high esteem in which the poet Posidippus of Pella, an important composer of epigrams ( 3rd century BC ), held Sappho's " divine songs ".
In 2001, quarterback Kurt Warner was awarded his second NFL Most Valuable Player Award after throwing for 4, 830 yards and 36 touchdowns, with 22 interceptions, and earned a league high 101. 4 passer rating.
The number of Central Committee members with a provincial background increased from a low of 15. 6 percent in 1982 to a high of 41 percent in 2001.
By 2001, there were several grocery stores, dry cleaners, and two grade schools and a top high school.
A software upgrade in 2001 was designated F. Block II development began in 1996 using a new focal plane array sensor to improve the missile's effectiveness in " high clutter " environments and increase the engagement range to about 25, 000 feet ( 7, 600 m ).
In the literature review, Rand noted that the literature in 2001 was not of high methodological quality and that " while there may exist a subgroup of people with severe mental illness for whom a court order acts as leverage to enhance treatment compliance, the best studies suggest that the effectiveness of outpatient commitment is linked to the provision of intensive services.
According to the 2001 census, Monmouth had relatively high proportions of its population working in the retail and wholesale sectors of the economy ( 19. 5 %, compared with 16. 3 % for Wales as a whole ), education ( 11. 8 %, compared with 8. 1 % across Wales ), and property services ( 10. 8 %, compared with 8. 5 % across Wales ).
During a period of solid growth from 1997 to 2001, poverty levels remained stubbornly high, especially in rural areas.
The combination of high fuel prices, low fares, high salaries, and crises such as the September 11, 2001 attacks and the SARS epidemic have driven many older airlines to government-bailouts, bankruptcy or mergers.
Armed Predators were first used in late 2001 from bases in Pakistan and Uzbekistan, mostly aimed at assasinating high profile individuals ( terrorist leaders etc.
Fire cracker types are banned since December 1, 2001 because of a statistically high number of accidents reported past years.
The company had a high level of involvement in BeOS, with older BeOS releases using a Bitstream renderer, and the latest development releases from 2001 using Font Fusion.
Other riders to keep in account for a high place in the final rankings were Tyler Hamilton ( 2nd Giro 2002 ), Levi Leipheimer ( 3rd Vuelta 2001 ), Christophe Moreau ( 4th Tour 2000 ) and Armstrong's team mate Roberto Heras ( 4th Vuelta 2001 ).
As there was no English-language Catholic high school in Baie-Comeau, Mulroney completed his high school education at a Roman Catholic boarding school in Chatham, New Brunswick operated by St. Thomas University ( in 2001, St. Thomas University named its newest academic building in his honour ).
The Flyers began 2001 – 02 with high expectations and with Roenick leading the team in scoring the Flyers finished with an Atlantic Division title.

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