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June and 2004
The last of his direct descendants to inhabit Abbotsford was his great-great-great-granddaughter Dame Jean Maxwell-Scott ( 8 June 1923-5 May 2004 ).
On June 21, 2004, Space Ship One became the first privately funded aircraft to make a spaceflight, opening the possibility of an aviation market capable of leaving the Earth's atmosphere.
The standard of living fell by about 40 %, and only regained pre-1989 levels by June 2004.
The standard of living fell by about 40 %, and only regained pre-1989 levels by June 2004.
On 10 June 2004, Bardot was again convicted by a French court for " inciting racial hatred " and fined € 5, 000, the fourth such conviction and fine from a French court.
In June 2004, a Japanese student was slashed to death with a segmented-type utility knife.
* Hughes, Matthew ( edited and selected ) ( 2004 ) Allenby in Palestine The Middle East Correspondence of Field Marshal Viscount Allenby June 1917 – October 1919 Publications of the Army Records Society Vol.
* Wired magazine interviews Lomborg, June 2004, regarding the Copenhagen Consensus.
The hearings were concluded in November 2004, and the report was published 15 June 2010.
* Ogg, Jim ; June, 2004, Overview of Global Boundary Stratotype Sections and Points ( GSSP's ) http :// www. stratigraphy. org / gssp. htm Accessed April 30, 2006.
The Quaternary Period was officially recognized by the International Commission on Stratigraphy in June 2009, and the former Tertiary Period was officially disused in 2004.
After many buffetings and, finally, after the catastrophic results of the June European Parliament election, 2004 Špidla resigned after a revolt in his own party and the government was reshuffled on the same basis.
The latest Defence agreement (" Defence agreement 2005-2009 ") was signed June 10, 2004, and calls for a significant re-construction of the entire military.
In June 2004, the British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw stated that US authorities had repeatedly assured him that no detainees had passed in transit through Diego Garcia or were disembarked there .< ref > In October 2007 the all-party Foreign Affairs Committee of the British Parliament announced that it would launch an investigation of continued allegations of a prison camp on Diego Garcia, which it claimed were twice confirmed by comments made by Retired US Army General Barry McCaffrey.
* 1917 – June Taylor, American choreographer ( d. 2004 )
The June List, a eurosceptic list consisting of members from both the political right and left won three seats in the 2004 Elections to the European Parliament and sat in the EU-critical IND / DEM group in the European Parliament.
In June 2004, the United States Department of Agriculture, with the advisement of a federal district judge from Beaumont, Texas, classified batter-coated French fries as a vegetable under the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act.
Francis Harry Compton Crick, OM, FRS ( 8 June 1916 – 28 July 2004 ) was an English molecular biologist, biophysicist, and neuroscientist, and most noted for being a co-discoverer of the structure of the DNA molecule in 1953 together with James D. Watson.
It was released in Japan on March 21, 2001 ; in North America on June 11, 2001 ; in Australia and Europe on June 22, 2001 ; and in the People's Republic of China on June 8, 2004 ( excluding Hong Kong ).
In June 2004, in a signed agreement with the United States, the European Union agreed to switch to a modulation known as BOC ( 1, 1 ) ( Binary Offset Carrier 1. 1 ) allowing the coexistence of both GPS and Galileo, and the future combined use of both systems.
Released on June 11, 2004, the movie followed Garfield's quest to save the newly adopted Odie from a TV pet-show host.
On June 1, 2004, the peacekeeping mission was passed to MINUSTAH and comprised a 7, 000 strength force led by Brazil and backed by Argentina, Chile, Jordan, Morocco, Nepal, Peru, Philippines, Spain, Sri Lanka, and Uruguay.
Having entered custody in June 2004, Neptune was formally charged on September 20, 2005, but was never sent to trial.

June and released
The Atari ST is a home computer released by Atari Corporation in June 1985.
The 7800 was initially released in southern California in June 1984, following an announcement on May 21, 1984 at the Summer Consumer Electronics Show.
A soundtrack recording was released on LP, and a DVD release was issued in June 2007.
Puzzle Bobble was originally released in Japan only in June 1994 by Taito Corporation, running on Taito's B System hardware ( with the preliminary title " Bubble Buster ").
; 1993-Japan-Aum Shinrikyo anthrax release in Kameido: In June 1993 the religious group Aum Shinrikyo released anthrax in Tokyo.
) The Beatles did a cover version of " Words of Love " that was a close reproduction of Holly's version, released on late 1964's Beatles for Sale ( in the U. S., in June 1965 on Beatles VI ).
Chaosium released a new version of BRP on June 24, 2008 as single comprehensive book.
Alpha 3 of Haiku was released in June 2011.
They began by playing at festivals in Australia and New Zealand and released their debut album, Crowded House, in June 1986.
" Chocolate Cake ", a humorous comment on American excesses that wasn't taken well by some US critics and sections of the American public, was released in June 1991 as the first single.
The album was released worldwide in June and July.
The album was released in June 2010, in time for the band's appearance at the West Coast Blues & Roots Festival near Perth, Western Australia.
On June 19, 1999, the first public beta of Counter-Strike was released, followed by numerous further " beta " releases.
In June 2006 publishers Skira / Wildenstein released Pissarro: Critical Catalogue of Paintings, compiled by Joachim Pissarro ( descendant of the painter ) and Claire Durand-Ruel Snollaerts ( descendant of the French art dealer Paul Durand-Ruel ).
Chelsea released artistic impressions of the proposed stadium at the Battersea site on 22 June 2012 .< ref >
CUIC released the seventh and final draft of the MRMRM document in June 2005.
On June 28, 1984 Compaq released the Compaq Deskpro, a 16-bit desktop computer using an Intel 8086 microprocessor running at 7. 14 MHz.
The sub-zones of Colli Fiorentini, Montespertoli and Rufina must be aged for a further three months and not released until 1 June.
Dungeons & Dragons version 3. 5 was released in June 2003, with a 4th edition in June 2008.
In June, the band released their first single, " California Über Alles ", on the independent label Alternative Tentacles.
On June 26, 2009, John Carmack released Doom Resurrection, a new game developed by Escalation Studios for iOS and published by id Software.
In June 1992, the General Accounting Office released a report that members of Congress had requested two years earlier estimating the costs associated with the ban on gays and lesbians in the military at $ 27 million annually.
In February 2011, she announced that she would embark on the Better Day World Tour on July 17, 2011, with shows in northern Europe and the U. S. The album's lead-off single, " Together You and I ," was released on May 23, 2011, and Better Day was released on June 28, 2011.

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